The Finale to a Beautifully Chaotic Symphony That Is Tokyo Ghoul:re

The Finale to a Beautifully Chaotic Symphony That Is Tokyo Ghoul:re
  • Mangaka : Sui Ishida
  • Volume : 16
  • Genre : Action,Horror, Supernatural, Psychological, Seinen
  • Published : April 2020

Introduction (No Spoilers)

We all have an experience that is both gruesome and enticing. Think about times an innocent child fascinatingly watches an earthworm writhe to death. There is an unseen force that sucks us to that scene regardless of how gruesome or not-really-so-pretty it is. It’s enticing, but at the same time sickening. Are we some kind of weird being or are we just sick in the head? Tokyo Ghoul:re is basically just that. A gruesomely chaotic, but beautiful work of art. Volume 16, the final volume, is available at, but let us first discuss as to why it’s a beautiful wreck.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Tokyo Ghoul and its sequel, Tokyo Ghoul:re, have literally been a rollercoaster of a series. With Ken Kaneki starting off as a human, then becoming a ghoul, turning back into a human with ghoul powers and hunts humans, and finally, embracing being a ghoul while leading the entire ghoul army. If that confuses you, then that just proves our point. Despite that mind racking storyline, Ishida-sensei does not fail to keep us on our seat’s edges. The series continues to play with our feelings as to which side to actually cheer. With VIZ officially releasing the 16th and final volume of the series, our hearts will finally find peace and know who will win this chaotic war.

Why You Should Read Tokyo Ghoul:re Volume 16

1. Chill Inducing Action Left and Right

Volume 16 is the cap to the whole Tokyo Ghoul saga. The series in itself is already filled with chill-inducing action. Ishida-sensei does not disappoint in the final volume. The final chapters are packed with intense action scenes. That includes gory panels, which Tokyo Ghoul has never shied away from.
When we say action, we don’t mean simple kagune hack and slash. We mean thoughtful attacks with a sprinkle of drama. Plus, the final volume means a lot of evil people dying. Tha tickles our hearts at the right spot.

2. A Breath of Nostalgia

For some reason, Ishida-sensei loves going back to the past. The final volume features a fight between father and son, long term rivals, and humans and ghouls. We mean, just what is Tokyo Ghoul:re without replaying Tokyo Ghoul? Fine, that’s a poor joke. Kidding aside, a lot of characters from way way back still exist up to the present. Maybe it's because of all those ghoulification or whatever.

3. We’ve Already Stayed This Long, See It to the End

If you are reading this, we assume that you have also read all the other previous volumes. If you haven’t yet, then why haven’t you? Whether some supernatural being dragged and forced you to read the entire series or you have done it on your own, it holds true that you have read everything up to the 15th volume of Tokyo Ghoul:re. Why will you stop now? Sit down and enjoy the climax with us.

Why You Should Skip Scenes That You Should Anticipate

1. Renji and Uta’s Fight

We get it, Kaneki is the protagonist of the whole series. However, it is also undeniable that Renji and Uta are hell damn cool. There’s just no way to hate either of these two. The series has already revealed the two’s (un)healthy rivalry, as well as belonging to two opposing sides. The final volume allows a significant amount of exposure to finally settle the score between these two.

2. Horrendously Glorious Forms

Supposedly, only one body part could be transformed. However, things needed to be taken to a whole new level. The result of that is mecha looking kagunes. In fact, Kaneki’s form transformed multiple times. Some forms are absolutely terrifying to look at, some are disgusting, and others are just plain glorious.

3. Characters Who Live

Living in a world where man-eating ghouls and professionals who specialize in hunting these monsters is already pretty tough. The series proves this by killing tons of people in as many chapters as possible. By many, we mean literally hundreds or maybe even thousands of people. The very last chapter is an epilogue. It shows all the characters who survive and what they are doing now, characters who wake up, and some anticipated characters.

Final Thoughts

Tokyo Ghoul:re does not really give off a feeling of having a happy ending, but alas, are we surprised. The final volumes successfully cap the entire series in a pleasant and satisfactory manner. The ending is neither forced nor rushed, and completely makes sense. If you haven’t read it yet, then go and grab a copy. If you have already read it, feel free to tell us what you think about it in the comments below.

Tokyo-Ghoulre-wallpaper-700x368 The Finale to a Beautifully Chaotic Symphony That Is Tokyo Ghoul:re


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