This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/04/2018]

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bee-ugh This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/04/2018]
Banana Fish is so good. Ugh. I hate how much I love it.
bee-ugh This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/04/2018]
If you hate it, why are you continuing to watch it? Give in and love it like we do. Right, Honey-chan?
bee-ugh This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/04/2018]
You betcha! Are you enjoying Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro too?
bee-ugh This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/04/2018]
Shhhhh! Let's see what the editors are loving this week!

Contains Spoilers

An Ally


bee-ugh This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/04/2018]

Satou is not new to this game and we finally get to see how she came into possession of the apartment. So it makes sense. She was a muse for an artist, but for some reason when Shio helped Satou heal her brokenness, the artist was mad and tried to off Shio. Bye Bye. Well now we see that the encounter started innocently but clearly something was wrong with Shio then.

THEN we have loopier-than-a-box-of-fruit-loops Taiyou, come back and basically while he acts like he is going to be better, Satou gets him in. To be honest, he’s really disgusting and the fact that the anime tries to moe-fy him and his sickness by giving him hair clips is gross. Still though, that is another set of issues to unpack later. Shio agrees to let him see Shio. Death Flag up.

Either, he is going to see Shio and try to sexually abuse her or go nuts and try to kill her which will lead to Satou brutally murdering him or keeping him alive just enough to torture him. OR, Satou is going to gain a new ally for a while before he slips up and exposes her thus leading to her downfall. I want to watch the first route, but I would probably also enjoy the latter route as well. IDK let’s see what happens. What is your money on?

bee-ugh This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/04/2018]
This is beyond dark and disgusting but I LOVE every.single.moment. of this series.

The girl can fight

Rod Locksley

bee-ugh This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/04/2018]

High Score Girl gave us another episode full of emotions, with a Street Fighter tournament as the setting for the unexpected. Haruo winning the title against Akira is just as epic as it sounds, although when the event is closing, we learn that Akira’s cabinet was broken. Even if Akira was unable to reach Zangief’s full potential, she indeed put a good show and confirmed to be an excellent player, winning the second round to spice the things up. With Haruo finally beating his long-time rival, you would think that’s all for the week, but that’s nothing compared to what happened on the way back home!

When Haruo confronted Akira for not telling the judges that the fight was unfair, her muteness did nothing but awaken the boy's rage. Was she underestimating him? Was she making fun of him? Was she trying to give him a little advantage to make things more even? Nah, maybe she’s just too shy to bring something like that up in a place full of people... but she’s not shy at all to punch Haruo in the face and put an end to his rant! At least nobody was looking, right?

After fighting and rolling down the hill, they seem to understand why they feel how they feel, but we can’t help but feel frustrated for kids being kids when it comes to love. The subtle joke is the weird prices now being of help, and how fighting and getting dirty clothes end up being reason enough for friends to link them sentimentally after wearing matching T-shirts. Awww!

bee-ugh This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/04/2018]
No wonder she’s good at Street Fighter


Lizzy Nyanko

bee-ugh This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/04/2018]

Manana is starting to catch on to Andou’s tricks when she notices that all the “coincidental” meetings with him on the way to school are starting to seem planned. Not only that, but everything Andou ends up doing seems to impress or excite Chio in one way or another which means a lot since even Manana doesn’t seem to understand what exactly Chio considers to be “cool”. But Andou does!

From throwing and accurately placing a newspaper in a mailbox from across the street, to smoking a cigar and feeding George the cat, Chio-chan falls for every one of Andou’s tricks. Manana imagines Andou making it big and becoming successful and Chio becoming his rich wife with a convertible car and all the luxuries in the world while Manana rides a bicycle because that’s all she can afford. (This daydream was also a highlight of the episode). In order to ensure Chio’s “below-average future”, Manana stays extra vigilant!

And then it happens; they turn a corner and… there is Andou with his foot on a wall by some younger guy’s head in full BL mode, holding his chin… (Squeeee!) Turns out… Andou DID notice the BL game magazine Chio bought and was using this knowledge to appeal to his young crush. He played all the games and learned the ashidon move and even asked a coworker to let him do it to him, to which his coworker agreed seemingly happily! Hmmm...

The girls realize what’s happening -or they think they do- and they leave Andou and his “boyfriend” alone… Backfired… Sorry you didn’t get the girl this time, Andou! but know that all fujoshi -and your coworker!- truly enjoyed the performance!

bee-ugh This Week's Hot Moments in Anime [09/04/2018]
Hmm... I was rooting for Andou x Chio, but now….


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