TEKKEN 7 Patch #1 Available Now!

Tekken_7_Logo-2-560x315 TEKKEN 7 Patch #1 Available Now!

What You Need to Know:

  • TEKKEN players, our prayers have been answered as the Bandai Namco gods have christened us with a patch update, that fixes a lot of the issues that plagued the online rank mode during its release.
  • Down below you'll find all of the changes made to the system such as information being displayed before match, improved stability and more.
  • During the week of June 12th, a patch similar to the PlayStation 4 version will be released for the PC and Xbox One versions of TEKKEN 7 to address online stability and assorted bug fixes.

Source: Official Bandai Namco Entertainment Press Release

Patch Fixes

Patch #1 Improvements Log:
Improved Online Matching Functionality

1. The following player information will no longer be displayed before a match:
Character selected

2. Connection with other players can be established more consistently

3. Improved Stability
Addition of ON/OFF feature for voice chat
ON/OFF for voice chat added to OPTION menu.
Set to OFF as default setting.
Nina’s Ivory Cutter attack properties.

Tekken_7_Logo-2-560x315 TEKKEN 7 Patch #1 Available Now!
Oh yes! This is the patch we've been waiting for! Great stuff by Bandai Namco to deal with the issues promptly!
Tekken_7_Logo-2-560x315 TEKKEN 7 Patch #1 Available Now!
Now to get back to kicking butt online without issues!