The Aquatope on White Sand’s Tingarla Aquarium is the New Gama Gama!

--- Spoilers Ahead ---

The entire fandom of Shiroi Suna no Aquatope (The Aquatope on White Sand) was heartbroken when Gama Gama Aquarium eventually met its end. After all, we’ve spent the entire first half of the anime falling in love with Gama Gama’s charms and hoping for its revival. While Tingarla is in no way a bad aquarium, it just doesn’t elicit the same feeling Gama Gama charmed us with. However, the new aquarium does redeem itself in the final episode of the anime. Even though it’s not the closure we’ve wanted, it’s something we can more than accept. Here’s how Tingarla has become the new Gama Gama.

A New Home for Everybody

We might have viewed Tingarla Aquarium as a competitor of Gama Gama Aquarium when it was first introduced—and perhaps we were right—but its management is kind enough to absorb what remained of Gama Gama and give them a home. Other than infrastructure and the land, Tingarla has accepted a lot of Gama Gama’s animals, as well as most of its employees. In fact, they’ve even accepted Kai and Karin, too. While there’s an undeniable workplace hostility from the other employees at first, things smoothen as the whole gang proves themselves capable of fulfilling their roles. Kukuru has even cemented a moniker of sorts in the long run. Now, it’s undeniable that the whole gang isn’t just the Gama Gama group, they’re also part of the Tingarla family.

The Magical Experiences

What separates Gama Gama from the other aquariums is the magical experiences it gives to select individuals, especially since this is the sole reason some customers religiously visit the aquarium. Now that the kijimuna, to whom we assume the magic comes from, has also migrated to Tingarla, Tingarla’s visitors are bound to experience the same other-worldly phenomenon it brings. The first one who is granted this privilege is no other than our passionate Kukuru. She sees the vision of her entire immediate family, but this time they’re very close to her. With Tingarla inheriting Gama Gama’s magic, there’s nothing else barring it from being Gama Gama’s legitimate successor, not a competitor.

Inheriting Gama Gama’s Mission

The animal, staff, and magic aren’t the only things Tingarla has inherited from the legendary Gama Gama. It also continues its vow to protect marine life and spread people’s interest in marine life. This is especially true with Kukuru and Fuuka being part of its crew. Fuuka and Kaoru are both sent to Hawaii to study the environmental effects of climate change. Meanwhile, Kukuru continues her work protecting marine life through her marketing efforts. Of course, that includes not only using the sea creatures to entertain the visitors but also making them interested enough to care for them.

Final Thoughts

We admit that we initially viewed Tingarla’s existence as a bad thing. But just like most things, our perception has changed. From being a threat, we’ve come to acknowledge that Tingarla is actually Gama Gama’s successor. After all, there has never been bad blood between the two aquariums, and more so their directors. Most of all, everybody from Gama Gama, including the kijimuna, has found a new home in Tingarla.

Shiroi-Suna-no-Aquatope-Wallpaper-3 The Aquatope on White Sand’s Tingarla Aquarium is the New Gama Gama!


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