The Heroes Return In Netflix’s Ultraman Season 2

ultraman-Wallpaper-5-700x371 The Heroes Return In Netflix’s Ultraman Season 2

Did you think Ultraman was done saving the day? We wouldn’t blame you, readers, if you thought the new Netflix series Ultraman—based on the original TV show—wasn’t going to pop up again. Ultraman season 1 was met with some less than ultra-reviews and many complained about how it lacked in numerous departments. With a six-episode 2nd season, Ultraman came back but was it the anime we wanted from our beloved tokusatsu hero? Let us find out in our review of Ultraman Season 2!

The Action Comes Hard and Never-Ending

A common complaint we heard from the Ultraman fan base was that Ultraman season 1 lacked a lot of fighting and really was more about setting up the story of the new Ultraman Shinjirou Hayata—who is the son of Shin Hayata—and how he was trying to come to grips being the new famous hero. Well, season 2 of Ultraman clearly heard that complaint and made sure that in this 6-episode season there was action nearly every other minute! From the battle between two new Ultraman—Jack and Kotaro “Taro” Higashi—to the extremely exciting climax between a new alien threat and father/son Ultraman, season 2 didn’t disappoint in the least. We were constantly cheering Ultraman (or Ultramen) and loved every battle even when it tended to be obvious who would win and lose.

New and Old Ultraman Unite

Season 1 of Ultraman didn’t skimp out on throwing fans not one but several Ultramen who all had their own designs, abilities, and quirks as characters. Funny enough, season 2 seemed to want to add even more Iron Man-inspired heroes as several new suits joined the gang for a combined total of six Ultraman warriors! We did love seeing some of the originals like the mecha-bodied Seiji Hokuto or the stoic but cool sword-wielding Ultraman Mitsuhiro Ide. Each and every Ultraman that made an appearance in season 2 did a fantastic job for the roles they were given and rarely felt useless or unneeded. Let us all congratulate Shinjirou as he finally felt more like an Ultraman even if he was incapacitated for a little bit in season 2.

Stronger Animation

Production I.G and Sola Digital Arts did a way better job with the animation for season 2 of Ultraman as everything looked sharper and visually more stunning. The fights had a more dynamic camera that made them feel more reminiscent of watching the live-action shows and we really admired the special effects which took us by surprise. We still feel Ultraman could look a bit better—especially when our heroes are outside of their suits—but at this point, we doubt that will change even when season 3 comes out to wrap up the series.

Really…Only Six Episodes!?!?

Okay…let us just say that while six episodes made sense for a stronger season…it still was a downer to have so little of a season. We felt there could have been more character growth all around and the aliens’ main reason for trying to take over the population could have been more expanded/explored. Despite Ultraman season 2 being so short, there was a lot more to love in this shorter season than the first so we will forgive it. Now if season 3 does this though…we might have other thoughts!

Final Thoughts

Ultraman season 2 felt like it took several steps in the right direction and we were more than excited to binge the entire series in one sitting. Again, we did feel the episode count held back what could have been an even more impactful 2nd season but we believe this might have also kept the cost less and made for a story that didn’t drag out as long as season 1 did. Season 3 has already been announced so we’re hoping that it gets a full 12-episodes—or at least 10—but we will have to wait a full year for the end product there.

What were your thoughts on season 2 of Ultraman? Did you agree with our review or feel differently than we did? Comment your thoughts below so we can discuss them! Be sure to keep stuck to our tokusatsu-loving hive here at Honey’s Anime for even more anime reviews, news, and articles!

ultraman-Wallpaper-5-700x371 The Heroes Return In Netflix’s Ultraman Season 2


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