TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You - Love at First Few Episodes

Tonikaku Kawaii (TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You) has us expecting some run-of-the-mill vulgar slapstick with young girls and a pervy guy that wants to get married to the first girl he sees. However, the sheer volume of innocent, touching moments between our protagonists has you second-guessing just what this anime is all about! Super cute indeed, here’s our impression from the first few episodes!


They Weren’t Lying, It’s Cute!!!

We don’t just mean Tsukasa is cute (which she TOTALLY IS), so many of the interactions between Tsukasa and Nasa are overwhelmingly adorable. You might roll your eyes at the idea of two kids deciding to get married and then actually doing it when the guy is 18 and the girl is 16. However, there is not an overwhelming amount of ecchi scenes or pervy humor driving the show. It’s scattered about here and there which is a more natural approach to a story of young lovers. Nasa’s careful consideration of his wife combined with the usually mature Tsukasa blushing when thinking about her husband pulls at our heartstrings!!

At first, it seems that Nasa is just totally lucking out for no reason and Tsukasa is just going along with it. But Tsukasa reacts in surprise and adoration to her new husband’s elation at being able to hold her hand whenever he wants. When she sees Nasa so easily handling Chitose’s verbal attacks, she’s in awe of his communication skills and blushes in such a cute manner! Nasa may not have a totally pure mind, but his giddiness to enjoy simple things like sleeping in the same room, sitting in a park together, and having someone waiting for him all add to the very cute atmosphere.

Hints of the Supernatural

From the beginning, Nasa mentions the legend of Princess Kaguya and her ties to the moon but with Nasa’s name connecting him to space, that could have just been a motif. In the first couple of episodes, Tsukasa is mysterious and inhumanly cute but the story was straightforward enough that it seemed like an impromptu marriage was the weirdest thing in TONIKAWA. Once we get to episode 4, things seem to be much more literal than allegorical.

First, we find the actual moon rock that apparently Chitose’s grandmother begged the city of Houston for to make Tsukasa feel better. As if that’s not telling enough, Chitose asks Nasa if he truly knows nothing of Tsukasa’s past as he doesn’t immediately understand the moon rock. She yells that she’s the only one who understands and can help Tsukasa so there’s something going on we’re not yet aware of.

Final Thoughts

The title is both misleading and spot-on. Gosh darn is it cute! But simply put, it’s not the simple story we were led to believe! It’s likely Tsukasa, this strange girl with such a seemingly odd request for a sudden marriage, has her reasons even though we don’t understand them yet. Perhaps she’s trying to avoid returning to the moon? Whatever the case, we anticipate Nasa won’t be letting go of her hand anytime soon!

Tonikaku-Kawaii-wallpaper TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You - Love at First Few Episodes


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