The Only Isekai that Offers to End the Planet: I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 2

With a brand new party member, and another impossible but fatal quest, our heroes are back. 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru 2nd Season (I’m Standing on a Million Lives Season 2) has all of the action of season one, a new and very disagreeable enemy ahead of our heroes. As always, the heroes are meant to complete quests given by Game Master to eventually save Earth. If they fail to accomplish a quest, they die. The stakes are high, and the challenges are set to match in the continuation of I’m Standing on a Million Lives!

"Another Deadly Journey Awaits"

A New Party Member!

Middle school dropout, Keita Torii, isn’t about the details. He has a lot of optimism, not much in the way of cleverness, but he seems to be good-hearted enough. He lives a poor but close life with his overworked mother and has raised his younger brother while his mother a=was away. After a close call with a violent debtor, Keita finds himself the newest member of this mysterious ten-man party. He tries hard and is an agreeable individual, which is good because being likable is not Yuusuke’s strength.

Old Friends and New Challenges

Right at the beginning of the newest episodes, our team receives new instructions from Game Master. They immediately seek out their old knight comrade, Kahabell. When they catch up to the person who taught them swordsmanship while satisfying her love of cleaving flesh, the time has passed, and she has changed! Fifteen years, a lost hand in a war, and two children later, Kahabell is a tender and loving mother with the glow of nurturing in her. Our heroes begin to see those they care for age in the short time since their last visit.

The newest enemy that the team gases are orcs. These massive and powerful beings can kill with a single blow and break the steel which tries to cleave them. When Yuusuke doesn’t make the cut as an orc-killer, he decides to level up. He uses the crafts he has been able to use thus far and finds himself cooking and farming for the good of the area he looks to protect. As always, Yuusuke finds a creative solution to an unusual problem.

Action, Gag Humor, and Mystery

I’m Standing on a Million Lives does not shy away from killing any person in any fashion. Season two has not been any more modest, but it seems like all of the returning heroes from season one have acclimatized to that part of the existence in the isekai world. While the team goes about the quests set by Game Master, a larger audience and exercise are at play.

We are reminded of that larger audience when Yuusuke gets a new class. Every ten levels, a character gets to re-spin for the type of profession they can use, and for the third time, Yuusuke rolls another of the least-likely classes, the blacksmith. Though this contributes to the gag humor that the anime is littered with, it shows that someone is tipping the scales for Yuusuke to get a more challenging run of things.

Final Thoughts

I’m Standing on a Million Lives still has us guessing a lot about season two. Will Yuusuke’s outward value of life start to change? Will he make the same sacrifices when things get tough now that he knows the people and events are real? And what is at the end of the ten-quest journey?

The adventure has been action-packed and hopeless looking for a little while, but our heroes have pulled through before. What are you thinking about this season so far? Let us know in the comments!

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