Date A Live IV Review

Nine years ago, Date A Live was released and was met with tons of praise. Not only did it contain funny harem elements but had a plethora of cute waifu and a pretty decent story of saving the Earth by making Shido Itsuka date girls as if he was in a dating sim. Now in 2022 after three seasons and a movie, Date A Live entered its fourth season and you know we here at Honey’s Anime were going to cover it! Honestly, Date A Live IV hasn’t been discussed much by us and that’s…going to be explained more below as we review Date A Live IV.

Shido’s Fourth Adventure…

Remember when last season Shido met some girl who he had to stop by kissing her and preventing world destruction? Or do you remember when Shido dated a girl to keep her from blowing up the planet? Yes, folks, Date A Live IV is basically the last three seasons…again with new girls and new drama. Honestly, even doing the first impression felt pointless as literally, nothing has changed. This is great news if you’re a super fan of the Date A Live franchise but for us, we’re beginning to grow tired of the repetitive storytelling that just has Shido going through the same problems with the new waifu of the week.

The Waifu Here Are Pretty Boring

Date A Live has always given us hot anime babes that we can go to wars defending in various forums in the anime community. Date A Live IV probably offers the weakest new girls of the series aside from Nia, a cute manga artist who is a spirit and reveals the possible reality of spirits once being just normal humans. The returning beauties like Tohka Yatogami and Kurumi Tokisaki—who gets a bit more screen time this season—are still nosebleed inducing but we do wish Date A Live IV provided some newer girls with different personalities.

No-Risk Here

Another major issue with Date A Live IV is the various problems that occur in this season. From being forced into a fairy tale world to having the girls forget their memories—which feels like it happened before in this series—Date A Live IV has no real risks this season, especially compared to some of the scarier moments of season 2 or even 1. Most of the challenges Shido and the team face are handled like usual—use the team to come up with ideas and/or Shido uses some powerful force to break the rules of anime—and now four seasons in we’re getting kind of tired of this simple set-up.

Great Episode 12 Though

Even if the fourth season of Date A Live had its moments, the last episode we have to say was quite impressive. This last episode somehow was packed with tension, drama, and ecchi—those first few minutes probably caused many to have massive nosebleeds—and the action was hands down one of the best episodes of the season. The cliffhanger too made us really want a new season despite our feelings for this one.

Final Thoughts

Date A Live IV is beginning to show this series needs to wrap up. Yes, we love the girls, we love the ecchi and we equally like the comedy but each season seems to be a repeat of the last making it difficult to even write new things about it. Date A Live season five probably will release eventually—as confirmed in the last episode—and we hope that will change up the formula a bit but that is just our opinion. Do you readers feel Date A Live IV is perfect and/or do you agree with our thoughts? Comment below to let us know your feelings! Keep stuck to our amazing hive here at Honey’s Anime for more spring 2022 anime reviews and articles!

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