This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/26/2019]

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Winter 2019 anime is really good. I'm quite surprised at some of the shows.
bee-wink This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/26/2019]
You know... no one has even mentioned the fact that Boogiepop got a special. Need an analysis on that stat!
bee-wink This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/26/2019]
I'm pretty sure you gave the readers all they wanted to know on that one.
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Enough with you three! Let's just start hot moments already!

Contains Spoilers

Remorseful? Nah...


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The great thing about Kakegurui 2nd Season is that we are getting more of Yumeko’s personality rather than just the stock “mysterious girl hell-bent on destroying everyone with a fetish for gambling.” The OP is also really well-done.

Anyway, this week we get to see Kaede and Itsuki have their moments. My money is on them getting together. So we see Yumeko, Itsuki, Kaede and two others pool their chips and gamble for a chance to get a massive amount of votes to challenge Kirari. Either way, it gets very twisted fast and we learn that there is a traitor. Or is there? Yumeko is accused, but honestly, it could be the girl who is running the whole bet who enjoys infighting. If Yumeko is the traitor, then she has a plan with Itsuki where she is going to make her pretend to be out of the loop, but considering that Mary is the only other one who is as ruthless as Yumeko, this scenario seems outside of the realm of possibilities. Which means that it could be the woman running the whole thing to see who is weak enough to cave or start being the traitor.

Either way, the BEST part of this episode is where Yumeko is confronted and asked if she feels remorseful for the people she has crushed. She says she is remorseful... because she doesn't feel remorse for destroying the dreams of others. For you see, that is what the spirit of gambling represents. While I am tired of matches being forced to span more than an episode, it is fun to watch this background drama and characterization play out. Who is the traitor? Next week will tell!

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Yumeko is as cool and unforgiving as a glacier.

Love Webs


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It feels like the love triangle in Domestic na Kanojo is just getting more intense. This week, we had many things happen in Domestic na Kanojo. First off, Hina and Natsuo go on a trip together where Natsuo tries to make a move on Hina, who has not ever shown any real feelings for Natsuo. Then Hina suggests committing double suicide as symbolism for the hardships they will have to go through as step siblings dating. Then Rui goes into Natsuo’s room and they kiss upon her suggestion. Rui really seems to be falling deeper. Not to mention there are two other female characters thrown into the equation because why not? Then at the end, we see Hina masterbating with the door open and call out the name of the person with whom she was having an affair with, Shuu.

Yup, it’s been super complicated so far. I thought School Days was messy, but man, this is definitely messy. I don’t even know if I’m supposed to be rooting for any particular ships, but it’s clear that this anime is supposed to be a lot of drama for all of the characters. Not one of them seems to have experienced reciprocated feelings (unless you count Hina and Shuu), and the sibling aspect just makes things more complicated. I’m really curious how this anime ends because I think it’s heading towards the Kuzu no Honkai route. What does everyone else think?

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Just what is going on here?!?

Take One for the Team

Rod Locksley

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A teacher, five girls, an exam. The moment of truth. The seventh episode of Gotoubun no Hanayome was all about the Nakano sisters facing their first test, but we all knew things would not go so well.

With Fuutarou and the girls running late, the only way for them to bypass the teacher guarding the door was impersonating Yotsuba, who was already inside. That's when Miku, Nino, Ichika, and Itsuki all arrange their hair to look like their genki sister, and this being an anime about quintuplets, all it takes to impersonate her is a cheerful, high-pitched voice and her signature bunny-ears ribbon. Who cares about hair color and length, right? Well... to be fair, they all have the same hair color in the manga though.

Miku had it easy since she was the first and the best impersonating Yotsuba's voice and manner, but even the other girls succeeded. What I wasn't expecting was Fuutarou himself trying to pull this off, and his expressionless face has to be the cherry on top of the cake! I cracked so hard at that scene because it was so random but at the same time so faithful to this series' spirit. I imagine Fuutarou's reasoning being something like "I'm not a girl, I'm wearing male clothes, I'm not even changing my deep voice... but the ribbon will do, I guess?" lol.

In the end, Operation Doppelganger was a success, and Fuutarou confirmed again that he is one of the best anime teachers you can find, and thanks to the tsundere sister Nino, now he will continue working along the girls, hoping for a better performance on the exams to come. Parfait for everyone!

bee-wink This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [02/26/2019]
You can’t blame that poor guidance teacher!


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