The Scenes in Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time that Keep Us Wanting More

Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time was an amusing harem anime despite its short length and the main character’s insufferable infidelity and questionable harem ethics—the guy actually ends up having sex with his harem!

As of this writing, there are no announcements of a second season, but while we wait for the eventual good news (hopefully we didn’t just jinx ourselves), and celebrate the ending of a decent, short anime series, let’s look back at the best and fun most moments we had in Peter Grill. Yeah, sure, 90% of the anime is just Peter getting seduced by 4 lovely demi-girls, but the best part is how the demi-girls successfully put Peter in a corner and make him give them what they want—his baby batter.

These are our favorite scenes in Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time, the harem anime that is an actual harem!

5. Beer Goggles (Episode 7)

The ogre girls Lisa and Mimi, the elf girl Vegan, and the orc girl Piglette are arguing over who gets to have first dibs on Peter’s baby milk, so they compete over who will arouse Peter more. Nothing gets resolved, they end up enjoying the night getting drunk, and, well, alcohol does things to your mind, like making poor judgment calls. When morning arrives, Peter wakes up with all of the girls naked and completely satisfied. Huh, The solution to a problem is usually the easiest one… Alcohol!

4. Meet the Parent (Episode 6)

Guild master Albatross is always finding ways to get rid of Peter permanently, and this time, Albatross forces Peter to accept the marriage proposal of the guild’s generous patron from Orcland as a formality. The goal is simple: Peter meets up with the orc girl Piglette, and doesn’t do anything to her during his stay. If he resists temptation and does nothing contract-binding (i.e. sex), then the marriage proposal is canceled and he goes back home to Luvelia. If the guild master finds out Peter had sex with Piglette, Peter will lose Luvelia and he’ll lose his head as well.

Episode 6 is arguably the funniest episode in Peter Grill because of how desperate, and insidious Albatross is. He wants to expose Peter for his infidelity by hooking him up with Piglette, hiring goons to attack Piglette, slipping in a few drops of love potion in Piglette’s drink to get her horny, and trapping the two in a bedroom. Did Albatross succeed? Somewhat—Piglette didn’t admit she slept with Peter, but she’ll accompany Peter as his personal assistant from now on.

3. A Man’s Greatest Weakness is... (Episode 12)

Spartokos is training hard with Peter for the upcoming duel with Lisa. If Spartakos beats Lisa, then she will acknowledge his strength and combat prowess, return to her homeland, and finally let go of Peter. That was the plan, but… Spartokos still lost the duel against Lisa. Why? He’s been trained by the strongest warrior in the land! Is it because Spartokos has no real talent as a warrior? Or is Lisa really that strong? Well, the reason Spartokos loses is that he is distracted by Lisa’s perfect twin peaks. Ah, yes, the only true weakness of every man, the boobs.

This scene is particularly funny because the joke comes out of left field, and it actually explains why Spartokos, and probably the rest of the ogre warriors, couldn’t beat Lisa. Sorry, man, better luck next time.

2. The Eternal Erection (Episode 4)

The ogre girls are already a huge problem for Peter, and in his current situation, he couldn’t refuse every time Lisa and Mimi wanted his sticky stuff. And now an elf joins his harem to complicate things even further. Vegan has her own, yet similar reasons as to why she wants Peter’s genes, but Peter manages to shrug off the elf’s advances because Vegan isn’t stacked and her immature personality is a big turn off. Well, that changes after Vegan casts a spell on Peter’s dick so it will stay erect forever, and the only way to undo the spell is to give in to his animal instincts and give Vegan what she wants.

You gotta feel sorry for Peter, though. He truly loves Luvelia and wants nothing more, but given his situation of constantly getting blackmailed and, well, cursed, he has no choice but to give in to the demands of the demi-girls. Peter could’ve easily gotten around the ogre girls’ blackmail by calling hearsay, but he couldn’t go around Vegan’s curse and Peter has to practically beg Vegan to let him have sex with her. It’s humiliating but it needs to be done—the curse is basically priapism, and Peter could permanently ruin his crown jewels like erectile dysfunction. Peter = 0, Vegan = 1.

1. Mission: Impossibile (Episode 2)

Peter’s future father-in-law and guild master Albatross hates his guts and refuses to acknowledge Peter as a future husband for his daughter Luvelia. But after some persuasion by Luvelia, Albatross begrudgingly acknowledges Peter and Luvelia’s engagement while crying blood. While the celebrations are going on to commemorate Peter and Luvelia’s engagement, the ogres Lisa and Mimi show up and crash the party and blackmail Peter—if he refuses to have sex with the girls, they’ll expose Peter’s infidelity to Luvelia and everyone. What? Are they going to have sex in the dining room? And Luvelia is coming? and her father too?!

This scene is one of the best because Peter somehow manages to get out of a seemingly impossible situation—he’s sitting on the dining table with his pants down while the ogre girls are hiding under the table doing some naughty things to his dangly bits and not flinching when his future father-in-law is about to chop his head off out of anger. If he had moved, then the anime would’ve ended in episode 2 or the show would have taken a different path. Phew, Peter dodged a f*cking bullet there. Or a guillotine in this case.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, folks! Love it or hate it, Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time is a fun short harem anime that made a lot of people upset because it did harem things. Peter Grill isn’t a show you take seriously, and why would you? Enjoy it as it is—a harem anime with lots of T&A and a personality. See you in season 2!

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