The Delayed & The Rudely Interrupted - Catch Up and Enjoy the Summer with These Highly-Anticipated Anime Returns!

Covid-19 has robbed us of many simple joys such as travel plans, get-togethers, and even our promised anime! Understandably, we’d face delays as companies try to protect their employees by limiting their exposure but with how promising some of the delays anime were, of course, we’d feel a little disheartened. Fear not! For July has brought us many second seasons and continuations of previously airing anime that you’ll want to catch up on! Let’s take a look at where these shows are now and what might be in their futures!

The Rudely Interrupted

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T (A Certain Scientific Railgun T)

The story we left off: By episode 15, we’ve gone through so much with the girls of Tokiwadai Middle School it feels like we’ve ended a proper season. Having seemingly lost her friends and nearly losing her ‘sister’, Mikoto’s life is just starting to return to her version of normal. We see a touching reunion between Dolly (mostly), Mitori, and Misaki as Misaki’s usual haughty façade is broken by her overwhelming feelings of guilt. The future feels hopeful.

Where we are now: Junko attempts to unite Misaki and Mikoto with the recent craze of Indian Poker cards which allow you to experience others’ dreams. Instead of bonding over this, the girls join forces to destroy BLAU’s erotic version of the cards that could be used on the girls. Kuroko and Kazari investigate a treasure-hunting app that leads one to the site of future accidents. After stopping a potentially fatal incident, Kuroko manages to find the creator nearby only to find a young boy. He created the app to help him find an Esper that had the power to stop the devastating futures he could predict.

What we can expect: The elementary esper Shaei is going to get caught up in some big conspiracy as he feared, furthering the second half of this season’s plot.

What would be wild: If the treasure hunting app Shaei used to hide his own identity is also being used by another esper whose identity and power won’t come to light till the later episodes!

Shoukugeki no Souma: Gou no Sara (Food Wars! The Fifth Plate)

Toaru-Kagaku-no-Railgun-T-wallpaper-1-500x496 The Delayed & The Rudely Interrupted - Catch Up and Enjoy the Summer with These Highly-Anticipated Anime Returns!

The story we left off: A true tease, Shokugeki no Souma: Gou no Sara episode 2 cut us off at the cusp of a frenzied battle for Erina!! The mysterious new teacher Suzuki challenges Souma’s right for his seat at the BLUE competition, thinking it will help his goal of making Erina his bride. If Souma wins, he can find out the secret Suzuki is keeping!

Where we are now: Souma, amazingly, loses… but he still learns that Suzuki not only has his dad’s name, Saiba, but his knife too! At a random meeting, Souma learns from his father that Suzuki/Saiba was an orphan he took under his wing and years later lost to in a cooking challenge. Megumi, Souma, Takumi, and Erina begin their trials but are immediately separated. They soon learn the rules don’t apply and they’ll have to cook as they’ve never cooked before if they hope to make it to the end.

What we can expect: Souma and the others are going to have to try to convince the judges of the validity of their dishes, like Souma convincing the first judge he should look for new tastes, not settle on a perfect last meal

What would be wild: Everyone from Totsuki immediately fails… this powerful new rival was introduced too early. He’s going to win, try to marry Erina, who will then put everything on the line with an all-out epic shokugeki directly between Totsuki and Noir where one or the other will have to disband.

Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited (The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED)

The story we left off: With only two episodes setting up an exciting premise, we had high expectations for veteran detective Haru who cares about justice and billionaire Daisuke who cares about results. Their greatest hindrance is each other yet they are forced to work together to try to protect innocent people/showing off the power of money.

Where we are now: Broadcasts were pushed back later than originally anticipated but we still got to see the return of Haru and Daisuke. During a hold up on a train, Haru and Daisuke inexplicably rely on each other more than the previous episodes and as such enjoy a successful arrest.

What we can expect: Haru and Daisuke will further learn to respect each other, Daisuke will regard humanity with reverence and Haru will see that villainizing money makes him stubborn, not virtuous.

What would be wild: Any fujoshi can tell you this is the perfect set up for a BL. High-stakes occupation, opposites attract, spoiled rich boy and stubborn hard-worker. Suzue is totally just Daisuke’s cousin or something.

The Delayed

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-) 2nd Season

The story we left off: 3 months after its previous airdate, we got Re:Zero season 2. After dying oh so many times, Subaru has seemingly managed to end the greatest threat to his and his loved-ones’ immediate happiness. Reunited with Emilia, he confesses his love, and she, hers.

Where we are now: While Emilia was saved, Rem was not. Her existence has been wiped out by the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony. Emilia and Subaru make their way to the Sanctuary where Roswaal, Ram, and the others are waiting. To save everyone who has been trapped, Emilia and Subaru enter a trial that is tied with the witch of Greed, Echidna.

What we can expect: Echidna, being a witch with too much time on her hands, is going to flaunt the line of friend and foe, providing both aid and trouble at the direst times.

What would be wild: Echidna is going to fall for Subaru as many females in Re:Zero do. However, there’s going to be some rule that Echinda can only rest in peace once she is erased by someone she loves because Re:Zero sure loves to pull at our heartstrings.

Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season

Where we left off: SAO: Alicization – War of the Underworld has a pretty desolate ending in the first half. 1000s of US players had been slaughtering humans and Dark Territory fighters alike. Alice is carried off by Vecta while Asuna gives chase, Kirito comatose. Sinon provides a literal ray of hope with her Solus the Sun Goddess account.

Where we are now: All factions have banded together knowing their world is at stake. The American players are slowly beaten back despite impossible odds and those manning the Ocean Turtle figure out how to fix Kirito’s fluctlight but meets opposition. It seems Vecta can’t be stopped no matter what our heroes sacrifice.

What we can expect: More death of our friends both virtual and real as the battle just keeps going on and Asuna, Solus, and others are only growing more exhausted.

Final Thoughts

The world in some parts is starting to get back to regular life and with it, our regularly scheduled anime. It’s great to see such engaging shows that have made their way back for July. Let us know in the comments what other anime you’re happy to have back!

Toaru-Kagaku-no-Railgun-T-wallpaper-1-500x496 The Delayed & The Rudely Interrupted - Catch Up and Enjoy the Summer with These Highly-Anticipated Anime Returns!


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