[TGS 2017] Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion Available Next Month

What You Need to Know:

  • For the first time, FINAL FANTASY® XV players will be able to create their own avatar and join up with three other friends to take on epic quests and battles in the game’s first and only online multiplayer expansion titled “Comrades.” Starting October 31, players will set foot as a survivor from Kingsglaive to find out more about the disappearance of Noctis after the events in Chapter 13 from the main game.
  • As members of Kingsglaive, players equip royal sigils that grant special powers from the Lucian bloodline. Players can then strategize and create a balanced team to take on a variety of quests. In addition to multiplayer quests, single player quests are also available for players to enhance their characters.
  • We've got a fresh new trailer to show off to you folks, so scroll down to check it out!

Source: Official Press Release


Set in a world engulfed by darkness, the expansion casts players as a member of the Kingsglaive, with powers and unique abilities invoked from various Lucian kings, who join forces to bring the Light back to the kingdom of Lucis. Other members of Noctis’s crew including Gladiolus, Prompto and Ignis will be made playable in future game updates.

FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER EXPANSION: COMRADES will be available to players who purchased FINAL FANTASY XV and the FINAL FANTASY XV Season Pass or FINAL FANTASY XV MULTIPLAYER EXPANSION: COMRADES standalone expansion. It also requires a subscription to an Xbox Live Gold membership or a PlayStation Plus subscription. Internet connection is also required to access this content.

Those who do not own the Season Pass, can make purchases through the Xbox Games Store or the PlayStation Store. For new gameplay experiences available for download (DLC), please visit the Season Pass website.

Official Trailer


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The game that just keeps on giving! We need more titles like this where content is constantly pushed out.

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It really just adds so much more value to the game over the long term. You pay one fee and receive a treasure trove of new features!