Tonikaku Kawaii (TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You)

Tonikaku-Kawaii Tonikaku Kawaii (TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You)

Tonikaku-Kawaii Tonikaku Kawaii (TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You)

Tonikaku Kawaii

Romance, Comedy, Shounen

Airing Date:
Fall 2020

Seven Arcs

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The protagonist and straight-A student, Nasa Yuzuki, meets Tsukasa Tsukuyomi on the streets of a snowy day before his high school entrance exams, and immediately falls in love. As he tries to cross the street to speak to her, he is hit by a truck. Tsukasa risks herself to save his life and tries to leave without a word, but Nasa, who imagines her as the Princess Kaguya, chases after her and confesses his feelings despite his severe injuries. When Tsukasa agrees to go out with him on the condition he marries her, Nasa accepts without a second thought. He loses consciousness shortly afterwards.

Upon waking up in a hospital room, Nasa devotes himself to his rehabilitation and studying, and after being discharged is accepted into high school in the top percentile one year later. He could not forget Tsukasa, however, and having lost the will to go to school he declines the offer of admission. He instead spends his days working service and delivery part-time jobs, which would enable him to meet many people, in the hopes of seeing Tsukasa again.

Years go by without any sign of Tsukasa, when she suddenly appears before him on his eighteenth birthday in order to marry him as promised. Although many mysteries still remain, the two become man and wife, deepening their love for each other with every passing day.

Note: Characters from or who closely resemble those from “Hayate the Combat Butler” by the same author will sometimes make an appearance.

Characters & Voice Actors

Nasa Yuzaki: Junya Enoki

Despite sustaining major injuries from the traffic accident, he asks Tsukasa out as he had fallen in love at first sight with her. Later, he meets her again on his eighteenth birthday. He immediately submits their marriage registration form because she is “just too cute!” (“Tonikaku Kawaii!”), and the two become a married couple without really knowing each other.
Tsukasa Yuzaki: Akari Kitou

Risks her life to save Nasa, but disappears soon afterwards. However, she keeps her promise to marry Nasa and reappears without warning, becoming his wife. Her maiden name is “Tsukuyomi”, which she changes to Yuzaki after marrying Nasa.
Kaname Arisugawa: Yu Serizawa

Nasa’s junior from middle school, whose family runs the nearby communal bath “Kusatsu Hot Springs-style Yufuin”. An energetic, bright girl .
Aya Arisugawa: Sumire Uesaka

She is sister of Kaname and the classmate of Nasa in junior high school. She is retro game fan and having a fondness for him.
Chitose Gaginoji: Yoshimi Ohara

The granddaughter of Tokiko Tsukuyomi, and possibly the daughter of Gaginoji Shiori. A fourteen-year old girl who calls Tsukasa her “big sister” and looks up to her. However, they are not related by blood, and Tsukasa introduces her to Nasa as “a child of the family who took care of me”.

Other TitleTONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Koi no Uta (feat. Tsukasa Tsukuyomi) (恋のうた (feat. 由崎司))" by Tsukasa Tsukuyomi (Akari Kitou)
  • Ending Song: "Tsuki to Hoshizora (月と星空)" by KanoeRana (カノエラナ)
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Kenjiro Hata
  • Director: Ikehata Hiroshi
  • Series Composition: Kazuho Hyoudou
  • Character Design: Masakatsu Sasaki
  • Animation Director: Yukihiro Shibuya
  • Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
  • Music: Endou.

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