Top 10 Adorable Super Lovers Characters

Super-Lovers-wallpaper-1-700x491 Top 10 Adorable Super Lovers Characters

Super Lovers is an anime that comes with a lot of cuteness. The story revolves around four brothers who end up living together, due to some circumstances. Haru, the older brother, is a hard-working man and his dream to live with his little brothers came true thanks to his efforts. If there's something really amusing about this show, though, is the way Haru falls in love with the younger of his brothers, the adopted child Ren. As the story is cute per se, and full of hardships, we couldn't avoid noticing how full of adorable characters it is! Some of them, thanks to the “tsundere” power, are overly funny, while some of them are just cute 1.1.1

10. Haruko Daniela Dieckman

Super-Lovers-wallpaper-1-700x491 Top 10 Adorable Super Lovers Characters

Haruko is the amazing woman who gave birth to Haru! She is so beautiful and full of energy that it's scary. She is half-Japanese but lived in Canada, and is the one who decided to adopt little Ren. Haruko is an adorable woman. First of all, she is always energetic, so much so that she seems much younger than she actually is. She is eccentric and has a very strange relationship with her son, Haru. Basically, when Haruko and Haru's dad divorced, Haru was sent to Japan with his dad. From that moment onward, Haruko and Haru never contacted each other, until... Haruko decided she wanted Haru back in Canada for summer, to take care of Ren. Haru never felt like he was abandoned by Haruko, and even though Haruko never called him, she always knew how he was doing in Japan. Well, that's just to explain how much of an eccentric woman she is!

At the beginning of the show, she is a novelist who doesn't know how to respect her deadlines and it's funny to see how nervous and choleric she can get. For as cold as she can seem, she took Ren in and cared for him, probably because he reminded her of Haru. We just love this woman, it's impossible not to: she hates when Haru calls her “mother”, and severely punishes him whenever he forgets to name her “Haruko-san”.

9. Seiji “Kiyoka” Takamori

Super-Lovers-wallpaper-1-700x491 Top 10 Adorable Super Lovers Characters

“Eccentricity” seems to be the key-word in Super Lovers, maybe more than “cuteness”. It's now the turn of this beautiful girl... No, wait. Seiji “Kiyoka” Takamori is actually a boy. He is Haru's high school friend and he loves to cross dress. He was the cause of a lot of misunderstandings in the beginning, can you guess why?

When Haru broke the news that someone else would run the bar at night, and introduced Kiyoka, Ren suddenly started to feel insecure, thinking that maybe Haru preferred those kinds of girls. That was a cute misunderstanding that showed how much Ren cared for Haru. Kiyoka, however, realizing the kind of relationship that the older and the younger brother shared, couldn't help to speak his mind. It's fun to see how Kiyoka can be very nice with everyone, except that with Ren. He likes to tease him, probably because Ren can be easily influenced. What can we say? We like a character who is a little mischievous, that's why Kiyoka ended up in this list!

8. Juuzen Kurosaki

Super-Lovers-wallpaper-1-700x491 Top 10 Adorable Super Lovers Characters

Juuzen Kurosaki has the appearance of a yankee, with his half-bleached head. Actually, he is a very normal boy, with an outgoing and friendly personality. Well, he managed to befriend Ren... We guess this explain very well how much of an outgoing character he is.

Juuzen, too, was the victim of a huge misunderstanding. When Haru brought Ren at school on his first day, he kissed him before leaving. Juuzen saw everything, but before asking for explanations, he sat behind Ren for three days in the classroom, glaring at his back. Finally when the two manage to start a conversation, Juuzen asks Ren who is that foreigner (Haru) and if he is Ren's boyfriend. Ren answers as if it's all normal, but never says clearly that Haru is actually his brother. And so Juuzen keeps on misunderstanding everything, the poor thing!

Even though Juuzen thinks Ren is weird somehow, he becomes his close friend; he is so patient that he manages to keep up with Ren's strangest thoughts. Yet, he is the only one Ren talks to at school... and that's to be considered a huge goal with Ren.

7. Ikuyoshi Sasaki

Super-Lovers-wallpaper-1-700x491 Top 10 Adorable Super Lovers Characters

Ikuyoshi Sasaki is probably the most genuine character in the Super Lovers universe. He was a host, during the time Haru was a host as well. When Haru quit, though, he quit as well, since he always admired Haru and followed along with his idea to open a restaurant.

What can we say about Ikuyoshi? First of it all, he isn't treated kindly by Haru, who is the object of his admiration. That's just a pretense, though, as Haru cares a lot about him. They are friends from high school and Ikuyoshi is probably the only friend who never left Haru's side.

He comes from a family of farmers, and when he decides to support Haru with the restaurant, his family became one of the suppliers for “White Fang”. Ikuyoshi's innocence shows up whenever he catches Haru and Ren doing something that two brothers aren't supposed to do. His reactions are cute, as he blushes and goes all jumpy. Eventually, he gets used to Haru and Ren's displaying of affection, and grows very fond of Ren. Ikuyoshi's feelings are always expressed upon his face; he can't hide anything and doesn't even try. We really love his candor!

6. Shirou Takamura

Super-Lovers-wallpaper-1-700x491 Top 10 Adorable Super Lovers Characters

Takamura-sensei is the school nurse for Souryou High. He is a handsome man with black eyes and hair. Even though he has a medical license, he works at school as a nurse. Takamura is apparently a laid-back person. He always looks like he is slacking off, and boring. Truth is, he is a very caring person.

For as laid-back as he can seem, there's still something that can make him jump. When Ren had a nosebleed, and Juuzen made him discover the “self-pleasure” world, that was the moment when Takamura-sensei became something like Ren's mentor. He asked Takamura-sensei every kind of nasty questions, and those where the moments when Takamura showed his emotions clearly. Basically, he doesn't want to be bothered by snotty brats who have questions about sex life, and stuff. He is just the school nurse, and as such, he just wants to do his job. That's a side of him we find very cute, as it makes his true character surface!

5. Aki Kaidou

Super-Lovers-wallpaper-1-700x491 Top 10 Adorable Super Lovers Characters

Aki and Shima Kaidou are twins and half-brothers to Haru, as their mother was married with Haru's father. Aki is the older twin, and a very rude character. He shows no respect toward the others, and manages to lose his temper whenever he gets a chance to. When Haru had the car accident where their parents died, Aki blamed it on Haru. Later on, when Haru brought Ren in Japan and announced that he wanted all the brothers to live together, Aki was hostile toward their new adopted brother.

As we said, Aki is the more brash of the four brothers. Even though he is rude, there's a flip side showing that he is just a “tsundere” type who doesn't know how to be sincere. In fact, he overcame his hostility towards Ren and actually started to show how much he cared about him. He loves his older brother Haru, and that's why he felt like Ren would take him away and couldn't accept him (does anyone see a brother complex here?).

He shows to be possessive with his twin as well; when Shima starts to tutoring a girl and goes out of his way one night when she appeared in front of their house, Aki was mad at Shima, showing a jealousy out of the ordinary. Yet, with his cute face, he can be easily forgiven!

4. Shima Kaidou

Super-Lovers-wallpaper-1-700x491 Top 10 Adorable Super Lovers Characters

Now, let's talk about Aki's younger twin! Shima is the exact opposite of Aki. For starters, in his appearance. Even though they’re twins, Shima's hair aren't messy and he wears casual-formal clothing. Maybe because he wears glasses, but he looks quite mature. As for his character, well we already said how he is opposite to Aki. Shima is responsible, composed, calm and serious at whatever he does. He is very kindhearted and, moreover, understanding.

We can say that he is the more mature of the three brothers. His peculiarity is that he stays silent all the time, and he observes people and situations around him, and then when he speaks, he does without spouting nonsense, but only saying what he actually understood after so much examination.

He didn't have any problems at accepting Ren within the family, and suddenly became supportive and acted like an older brother should toward him. Ren, realizing how Shima is the only one looking objectively at things, relies on him a lot and asks for advice, and Shima is willing to help Ren, and support the other two brothers as well. He is just over cuteness!

3. Haru Kaidou

Super-Lovers-wallpaper-1-700x491 Top 10 Adorable Super Lovers Characters

Haru Kaidou is an adorable airhead. He lived in Canada with his mother until he was 8-year-old, and then he was sent off to Japan with his father and his new wife, becoming suddenly an older brother having to take care of his two twins little brothers. He looks like a foreigner, due to his blonde hair and green eyes, and he was bullied during school days.

When Haru's parents died in a car accident, he had the hardest time of his life, having to face the twin’s recriminations and his own sense of guilt. However, when he overcame all that dark period, he decided to work hard to be able to live with his brothers someday.

Haru seems to be very cheerful and easygoing, but actually he doesn't easily say what he really feels. He was captured by Ren from the first moment they met, as Ren reminded Haru of himself. When Haru was called by Haruko in Canada, and she introduced him Ren, for Haru it was like having to train a little dog. He taught him how to bathe, how to properly eat at the table, how to sleep in a proper bed. Then, later on, that brotherly feeling became something else, so when Ren finally moved in Japan and the four brothers started their cohabitation, Ren and Haru started to show their affection toward each other publicly.

Haru is 24-year-old so we would expect a somewhat mature guy, having to take care of his brothers. Sadly, it's not the case with him, as Ren proves to be way more mature than him, making him see things differently whenever Haru seems to be at a loss. That's what we like about Haru and find adorable; how he worked hard just to provide for his brothers, and finally live together with all of them!

2. Ren Kaidou

Super-Lovers-wallpaper-1-700x491 Top 10 Adorable Super Lovers Characters

Ren Kaidou is the adopted little brother. He was picked up by Haruko, who was unable to tame this little beast. That's why she called back in Canada his son, Haru, to help her and take care of Ren and civilize him.

Ren fell in love with Haru probably the moment he met him. Maybe because Haru played with him, and took the time to teach him how to do a lot of things, or simply because Haru tended an ear, when no one else was actually listening to what Ren was trying to convey with his silence. Ren is very straightforward and honest with his feelings. He doesn't try to hide what he feels toward Haru, not even once. Ren keeps a poker face, and yet when he is around Haru he shows emotions clearly. There are times when he doesn't want to bother Haru with what he considers stupid questions, but he can't manage to lie or faking to feel good, and so he ends up speaking his mind.

He has a very good relationship with the twin brothers as well. With Aki, he had to struggle to get to understand him, and get along. With Shima he had no problem at all. He likes Shima and his way of approaching situations, that's why whenever Haru makes him mad, or he has questions that need a serious answer, he runs to Shima.

Another adorable trait is Ren's affinity with dogs, probably due to the fact that he was surrounded by dogs back in Canada and grew up with them. Long story short: he is the cute little brother that probably everyone would like to have around!

1. Tanuki the “raccoon dog”

Super-Lovers-wallpaper-1-700x491 Top 10 Adorable Super Lovers Characters

The first, indisputable, position is all Tanuki's. There's a sad story behind little Tanuki's life. When Haru lived alone in an old apartment, his landlord was an old man whose name was Onodera. Onodera kept on saying how he had a “raccoon dog”, under his house and kept feeding it, even though it didn't come out.

One day, the “raccoon dog” finally came out from under the house, it didn't look like a “raccoon dog” at all. It looked more like a Pomeranian. However, the old landlord Onodera had to be hospitalized for some time because of a foot injury, so he asked Ren to take care of Tanuki until he recovered. Ren, of course, took care of Tanuki with much love and dedication, and Tanuki grew very fond of the Kaidou family. Seeing the situation, Onodera let Tanuki stay with the Kaidos even he recovered.

Once, Ren decided to go searching for Tanuki's owner, thinking that if someone had lost it, they probably would be very worried right now. From his research, Ren discovered that Tanuki's previous owner was an old man who had died some time before. Ren, somehow, identified with Tanuki. Actually, Tanuki acted exactly like Ren acted when he was little; it hid, didn't show itself, and stayed quiet. So Tanuki's loneliness became Ren's own loneliness. In no time, Tanuki became the Kaido's mascot, and a completing part of the family!

Super-Lovers-wallpaper-1-700x491 Top 10 Adorable Super Lovers Characters

Final Thoughts

The cute Tanuki closes this top 10. We tried to highlight the reasons why we consider Super Lovers characters so adorable and lovely. Well, they are all various and act very differently from the other. The main point, though, is that, one way or another, in spite of the bad traits of their characters, they put up to it with their adorable deeds. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us!

Super-Lovers-wallpaper-1-700x491 Top 10 Adorable Super Lovers Characters


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