This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [06/26/2018]

This week is






honey-thinking This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [06/26/2018]
Well spring is more or less done. How do we feel about it.
honey-thinking This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [06/26/2018]
honey-thinking This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [06/26/2018]
Hinamatsuri and Yowamushi Pedal for sure!
honey-thinking This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [06/26/2018]
Aight aight, let's see what happens below first though.

Contains Spoilers

A very Hina-esque ending


honey-thinking This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [06/26/2018]

Of all of the anime this season, even if it has been underwhelming as a whole, Hinamatsuri is a forerunner. The show was a shining star this season for comedy and oddly, wholesome slice of life as well. Sorry all SOL anime, but Hinamatsuri may have you beat.

While there have been a lot of strange moments throughout the series that make you laugh, the ending was full circle and perfect. In fact, I wouldn’t be too shocked if the series got a second season at some point with an ending like that. Anyway what we received was a finale that was connected to the ending of episode 11 with Hina and her classmates being lost in the Hokkaido wilderness and a follow-up on the third psychic girl, Mao. So after Hina reveals that she is an esper/psychic, they are eventually rescued and she comes home safely. We then jump to China three years later and we learn that Mao has finally made it off of the island and is in China as a master of martial arts. She meets the leader of the rock band that used Hina’s powers in the middle of the season and he convinces her to come with him to japan. She has to lay waste to her own temple and followers before being allowed to go and bringing a disciple with her.

The irony here is that the girl’s name is Mao, a name that is Japanese, but is also Chinese. In fact, the creator did this on purpose. While the series was able to feature all three girls, Hina, Anzu, and Mao, in the final episode, they are still not completely reunited as Mao is searching for them. More is to come for sure, but let’s see what happens! We hope it’s not an OVA!

honey-thinking This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [06/26/2018]
I really enjoyed this series this season

All in your head


honey-thinking This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [06/26/2018]

One anime that probably has not received any attention is Fumikiri Jikan, an anime short featuring short stories revolving around the goings on at a train crossing. It’s cute like watching a shorter version of Tsurezure Children with more silliness. Anyway, this week’s episode was so relatable and funny that I just had to mention it. I’m talking about Tanishi waiting at the train crossing while the pretty Majima is in front of him. He thinks to himself about how pretty Majima is and then starts to daydream about all the different things that might be going on in Majima’s life as she does things like mumble to herself and look at her phone. While nothing is even confirmed, Tanishi gets completely worked up when he imagines that Majima is being dismissed by her boyfriend (someone that isn’t confirmed to exist), and then he gets excited thinking Majima could be single. As that thought crosses his mind, he becomes all apologetic for relishing in her misfortune and bows to apologize. After a stint of perversion, he feels even more remorse and kneels down on the ground to apologize.

I just want to laugh thinking about this because how often do we just get all worked up in our minds about stupid things and then act on that? I can’t tell you how many times I make up conversations in my head only to get all heated up and wound up, even if that actual conversation does not happen in real life. It’s really terrible how much these imaginary conversations and situations affect me, but I can completely relate to Tanishi. You have to love how close to home this hits 🙂

honey-thinking This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [06/26/2018]
omg poor Tanishi is a victim to his own imagination!

The big sacrifice

Rod Locksley

honey-thinking This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [06/26/2018]

Spring may be coming to its end, but Megalo Box is far from being over. In fact, the big final fight is around the corner and our boxers are doing their best to prepare for it, but if you were rooting for Joe… well, you might be struggling now.

Yeah, Yuri is “the bad one”, he represents the establishment and we’ve been following Joe’s journey, but this episode was really intense and gave us the kind of development a good anime should have. Because yes, Megalomania is for Gear Boxing, but Yuri is willing to fight hand to hand, removing his gear to make things more even and interesting. Between men, this could be considered as a pride thing, and I’m sure many of us know the feeling and understand what he’s doing and why he’s doing it; Yukiko, on the other hand…

This episode could be more about Joe and less about the rival, showing us he no longer has his gear without telling us much more. But the best part is we had an entire episode dedicated to Yuri’s thinking, showing us everything about his sacrifice and, more important, showing us his suffering so we can sympathize more with him. How can you enjoy his defeating now that you know he’s not such a bad guy? How can you enjoy his defeat while remembering him locked away and suffering?? All I know is I’m so looking forward to this fight, and I don’t even care about who wins anymore.

honey-thinking This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [06/26/2018]
Great episode, but it makes things even harder...


And that is it for this week of Hot Moments! Spring has a lot of titles and only a few weeks left. 71 titles at that! Thanks for reading until the end. Let us know below what you are watching for Spring!