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This was such a good week in anime!
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Yeah I know! Ash and Eiji almost kissed again and it was amazing.
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Ugh not that.... I meant all of the fanserice that was given to me!
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Well we get and deserve fanservice too! Ugh! Let's see what the editors have to say!

Contains Spoilers

Dicks Dicks Dicks! All You Need is Dicks!


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This week of Asobi Asobase starts with Kasumi having a dream about Tsugumi, from previous episodes, call her into a classroom and lift her skirt up showing her her genitals. This was something we visited early on in the series, and surprisingly it came back.

I figured that it as going to some really really bad experience, but it turned out a hell of a lot better than I expected. With the Japanese range of pronounced sounds being as narrow as it is, there are going to be many words that use “Chin”. “Chinko” or “chinchin” both mean dick in Japanese, so anything that uses it, is dangerous. Poor Kasumi is overloaded and it bursts when she tries to tell someone to use a whisk, and ends up telling Hanako and Olivia to use a dick to stir their pancakes. Hilarious rapture ensues as when Olivia brings up a souvenir from Okinawa and Kasumi ends up in a hilarious spiral of words that start with or use “chin”. It only gets worse because after a “sore kara dou shitano?” they try to hatch a plan to see Tsugumi’s crotch. It does not go well and ends up with Tsugumi looking after Kasumi and taking her to the nurses office. Maybe a crazy hentai OVA would play out differently, but this is hilarious. Poor Kasumi. My heart really went out to her while I wiped away tears. Keep it up to the end please!

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My abs got a serious workout after that.

Déjà Vu

Rod Locksley

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If you like the time-traveling part of Island, then the eleventh episode is a must for you to see. In the first episode, a naked man from the future was found on the coast, so now is when the time loops and we finally know what's the story behind Setsuna's appearance and his relationship with Rinne, Karen, and Sara... but do we really know what's going on?

For the most part, Setsuna is using his memories not only to help himself gain some time and protect Rinne but also to help the girls. What took us 10 episodes to watch in detail and understand now is crammed into 20 minutes, with a few nods to the future (or past, considering episodes and not Island's timeline) but also with a fair share of mysteries. Sometimes you feel things finally come into place, especially when it comes to Rinne and Setsuna, and other times you can't but wonder how things truly developed, like Karen's trip to the mainland.

But no, this is not just one of those episodes where things just turn out so well that you can call it a conclusion. What the heck was that final scene with Kuon?! Theories are all over the place with this one, and considering time jumps are not a problem anymore, those few seconds can mean a lot and change everything we saw until this point. On top of that, the visual novel debuted a few days ago, so fans of Island have now another source of information aside from the anime. What we do know is that a show that seemed innocuous at first ended up being more interesting than usual, giving us enough reasons to watch it again from the beginning, paying special attention to every little detail.

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Time to fall in love again with Rinne!

Well, that’s practical...

Lizzy Nyanko

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After Edelgard and Rem seem to agree on summoning and destroying the Demon Lord inside of Rem, the episode starts with the adventurers getting ready to perform the Demon Lord’s resurrection at the very spot where Diablo himself was summoned by Rem and Shera.

The main part of the ritual involves pouring strong magic power into the sealed demon. Diablo being the strongest of the group and having promised Rem he would free her from that curse, it makes sense he should be the one to do it.

Diablo places his hand on Rem’s stomach to start pouring his magic in but it doesn’t seem to be working, though you wouldn’t know it by Rem’s moaning and crying “Diablo’s pouring into me!” and her twitching legs.

Turns out that’s still too far away from where the Demon Lord is resting inside Rem, so Edelgard suggests Diablo pierces Rem’s stomach to reach it. Of course, that’s not going to work, so she thinks of an alternative… “there is another hole”. Yes. That is the very moment where our favorite Ecchi of the season goes into is-it-hentai-or-isn’t-it territory. Edelgard points at Rem’s lady bits and tells Diablo to insert his fingers there while using a well-known gesture. Inner Diablo goes into shock, but the man must do what a man’s gotta do and Rem, though embarrassed, agrees as well and begs Diablo again to save her.

After seemingly tearing Rem’s shorts apart (why couldn’t he just pull them off!?), Diablo diligently proceeds to literally finger Rem while she moans and screams “Diablo’s entering me” and other such descriptive and misleading phrases leading up to the… ahem.. Climax? Where Diablo says “take all my magic power” and Rem moans “Yes, please, Diablo!”. (We’re still talking about magic, right?) It’s kinda hot, kinda cringey, and kinda hilarious all at the same time!

Oh, but hilarity doesn’t end there… after this priceless scene, we finally get to see the Demon Lord, who is -of course- an adorable little loli with zero clue about anything. And so the harem expands and more laughs and ecchiness await!

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Oh my! I know Bee-kun must be loving this!


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