Fruits Basket Reveals New ED, 2nd Cours PV, and New Key Visual!

Fruits-Basket-300x450 Fruits Basket Reveals New ED, 2nd Cours PV, and New Key Visual!

Fruits-Basket-300x450 Fruits Basket Reveals New ED, 2nd Cours PV, and New Key Visual!

Fruits Basket 2019

Shoujo, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

Airing Date:
April 6 2019

TMS Entertainment

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Tohru Honda is a high school girl who, after losing her only family member, her mother, lives in a tent alone. It turns out that the premises she pitched her tent on belong to the prestigious Soma family! He comes to live with the Soma family. Shigure Soma capitalizes on Tohru’s abilities to do chores, Yuki Soma is known as the prince of her school, and Kyo Soma sees Yuki has his rival! She lives together with them, but knows nothing yet.

You see, the Soma family has been bound by a curse for hundreds of years...

Characters & Voice Actors List

Tohru Honda

Voice Actor: Manaka Iwami

Tohru is a student at Kaibara Municipal High School. She lost her father early on in her love and ever since her mother passed away, she has lived in a tent by herself. She comes to live together with her classmates Yuki Souma, who hires her to do housework, and Kyo Sohma, who views Yuki as his rival. She’s a bit naive and is a bit quirky, but she is frequently earnest and has a kind heart.

Yuki Soma

Voice Actor: Nobunaga Shimazaki

Yuki is Tohru’s classmate. On top of being handsome, he is excellent at sports and he even has a fanclub. Even though he is referred to as a prince in his school, he’s absolutely awful at cleaning and tidying up, and he has no cooking skills at all. He currently lives with his relative, Shigure Soma.

Kyo Soma

Voice Actor: Yuuma Uchida

Instead of going to the high school he passed to get into in his hometown, Kyo went to the mountains for training. His reason was that he wanted to become strong enough to beat his rival, Yuki. However, at the order of the head of the Soma family, he goes to live as a freeloader at Shigure’s house. He is then forced to attend classes with Tohru and the others at Kaibara Municipal High School. He is short-tempered, but he has a kind heart.

Shigure Soma

Voice Actor: Yuuichi Nakamura

Shigure is the guardian of Yuki and Myo. He has a gentle disposition, but due to no one being able to pin him down, no one knows what he really is thinking. He works as an author and when it gets close to his deadline, he goes and disappears causing all sorts of problems for his editor. He’s almost always in a kimono.

Kagura Soma

Voice Actor: Rie Kugimiya

Kagura is a member of the Soma family. She loves Kyo too much so that she can come across as eccentric. She’s studying Judo so she’s confident in her skills.

Momoji Soma

Voice Actor: Megumi Han

Momiji is half-German on his mother’s side which allows him to be able to speak German. In contrast with his childlike appearance, he has a mature side to himself.

Hatsuharu Soma

Voice Actor: Makoto Furukawa

Hatsuharu is the quiet family member who does things at his own speed, but when he gets upset, he goes wild. He refers to is as the “blackness” inside him. He understands Yuki well.

Arisa Uotani

Voice Actor: Atsumi Tanesaki

Arisa is friends with Tohru. She debuted as a member of a bike gang when she was a fifth grader in elementary school, but now she has reformed. She looks up the Kyouko Honda of the legendary ‘red butterfly.’

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Again by Beverly
    Chime by Ootsuka Ai
  • Ending Song: Lucky Ending by Vickeblanka
    One Step Closer by INTERSECTION

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Natsuki Takaya
  • Director: Yoshihide Ibata
  • Series Composition: Taku Kishimoto
  • Character Design: Masaru Shindou

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