This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/06/2018]

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bombon-yes1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/06/2018]
Alright! It's time to get into it!
bombon-yes1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/06/2018]
The frontrunners of the season are starting to show themselves.
bombon-yes1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/06/2018]
I'll say. Who else things that we should nominate citrus for Anime of 2018?
bombon-yes1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/06/2018]
Moving on, time for hot moments!

Contains Spoilers



bombon-yes1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/06/2018]

One of the things that I love about Saiki Kusuo is how fast the series adapts to things going on in the real world. While I am 99.999999999% sure that the show was already set up in the order that it was from the beginning, the snowpocalypse really was funny. Namely because we just had one two weeks ago in tokyo. Now while 10cm of snow is nothing major, Japanese society as a whole is so fairweather, that as soon as there is even a mention of non-sunny weather, people lose their minds. The same happened in Saiki. Everyone got very weird over the breaking of the window in Saiki’s classroom and hilariously tried just about everything under the sun to stay warm. It just so happened that when that peanut-brained talento came in, that Saiki used his powers to fix the flow of cold. Then in a later part of the episode, Saiki is trying to prevent Nendou from dying. However, he just gets sucked into their ridiculous antics much to our enjoyment. Saiki has proven that it can keep the jokes rolling in 2018 and I am so happy for more.

bombon-yes1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/06/2018]
Saiki not being to escape Nendou and Shun was hilarious!

Holding Us Back


bombon-yes1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/06/2018]

It is pretty evident that Sora yori mo Tooi Basho has been all about friendship this season. And this week, my moment is talking about Megumi and Mari’s friendship. Megumi has been slowly sabotaging Mari’s chances of going to Antarctica in the past 4 episodes and it was only revealed in this week’s episode that it was Megumi behind it all! Of course, none of it actually did anything, but it did form the basis for this week’s episode. Megumi finally confronts Mari and admits that while it seemed like Mari was always holding Megumi back as she never aspired for anything, Megumi was holding Mari back from being who she could be. Megumi was afraid to let go of her friendship with Mari for fear of losing herself and the meaning she had in life.

This is a really amazing moment as I’m sure many of us have felt this before. We may feel like we’re being tied down, but in the end, we’re actually tying people down to us and unable to let go. People are not as keen on change as they let on so many of us want nothing more than to stop our friends from moving forward. Have you ever felt that jealousy that someone is moving on in there life over you? Or perhaps they made another friend that they consider close? What about your sibling who is going to marry off with someone else? Aren’t these all moments when we stop and want to hold each other back? I think this was a great moment that really speaks volumes about the friendship between Megumi and Mari. They both depended on each other greatly and only now are they willing to let go for a short time to find out what they can do without each other.

bombon-yes1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/06/2018]
Is this true friendship?


Rod Locksley

bombon-yes1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/06/2018]

So, after catching up with a ton of anime series over the weekend, I still had the urge to talk about this particular one... that’s why we’re back to Citrus! Yes, there’s so much going on here, starting with Yuzu’s feelings. To be honest, this humble section’s title could be “family over girlfriends” after that decisive moment when the girls went to see Yuzu’s father, but speaking of fathers, you can’t just ignore the moment when Mei’s “sensei” finally shows up. Then again, this fifth episode started with the battle between Yuzu and Himeko, even though Mei’s heart is well above the situation. The temple moment was so sweet, and it got better when Yuzu understood what Mei’s going through. That just makes you unfairly hate Himeko for having feelings...

And why is so much mystery around the brunette tsundere’s father? We may not know quite yet, but just a look at this laid back guy knocking on the girls door can make you think. If you had to guess, I bet this guy looks more like Yuzu’s father and nothing the old man would approve as the academy next director! Is that why the man just left? To avoid his strict father and the unwanted legacy? At least he’s back, because marrying again and leaving your new wife alone with your daughter is not the best scenario. All in all, I hope Mei’s father take Himeko’s spot when visiting the amusement park.

bombon-yes1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/06/2018]
Would this chill guy approve the relation between his daughters?


And that is it for this week of Hot Moments!! Thanks for reading until the end. Now that the New Year has started, what are you watching already and what do you plan to? Let us know below!