Red Pill or Blue Pill? Check Out Fall 2019's Thriller & Sci-Fi Anime!

1. No Guns Life

  • Genres: Sci-Fi, Action
  • Air Date: October 2019

There exists a technology created by a company simply known as ‘body machine expansion.’ Through it, people are table to take a part, or the entirety, of their body and replace it with some sort of machinery. These beings, or cyborgs, are known as ‘Extends’.

Extends and non-Extends exist alongside each other in our society, and this leads to unending issues. That is where Juuzou Inui founded his business. He works to solve these issues as a fixer. You see, Juuzou himself is an Extend with a large gun in his head.

One day, Juuzou is requested to rescue a young boy by a very large Extend whose whole body has been turned into a cyborg. That boy’s name is Tetsurou Arahabaki and he was kidnapped by the company who developed the extend surgery. However, when Juuzou starts to work on the case and get the boy back, he’s kidnapped once again. Juuzou starts to prepare for some sort of all-out war against this company that has eyes and ears everywhere, but...

Just who was this massive cyborg who kidnapped Tetsurou? What is the relationship between this company and Tetsurou?

No Guns Life Official PV

2. pet

  • Genres: Thriller, Seinen, Supernatural
  • Air Date: Fall 2019

There were people who had the ability to dive into the human brain and manipulate memory.

Our power has been used in the underworld for things like cover-ups and assassinations.

However, the power that broke humanity’s spirit eroded their own minds at the same time. So, they protected their fragile and dangerous minds by chaining themselves to one another.

And so, out of fear and resentment, they were called ‘pets.’

pet Official PV

No-Guns-Life-1 Red Pill or Blue Pill? Check Out Fall 2019's Thriller & Sci-Fi Anime!

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