The third single from VR Idol group "Hop Step Sing!" is coming to Steam August 17th!

What You Need to Know:

  • Degica Games along with Kodansha Co., Ltd are thrilled to release another song by the world's first VR-only idol group from Japan Hop Step Sing!, which is slated to drop on Steam August 17th! This VR music experience allows players to jump into a fantasy world in which you build a bond with various members of the band, and should your heart grow fonder you will experience a different ending to the song depending on which member you watch most. This is a new addition so be sure to look forward to it!
  • Scroll down below to view the latest trailer, and to read up a little bit more on the story!
  • There's also going to be a full launch discount of 20% ($6.99) and you can also grab the three song bundle by clicking here!

Source: Official Press Release

About Kimamani☆ Summer Vacation

This time the girls head to the beach on a gorgeous summer day by means of the famous Enoshima train line in Tokyo! Put on your HTC VIVE headset and travel with the girls to the beach for summer vacation as they sing and dance to their most cheerful, up-beat release to-date. With even BETTER visuals and lyrics by Japanese pop singer Yuhki Aira who is well-known for anime themes, fans of Hop Step Sing! will not be disappointed.

Official Trailer

Hop Step Sing! Kimamani☆Summer vacation (HQ Edition) - Trailer

honeys anime character
All the girls are so cute, I want to sing with them too!

honeys anime character
Let's sing together momo-chan!

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