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bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]
Finally it's time for hot moments an- WHOA! Where did all these people come from?!
bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]
Shhh Bee-kun. No one asked you. Just be happy there are more.
bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]
You're right! The entries this week more than doubled! Aww yes! I hope someone is going to be talking about Bang Dream. I love that show so much.
bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]
I think you'll just have to scroll down and find out.

Contains Spoilers



bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]

Ummmmmmmm What just happened in Mob Psycho?

We got this super adorable episode about Mob trying to be in the top 10 of this marathon in order to push himself to confess his feelings to his crush. It’s cute and he tries really, really hard. Then his brother answers the door and we see a psychic from the previous season. Things go from 0-100 and it’s clear that Mob’s house is on fire. He goes inside and SEES A CORPSE. OH. MY. GOD.

This episode was so disarmingly sweet as we see Mob really is putting forth his best effort to not only be more social, but be braver and train more. He really does do a great job… and then boom. This bomb. Like here we go… I am DYING to see the next episode and I really, really, really hope this isn’t the death of a family member because WTF.

bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]

Marriage Themes and Childhood Friends?


bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]

Gotoubun no Hanayome has been a harem anime that I’ve surprisingly enjoyed, which hasn’t really happened in a while (Maybe since Hajimete no Gal back in 2017). It’s a harem anime, but really, the whole point of the anime is for Fuutarou to help the Nakano quintuplets pass their exams, which is hard since every one of them fails most of the subjects. There’s some ecchi moments, but overall, the anime isn’t all about the fanservice but more so the relationships between each of the quintuplets and Fuutarou, as well as about sisterly bonds.

This week, they finally started talking about marriage ever so slightly, which is something that can be seen right in the opening theme as the theme is ever present there. It really makes you wonder why exactly the opening theme song is all about marriage. Then they introduced the childhood friend theme in this week’s episode. Evidently, Fuutarou and one of the girls had met when they were younger. I’m willing to bet it’s Itsuki, but it just makes me wonder if Gotoubun no Hanayome is going to actually end with some sort of marriage scene or engagement since that seems to be where the series is going.

bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]
Just what are the writers up to, I wonder...

How to Train Your Dragonslayer

Rod Locksley

bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]

Slaying a dragon is not an easy task, but killing a zombie dragon is definitely not something you can achieve without pain. That’s why this week’s episode of Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari is so impactful… or is it because of Filo’s rampage?

It all started as a simple cleaning quest, though it turned out to be one of the best fight sequences so far. The rests of a dragon killed by the Sword Hero were causing plague and so our protagonists head to the place in order to take care of it, but a few minutes later they were fighting a reanimated corpse with awesome power. And it even ate Filo! Well, not really, but that’s what makes this part of the eighth episode so cool. Seeing his friend getting killed after a careless attack fueled Naofumi’s rage, which in turn gave him a brand new set of awesome yet dangerous skills. And let’s not forget that Raphtalia was poisoned by the plague, so you can’t blame the Shield Hero for being consumed by his own darkness. Though it all seems so dramatic, one of the best parts of the episode has to be when Filo rips the dragon apart from the inside, revealing that she was alive the whole time and what appeared to be blood coming out of her was just her vomiting tons of fruit she had been gobbling down before the battle. Typical Filo!

So there’s that, a new dark path for Naofumi to master and the best Filo scene so far. What are you gonna do about it, Raphtalia?!

bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]
so it was puke and not blood? At least the little bird-girl is alive though

Unexpected Reunion


bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]

This week’s episode of Sword Art Online really had us quite shocked. The beginning of the episode seemed a bit overly slow and kind of worried us that episode 20 was going to be a set up episode with no impact to it. As Alice and Kirito retraced Eugeo’s steps and ran into Bercouli Synthesis One, our excitement returned. The final words of Bercouli wishing for Kirito to protect his student/ally--Alice--was truly heartwarming and surprising to see even if it was semi-silly that he said it as a frozen popsicle.. Yet, the excitement of the episode truly ramped up greatly when Kirito and Alice met the little clown we have begun to hate and to then have Eugeo reappear, but not as we once remembered him made our eyes widened with utter surprise!. Eugeo now clearly under the Administrator's control made our jaws drop as the two partners reunited in quite a surprising moment. When Kirito pulled his blade against Eugeo and made that statement of him being his master, we knew this was the perfect set up for episode 21s inevitable big fight between the two partners. We anticipate that Kirito will be able to snap Eugeo out of his brainwashing but will it be so simple!? How will the battle between two great friends end!?

Plus, Alice still looks pretty awesome with an eye patch.

bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]
OH NOOOO! Kirito and Eugeo facing off!? Say it isn’t so!

Exam Season: Who Will Rise and Who Will Falter?

Meghan May Dellinger

bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]

For Shirogane, Shinomiya and the other Shuchiin Academy student council members, the time has come for term-end exams. The stakes are high for everyone, but when it comes to these students, you can be sure that simple studying is not enough!

Shirogane’s younger sister comes to visit, and Shinomiya tries to enact a scheme to use the girl to further her relationship with the president, but as always, Chika’s involvement causes her plan to go awry! We also get to see another side to Shinomiya as she helps Ishigami study for exams, worried about him possibly being held back a year if he fails again. Of course, Ishigami goes into the process as he does anything involving Shinomiya - full of fear and trepidation - but it does end up helping him in the end! Shinomiya is also trying to finally reach the top podium, to topple Shirogane as the top student academically. Each one of the student council members has their own worries regarding the exams coming up, but in the end, Shirogane keeps his top score and the status quo is maintained. As always, it was another great chance to see the interactions between Shinomiya and Shirogane, which balance perfectly between hilarious, devious and endearing.

bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]
Another great episode! My only complaint is that we always need more Chika-chan!

The Traitorous Turning Point!

Mary Lee Sauder

bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]

Bucciarati and crew have finally delivered the boss’ daughter to him, only to discover that the boss planned to kill Trish with his own hands! His stand, King Crimson, uses its time skipping power to punch a hole straight through Bucciarati’s stomach (continuing the grand tradition of JoJo villains turning beloved side characters into donuts), but our zipperific leader just barely manages to escape with the unconscious Trish.

Facing his comrades, Bucciarati declares his intention to betray the boss. The shadowy man is invincible now, but if they can find his weakness, they can overthrow him and reform Passione themselves. So who’s going to join him? If Mista, Narancia, Abbacchio, or Fugo step onto the boat, they’ll be branded as traitors – but it’s the only way to bring the boss to justice.

The boat scene is one of the most famous moments of Golden Wind because it’s the turning point for the entire story. Luckily, David Productions has done the fans proud once again by portraying this scene with the utmost effort and care. Narancia’s inner turmoil is brought to life with striking facial expressions and Daiki Yamashita’s superb voice acting, and the extra lines added for Fugo bring in some of the deeper characterization found in his light novel, Purple Haze Feedback. As the boat speeds away from the island, Fugo is alone with the boss’ belfry looming behind him, left as the only one who couldn’t bring himself to betray the gang.

bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]
What was Swiss Cheese Boy thinking, staying behind like that? He’s missing out on all these hilariously dressed gangsters!

Tae’s Betrayal


bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]

The drama that has been building between Tae, Poppin'Party, and Raise a Suilen is finally here. With the school festival only a few days away, the girls are preparing to put all their hard work on display, but Tae has found herself double booked. Tae is unwilling to cancel her performance with RAS, forcing her bandmates to wait for her on the day of the school festival. Kasumi decides to put her faith in Tae and runs out looking for her, however, they fail to make it back on time, ruining their anniversary performance.

It was nice to see the first instance of drama between the Poppin'Party this season. They have been building up this moment for a couple of weeks now and I was excited to finally see it unfold. Seeing how each of the members of Poppin'Party reacted to the situation was heartbreaking, especially when you think about what the band means to each of them. They also did a great job setting this up like the last school festival only to give us a heartbreaking ending. It will be interesting to see where they go as we head into what should be the most exciting episode of the season, and hopefully, we get some emotional scenes between Tae and Arisa, who seemed to be taking the situation the worst.

bee-surprised1 This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [03/05/2019]
Poor Arisa


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