Ballroom e Youkoso - Summer & Fall 2017

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Ballroom e Youkoso

Sports, Drama, Comedy

Airing Date:
July 9 2017

Production I.G

Honey’s Highlights

bee-happy1 Ballroom e Youkoso - Summer & Fall 2017
What's this? Production I.G.? Haikyuu!!-style visuals? Looks interesting!
bee-happy1 Ballroom e Youkoso - Summer & Fall 2017
This about a guy who is feeling a bit lost in life and ends up starting ballroom dancing. He turns out to be quite the genius at it by the looks of it, too!
bee-happy1 Ballroom e Youkoso - Summer & Fall 2017
This definitely sounds like it will have that sports anime edge to it. I'm seeing strong characters and a sense of competition, but maybe without the super moves. Think Free!, Yuri!! on ICE, and DAYS.
bee-happy1 Ballroom e Youkoso - Summer & Fall 2017
If it turns out half as good as any of those it's sure to be amazing! I can't wait!

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Regular middle-schooler Tatara Fujita doesn’t know what to do with himself until, after a certain incident, he finds himself drawn to social dance. In order to change his current self, Tatara leaps into the world of ballroom dancing.

This is a unique tale of dance and adolescence which illustrates Tatara’s overwhelming growth!

Three Episode Impression

Ballroom e Youkoso is yet another surprising anime of the summer 2017 season. Showing half a year after Yuri!! On Ice, many expected Ballroom e Youkoso to have the same type of feel and shipping qualities Yuri!! On Ice had. However, if you watch even one episode of Ballroom e Youkoso, you might find yourself sorely disappointed. This anime is a complete shounen anime from the opening scenes down to the humor. Tatara feels so much like your basic shounen main character who has similar qualities to Yuri and yet, doesn’t capture his qualities. In fact, Tatara reminds me more of Naruto or Rin from Ao no Exorcist than Yuri. I don’t watch a lot of sports anime, but it feels like one. While Ballroom e Youkoso did not turn out as expected, it’s got its own fair share of enjoyment. If you like sports anime then this is one for you. While I’m not a fan of sports anime, I may just continue watching this.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Tatara Fujita

Voice Actor: Shinba Tsuchiya

A third-year middle schooler with no goal in life who is worried about his future. When he happens to come into contact with social dancing, he decides to dedicate his youth to dance in order to change himself. He has great observation skills and can learn any move he sees straight away.

Kaname Sengoku

Voice Actor: Toshiyuki Morikawa

Kaname takes up the position of Tatara’s dance instructor. He takes Tatara, who was surrounded by delinquents, to Ogasawara Dance Studio and leads him down the path of dance. A pro dancer who even has achievements abroad.

Kiyoharu Hyoudou

Voice Actor: Nobuhiko Okamoto

Shizuku Hanaoka’s dance partner. Although he’s in the same year as Tatara, he’s a genius dancer with overwhelming skills in the amateur dancing world. He gives off a cold aura, but he’s burning with passion when it comes to dance.

Shizuku Hanaoka

Voice Actor: Ayane Sakura

Tatara’s classmate and Kiyoharu Hyoudou’s dance partner. She’s thinking of going to study dance abroad with Hyoudou once she graduates middle school. When Tatara first participates in their dance lessons, she is cold and resentful towards him, and has a stoic attitude when it comes to dance.

Other TitleWelcome to the Ballroom
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: 10% roll, 10% romance by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN
    Invisible Sensation by UNISON SQUARE GARDEN
  • Ending Song: Maybe the next waltz by Mikako Komatsu
    Swing heart direction by Mikako Komatsu

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Tomo Takeuchi
  • Director: Yoshimi Itazu
  • Script: Kenichi Suemitsu
  • Series Composition: Kenichi Suemitsu
  • Character Design: Takahiro Kishida
  • Music: Yuuki Hayashi

For more information: Official Website

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