The Kyo and Tohru Ship is Sailing and We’re All On Board! - Fruits Basket 2nd Season

Whether or not you’ve seen the original Fruits Basket, you’re in for a treat when watching this reboot. This is the reboot that we’ve all been waiting for and it has yet to disappoint us. Falling in love with each character is inevitable. It’s also inevitable that there will be some who ship Yuki and Tohru and some who ship Kyo and Tohru. Sorry to burst the bubbles of any Yuki x Tohru fans but the ship of ‘Kyohru’ is the one that will prevail. From watching the original Fruits Basket, we already know that Kyo and Tohru are destined to be together. But now that we’re halfway through the second season, the big question is: when will this ship sail?! Do not fret my fellow Otaku brothers and sisters because the time has finally come.

Love Starts Here

Tohru Honda had to experience extreme heartbreak at the young age of 16 due to the loss of her mother. If that wasn’t enough, she could no longer stay with her grandfather during his home renovations. Her only option was to live in a tent. Although all of this was unfortunate, Tohru had no idea how much her life was about to change when she began living with Yuki Sohma, Kyo Sohma, and Shigure Sohma. She learns that all of the zodiac members in their family will turn into their respective animal if hugged by the opposite sex. Her mom always told her stories growing up so she had an idea of each zodiac animal, especially her favorite, the cat. Kyo is the shunned and hated zodiac cat but even with his harsh and angry attitude, that didn’t stop Tohru from building a strong bond with him. She has a strong bond with everyone but her bond with Kyo is different because there’s so much love there. While Tohru has yet to realize her feelings for Kyo, Kyo has finally admitted to himself that he really loves her; thus beginning their journey of love. At least, that’s what we’re hoping is about to happen if we’re going based on the original adaptation and our strong desire to see some real romance. Especially between these two!

There Were Signs Everywhere

Kyo has always had a standoff-ish personality. That is, until he started getting closer to Tohru. One of the first moments we can see Kyo softening his personality towards Tohru is in episode 5 of season 1. Kyo and Yuki rescue Tohru from an altercation she’s having with her family and during a talk that Kyo has with her, he tells her that she can vent to him and that it’s okay for her to be selfish sometimes. This is extremely sweet being that Tohru is known for caring for others far more than she cares for herself while Kyo is known for not caring about anyone else. This opens the door for many moments between them but the most groundbreaking moment happens in the very last episode of season 1. Tohru finally sees Kyo’s true repulsive form and he continually tries to push her away. But she refuses to let him go and instead says that she wants to stay by his side no matter what and accept every part of him, even the ugly parts. She eventually gets through to him and the episode ends with obvious indication that things are really about to change between them. As heartwarming as this episode was, season 2 brings many more that ultimately leads to Kyo confessing how much he loves Tohru in episode 11. We’re halfway through season 2 so we can expect many more heartwarming moments between this couple to be.

Final Thoughts

Although the thought of “prince” Yuki and Tohru being together is extremely cute, Kyo and Tohru will ultimately win the competition. It was just a matter of when it would happen and episode 10 gives us an idea that it will be happening soon. This reboot has been faithful to sticking to the manga so our hopes are things will take off between these two before the end of the season. Having to wait another season will just be torture. At that point, we at Honey’s Anime will just have to push them on the ship ourselves! Are you team Yuki x Tohru or team Kyo x Tohru? Do you agree that things are about to kick off for Kyo and Tohru? Let us know in the comments and thank you for your support!

by Animegoddess