The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement Review: The Seven Deadly Sins Reach Their Happily Ever After

Nanatsu no Taizai: Fundo no Shinpan (The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement) concluded its story last week and we’re a little sad to say goodbye to our favorite characters. Meliodas is on the verge of becoming a Demon King and it’s up to Ban to save him and return from Purgatory. Meanwhile, the Holy War continues and the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins and Elizabeth try to keep the evil at bay till they return. When will the Holy War end and will it result in a happy ending? Well, you read the title of this article, it does! However...


The final season was pretty dragged out in 24 episodes. There was no depth to the final battle against the Demon King who had no reason to really interfere with Meliodas or Zeldris. While the anime had a fantastic start, many fans simply wished for this story to reach its conclusion and stuck with it till the end for that sake only. For the majority of the season, we got to see a lot of action but it felt pretty convoluted with absolutely no background information. When some bad guys were defeated, they either powered up and came back or more bad guys showed up. The Holy War was simply stretched out and it was pretty unbearable to watch the fight continue over and over again.

However, there were some good moments. We got to see King reach a new transformation, Estarossa’s true form and story was revealed (well he was sidelined quickly after that) and Elizabeth actually proved to be more useful. But perhaps the most touching moment of the entire show was when Escanor sacrificed his life to save the Seven Deadly Sins. He was the most overpowered yet good character in the entire show and he died...not at the hands of his enemies or his friends who were all powerful, but by his own pride which burned him away. It showed how powerful he is as a character. As the Lion’s Sin of Pride, his death was very telling and poetic, fit for a pridefully humble poet himself. His last words were for Merlin, the love of his life alone but she couldn’t return his feelings because she shut her heart for everyone and it was too late anyway. However, she kissed him one last time, to burn his mark on her as the only man who truly loved her and said, “I wish I met you 3000 years ago” hinting that she would’ve been able to love him then because all she was looking back then was love. We couldn’t help but reiterate the words Escanor said to her before he burned away because of how beautiful and poetic it is.

The-Seven-Deadly-Sins-2-Wallpaper-2 The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement Review: The Seven Deadly Sins Reach Their Happily Ever After

“Yours is a lonely love; the finest wine to inebriate the heart. But I cannot be the chalice that will hold you. O, Lord … I pray that another chalice appears that can embrace that love.” - Escanor, Lion’s Sin of Pride

Animation Style And Music

It is no myth that the animation style of Seven Deadly Sins started going downhill with Season 3. While the animation for this season is not as bad, it is still bad. There are many moments when it feels like nobody is moving but there’s dialogue in the background which makes you wonder if your screen froze but no, that’s just how bad the animation is. There is no detail in the characters and it severely feels like we’re watching a slideshow with haphazard animation. That being said, the music for this season did not let us down and we were hyped to experience great music that screamed “Seven Deadly Sins”.

Characters And Character Development

Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement did reveal a lot about our favorite characters and their backstories, adding a lot more depth to their personality and the way they behave. However, there were way too many characters who just came in at the last minute and seemed to threaten the world of Britannia but we simply couldn’t care because every time someone was defeated, they merged (we’re looking at you, Original Demon) or someone else summoned them. This just sets up bad storytelling because the season felt drawn out when the Holy War could’ve been much shorter. However, the development of the Sins was particularly well done where they all levelled up not only in their powers but they also matured immensely. This season especially added meaning to the sin that each member of Seven Deadly Sins carried on their back through their backstory which was interesting to watch. Their tagline names weren’t there just because but had a lot more meaning to it. For instance, Ban was known for his Sin of Greed but we got to see him evolve and let go of that sin, sacrificing himself in search of Meliodas and trading eternal life just to bring Elaine back to life.

A Happy Ever After

With Escanor’s death, Arthur is revived soon and the Holy War is won! This means a happy ever after for everyone! The three major couples, Meliodas and Elizabeth, Ban and Elaine, and King and Diane all get married and have kids. However, the final episode was really rushed because we couldn’t see the weddings or the kids except for Tristan, the child of Meliodas and Elizabeth. Hawk returns to the Purgatory in search of his brother who is alive and they’re happily reunited. The story ends with all the Seven Deadly Sins (minus Escanor, rest in peace) reunited for Tristan’s birthday where he experiences the story of the Seven Deadly Sins with the help of Gowther. When Meliodas asks him what he wants to be when he grows up, Tristan thinks hard and says that he doesn’t want to be a king but one of the Seven Deadly Sins. While the final episode was alright and made us feel sad that our favorite characters were leaving us, it did not have the satisfying feeling you get when your favorite anime ends after a long journey. There were a lot of loopholes left but most were tied pretty well. But hey, we’ll definitely remember the glory days of the Seven Deadly Sins and remember our favorite characters no matter what!

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this article! What did you think about Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgment? Did you agree or disagree? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

The-Seven-Deadly-Sins-2-Wallpaper-2 The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement Review: The Seven Deadly Sins Reach Their Happily Ever After


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