Top 10 Absolute WORST Shounen Jump Manga Endings [Japan Poll]

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What You Need to Know:

  • A lot of anime fans, are also manga fans. In fact a majority of them catch up on the latest releases as they come out. Anime vs manga are the classic argument like movies vs books are.
  • But what happens when the manga comes to it's end? Do you like resolution and closure, open, bad or good? Well what happens when those manga are stopped suddently?
  • Goo Ranking asked it's users what they thought were the worst manga endings of all time from Shounen Jump. Suddently a series you like could be there one week and gone the next! Japanese users sounded off on the Top 10 WORST manga endings. What are your thoughts?

Top 10 - Top 6

10. Rising Impact / 26 votes

9. Pyu to fuku! Janguar (Blow the Flue Jaguar!) / 31 votes

8. Gakyuu Houtei (Gakyuu Houtei: School Judgement) / 32 votes

6. Makuhari / 36 votes

6. Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san (Sexy Commando Side Story: Amazing! Masaru)/ 36 votes

Top 5 - Top 1

5. Otokozaka (Man's Hill)


38 votes

  • Why it was horrible: Because it was being discontinuted in Jump, the author simply wrote "Unfinished" on the last page and that was the "end".
  • 4. High School! Kimengumi (Funny Faces in High School)


    68 votes

  • Why it was horrible: The heroine woke up at the end and the whole story was "all a dream".
  • 3. Seikimatsu Leader Gaiden Takeshi!


    98 votes

  • Why it was horrible: The author was arrested so the series was cancelled out of the blue.
  • 2. Yuu Yuu Hakusho!

    dvd Yu Yu Hakusho

    119 votes

  • Why it was horrible: Per the author's wishes, it was an incomplete ending.
  • 1. Shaman King

    shaman king dvd

    131 votes

  • Why it was horrible: He woke up at the end and it "was all a dream".
  • Source: Goo Ranking

    honeys anime character
    uuuuuughhhhh I hate the 'and then they woke up from the dream because it was all a dream!' endings. It's sloppy. I would rather see everyone killed by a bomb or meteor or dinosaur before the dream sequence ending.

    honeys anime character
    I know what you mean bee-kun. They can be rough. The funniest one has to be that it was cancelled because the author was arrested! That is intense.

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