"The Broken Clock" Pre-Registrations Are Open!

the-broken-clock-capture-368x500 "The Broken Clock" Pre-Registrations Are Open!

What You Need to Know:

  • It seems like the team at AbracadabraGames have yet another special gift for you BL(yaoi) fans out there! The free BL (yaoi) game "The Broken Clock" is going to be released on November 15th, and to celebrate its release a pre-registration campaign will be taking place that will let you get your hands on a lot of great prizes! Everyone who pre-registers can receive not one, but 4 limited Avatars!
  • The team is also holding a Facebook Challenge: If their Facebook post reaches a certain number of total likes and shares,
    the team will distribute some useful items in ALL other AbracadabraGames titles! Even the newest ones, such as A Wizardry Enchantment and Sealed With A Kiss. Click the above link to register and click here to like on Facebook!
  • For more details be sure to scroll down below!

Source: Official Press Release

11/2~11/15 The Broken Clock ~ Pre-registration Campaign! Receive luxurious Items for FREE! ★

Duration: ~ November 15, 2017 23:59 ! JST

1) ★★ Limited Avatar! Pre-register and get an A! vatar Set for FREE! ★★

Only for those who pre-registered!
Get these luxurious avatars for FREE!!

- Noble Jacket
- Noble Bottoms
- Noble Leather Shoes
- White Garden Chair

* After the game is released on Nov 15, you will receive an email to the address you used to pre-register. You can use the code in the email to claim your present.

2) ★★ Facebook Challenge ★★
Like & Share our Facebook post to have the chance to receive many useful items in ALL AbracadabraGames titles!
Find the Facebook post here ♪

These are the items you can receive depending on the TOTAL! number of likes & shares ↓
1000 ⇒ Energy Drink (Half) x1 + Gacha Ticket x1
2500 ⇒ 1000LOVE + Fragment×10
4000 ⇒ Scenario Ticket x5
5000 ⇒ Skill Item (Small) x1
7777 ⇒ Energy Drink x1 + Scenario Ticket x10 + Gacha Ticket x1
What are you waiting for? Like & Share our post and tell your friends to do the same!

* The number of likes & shares will be counted on the day of release.
* The items will be distributed in-game a couple days after "The Broken Clock" is released.

Important note: Your pre-registration is considered VALID when you receive a confirmation e-mail. If you don't receive a confirmation e-mail, please verify whether you followed all the steps correctly.

the-broken-clock-capture-368x500 "The Broken Clock" Pre-Registrations Are Open!
Well well, what do we have here? Hahaha
the-broken-clock-capture-368x500 "The Broken Clock" Pre-Registrations Are Open!
Time to indulge in some fun!