These Wannabe Scary Anime Monsters Have a Long Way to Go

The world of anime horror has created some truly horrifying monsters that even now make us quake in our socks. The God Hand from Berserk, Titans from Attack on Titan, Terraformars from Terra Formars, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, not every monster hailing from the anime world ends up actually scaring its audience. In fact, there have been hundreds of anime monsters that just come off as lame and we decided to name a few today since Halloween is quickly approaching us. These anime creatures couldn’t scare a baby let alone an otaku and that’s why their names need to be mentioned!

The Strange Oppai Monsters from Mayoiga (The Lost Village) Episode 6

If you ever met anyone saying The Lost Village was a scary anime, then chances are they haven’t seen many horror anime. Why? you may ask. Simple, The Lost Village had some of the goofiest monsters in any anime!

The main idea for the monsters in The Lost Village leans on the concept of an individual’s fears becoming a reality. In episode 6, we learn more about a survivalist named Jigoku no Gouka who wanted to join the JDSF but couldn’t due to his short body frame. In order to reach the height requirements, Jigoku implanted silicon into his head—the same usually meant for breast implants—and that causes him to fear the silicon material and his monster in turn looks like a giant breast implant. It's monsters like this that make us die from laughter, not fear.

Anatomical Monster from Corpse Party: Tortured Souls – Bougyakusareta Tamashii no Jukyou (Corpse Party: Tortured Souls) Episode 3

From the moment we meet Yuuya Kizami in Corpse Party: Tortured Souls—the anime adaptation of the horror RPG—he could fool many into believing he’s a cool dude. Calm and collected—despite the horror he and his friends are in—Yuuya is the guy who anyone could seemingly trust at face value and that is exactly what Yuka Mochida did. Sadly, Yuuya ends up showing that behind the cool demeanor lies an evil and cruel dude who ends up trying to hurt anyone he runs across.

Near the end of episode 3 of Corpse Party: Tortured Souls, Yuuya finds himself knocked out and due to the curse of Heavenly Host Elementary—the school our students are currently trying to survive in—becomes a half-skinned version of himself that looks eerily like the anatomical body we see earlier in the show. While this monster version of Yuuya was quite spooky in the game, in the anime, the monster ends up being more silly than scary. Goes to show you that sometimes adaptations miss the mark.
Fish Monsters in Gyo (GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack!)

Sharks and killer whales can be quite scary for those afraid of the aquatic behemoths we’ve seen in the real world. You know what’s not scary though? Fish with legs and that is why we think the fish monsters from GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack are easily the silliest monsters in the anime kingdom.

Now, let’s be fair. We would never want to see fish with leg-like apendages crawling out of the water in the real world. Junji Ito—the man responsible for GYO—made sure that the idea alone is quite creepy. However, when it comes to the anime film, GYO’s fish monsters don’t really instill fear. Yeah, the idea still is maddening and can be seen as eerie but the actual monster-like fish aren’t really a threat in our eyes when they move around and try to attack/infect. Sorry GYO, your monsters may be weird, but definitely not scary.

Ao Oni: The Animation (Aooni: The Blue Monster)

Fans of indie RPGs probably have heard of a hit series called Ao Oni. This horror RPG featured a strange blue monster that chased the player around a creepy building and would jumpscare the player to death. We here at Honey’s Anime were extremely excited when we heard this rising indie horror title was going to get an anime but the end result was far from stellar.

Ao Oni: The Animation ended up being a 13-episode long spoof series with elements from the horror game such as the survivors and titular monster Ao Oni. Not only did Ao Oni look incredibly goofy—more than even the game version which is quite silly—but the entire series suffered from constant gags that rarely landed a laugh. Ao Oni was never the scariest monster in the gaming world but he had some spine chilling moments that never transitioned into the anime version. Ao Oni ends up being a big-headed blue monster with a goofy smile and an even goofier anime adaptation.

Final Thoughts

Monsters are supposed to instill fear in those who witness them and that’s why we love horror anime with scary monsters. Sadly, the series above might be considered horror anime but their monsters within do little in terms of inflicting fear on anyone.

Have we missed a goofy monster that is far from scary? Comment some suggestions down below! For even more Halloween themed articles be sure to keep stuck to our far from scary hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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