The Need for Swing - We Need More Dancing Themed Anime!

Dancing has to be one of the most liberating forms of art in existence. Whether you have groove or two left feet, dancing can be done in front of an audience or in the comforts of your own living room. Putting on a tune and just letting your body run wild is both a great form of exercise and truly exciting. We here at Honey’s Anime love to dance but while we dance to the latest openings like The God of High School—the opening is called Contradiction by Ksuke Ft. Tyler Carter—and Gunkou by Yoh Kamiyama, we realized something. Where are all the dancing anime!?

Back in 2017 Ballroom e Youkoso released and surprised us immensely here at Honey’s Anime. We loved the amazing art style and interesting characters but really fell in love with the dancing animation. While some critiqued the strange elongated necks—their necks sometimes were a bit too large—what captured us the most were the dancing styles that mirrored the real world. As the name of the series suggests, the dancers in the series focus on ballroom dancing and we rarely see that in the world of anime!

Aside from classical styles of dancing, can you guys/girls name dancing anime? Probably most of you can’t and don’t feel bad, there really aren’t many dancing themed series, sadly! There are some idol series that feature dancing such as Love Live and Hanayamata but that’s about it. Folks, we need more dancing anime!

Like martial arts—which there are a million of—dancing is a form of movement that captures the eye and allows the dancer to unleash their spirit. Imagine a series done by MAPPA or A-1 Pictures where the main cast were dancers in a competition or on the streets trying to prove their skills. Wouldn’t that be so explosive and exciting!? Dancing anime could be the next big craze and offer something else…amazing soundtracks.

A genre very underutilized in anime—aside from the openings from series like Kekkai Sensen and Baccano!—is swing-like music. There are plenty of openings that are fusions of new and old musical genres but not nearly enough. With a dancing anime, we could have more of those tunes that would possibly change the musical landscape of anime! Maybe this is wishful thinking but we would love newer tunes that go against the typical music we’ve grown accustomed to.

Aside from even the music, imagine all the dancing styles we could explore in an anime series! There are dozens of dancing styles from ballroom to traditional swing and yet anime has only shown a few styles that are more modern. Maybe in 2021 we’ll see a dancing series where a group of high schoolers decide to battle it out in the streets to show the world their sick moves! It might sound silly but we’re sure that would be entertaining to witness!

Lastly, let’s just admit that we personally would love more dancing series. Many of us here at Honey’s Anime have a lot of love for the art of dancing and wish we could enjoy it more in anime. Trust us, readers out there, if a dancing series comes out we will definitely be reviewing it and covering the series as much as humanely possible!

Final Thoughts

Dancing comes in so many flavors and styles that it would allow anime studios a wide berth to make various series about them. We would love to see more ballroom dancing anime or maybe even shuffle-like battles taking place in the anime world. The possibilities are truly endless and untapped which needs to change! Would you readers dig a toe-tapping dancing anime? Comment below what type of dancing anime you’d love to see! If you love this article and want more of them, then be sure to stick to our groovy hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Ballroom-e-Youkoso-wallpaper-685x500 The Need for Swing - We Need More Dancing Themed Anime!


Author: Aaron

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