What’s With the Ultraman Season 2 Hype? Let Us Tell You...

Upon the morning of the drafting of this article, season 2 of Netflix’s Ultraman series hit the internet. As many of you readers know, this version of Ultraman serves as a sequel to the original Tokusatsu series ignoring its live-action sequels. However, this version of Ultraman still manages to pay homage to its sequels by including Ultra Seven, Ultraman Ace, and finally, Ultraman Taro. Based on the first season, the franchise, and the trailer, we’d like to share why we’re hyped for Ultraman Season 2.

More Info on Ultraman Ace

Towards the third arc of season 1, the series introduces Ultraman Ace, the third Ultraman of the series. As you have seen, Seiji Hokuto, Ace’s true identity, isn’t affiliated with the SSSP. Instead, his suit is crafted on the black market. While the first season shows the what and who behind Ace, we have yet to know the details on the how and why his Ultraman suit was made. Yapool, his benefactor, created the Ace suit, but we’re hoping season 2 can show how and why he’s capable of making an Ultraman suit that can measure up to government-issued Ultraman suits.

More About the Ultra Genes

As demonstrated in the first season, Shin Hayata and Shinjiro have superhuman strength. Due to Hayata once being fused with the original Ultraman, he gained unusual abilities, and they passed onto his son. While the first season provides a foundation to the Ultra Genes, we’re hoping that season 2 can expand on them; such as, did the original Ultraman intend to leave his genetic material behind for generations to come in order to protect the Earth? Did he want to maintain a connection to the Hayata family? Does he intend on once again fusing with Shinjiro or a future descendant of the Hayata clan? What else do the Ultra Genes contain? These very questions are what drive us to wanting to watch season 2!

Dan’s Origins

While this is already revealed in the manga, what we’re looking forward to seeing in anime form are the origins of Dan Moroboshi, aka Ultraman Seven. Without going too much into spoilers, Dan in this incarnation of Ultraman is different from the original in ways you can’t imagine. As his origins are revealed, it gives the audience a true glimpse as to why he always has such a serious and professional demeanor, and it’ll give them more opportunities with sympathize with him.

Ultraman Taro

As shown in the trailer, season 2 is introducing its version of the fourth Ultraman, Ultraman Taro. If you’ve seen the original Ultraman Taro tokusatsu series, it’ll give a foundation in regards to the character, but anticipate a version more appropriate to this Netflix cult hit but still pay homage to the original. Of course, his real name should be Kotaro Higashi, like how it was in the original, and the design of his suit by having horns (as portrayed in the trailer) is still there. The original Taro was unique in many ways to the point that it qualifies as its own article, but we’re hoping that the Ultraman anime will provide a way to pay homage to the original.

More Action

If there’s one thing that makes Ultraman exciting, it’s the action. While the original Ultraman tokusatsu series takes more from professional wrestling (which was also seen in the first episode when Shin was fighting), with suplexes and dropkicks, the anime is more martial arts-oriented like Dragon Ball. Since the Ultraman anime is based on a Seinen manga, it has more violence with its action. A lot of the finishing moves from the source material such as the beam Ultraman fires from a martial arts pose and Seven’s sword are also implemented but have that anime edge. We anticipate that with the new episodes, we’re getting more high-octane action like no other.

Final Thoughts

Considering how the first season gave us more questions than answers, all we can say is that we’re absolutely hyped for the upcoming second season! While having some familiarity with the original Ultraman tokusatsu series might be helpful, it is by no means required to enjoy the anime. However, if you want to enjoy season 2, it’s easy to conclude you have to watch season 1 first. So if you haven’t seen season 1 yet, watch it now! For some of you readers that are Ultraman fans, what are you most looking forward to for season 2? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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