Wickedly Terrible Halloween Costumes in Anime

Outside of the world of anime, Halloween is a pretty beloved holiday for dozens of reasons. Not only do kids—and sometimes adults—get to grab hundreds of free pieces of candy but they get to dress up in outfits without being judged. Well, judgment does tend to hit those who decide to don some ridiculously bad outfits and we noticed some anime characters aren’t free from this fate.

We here at Honey’s Anime scoured the numerous anime worlds to find the worst Halloween outfits found in anime and we were quite taken aback. Halloween might be scary thanks to ghosts and goblins but these outfits sent true fears into our souls.

Orihime Inoue’s Pumpkin Ghost Outfit in Bleach Episode 304

Bleach is an anime series that oozes with style in everything from the character’s everyday clothes to their battle attire. However, in the strange dream-like episode of 304, Bleach was filled with some less stylish costumes. Trust us folks, this is an episode of Bleach where we just stared in disbelief not because of the big oppai that some girls had but the ridiculous costume one of the main female leads was forced to wear.

Orihime Inoue is one of the central female heroines in Bleach but we kind of wished she had taken a backseat in episode 304. As Ichigo was trapped in a strange otherworld, various characters from the Bleach series were dressed in Halloween outfits but Orihime stood out as the worst of the worst. Orihime wasn’t a sexy nurse or witch but instead a giant pumpkin ghost. Why one of the cutest girls was forced to wear this costume is beyond our minds here at Honey’s Anime but it’s enough to make us scream in utter terror as we think of it even now.

Eiji Okumura Dressed as a Wizard in Banana Fish Episode 12

Those who loved Banana Fish when it aired back in 2018 grew in love with the characters like Ash and Eiji. This 24-episode series was filled with heart-pounding drama and tense moments but episode 12 took a break from those elements near the end. Eiji learned that his pal Ash Lynx wasn’t afraid of gangsters or danger but instead of Jack O’ Lanterns! This leads to a scene we won’t forget anytime soon from Banana Fish.

Eiji tricked Ash to join him in a Halloween themed party to remove his phobia. Here several people were dressed in ho-hum costumes but our Eiji who always exudes a sense of coolness ends up dressed in such a simple Halloween outfit we shook our heads in disbelief. Eiji ends up dressed in a super simple wizard-like costume that just screams bargain bin costume! We’ve seen some real-world costume enthusiasts make bargain bin costumes work—usually by adding some pizazz—but clearly, Eiji just needed a costume quickly and we suffered because of it.

The Random Trick a Treaters Seen in Hyouka Episode 14

Supernatural series Hyouka is easily known as one of the greatest anime series out there for how it mixing storytelling with supernatural tales we occasionally hear about outside of fiction. However, Hyouka’s 14th episode went about a more common theme. Series protagonist Houtarou Oreki is forced to watch over a Halloween event at his school and he runs into two costumed characters who we pray we never learn their names.

As Houtarou is sitting lazily in his fixed spot for the event, two pumpkin-wearing individuals barge in. Whether these characters are twins or not isn’t seen but their outfits are enough to be a story to tell kids in the dark for years to come! Both of these Trick a Treaters wore giant pumpkin heads with odd witch-like costumes that just screamed no fashion. It’s okay if you wear different Halloween-costumes to make a statement or a cool get up but these two just looked sad. For those who like to mimic anime garb as cosplays, please do not wear the outfits seen in episode 14…unless you are trying to scare otaku around the world.

Final Thoughts

Halloween is a scary—but thrilling—holiday for various reasons. That being said, we can’t forgive those who tarnish this holiday by wearing just bad costumes for no reason other than lack of effort. Heck, even the simple sheet ghost costume is better than the ones above! Do you readers know of any other bad Halloween costumes seen in the world of anime? Comment below to let us know…if you dare! For more Halloween themed articles be sure to keep stuck to our pumpkin spice filled hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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