6 Anime Like Super Lovers [Recommendations]

Super Lovers, born from Abe Miyuki's pen as a manga first, has finally been given an anime adaption, making all the fans overly happy!

Every family has its own problems. Haru Kaidou knows it very well, as he found himself living in a totally new environment. In fact, he grew up in Canada, but as soon as his parents divorced, he was taken by his father in Japan, living with a new family with two little twin brothers to take care of. The moment he found his place and got used to his new life, he turned 17. That was the moment when his mother called him back to Canada, to give him just another little brother to take care of. Ren is a little boy without family, saved by Haru's mother from an orphanage. The moment Haru and Ren meet will change both their lives forever! The age gap between them draws them closer like brothers at the beginning, giving birth to a deeper feeling later on!

As the show is still ongoing, we don't know yet what is going to happen. What we know for sure, though, is that this show has gained popularity among viewers for its right amount of romance, bromance, shounen-ai, comedy and a bit of drama elements. These same themes can be found in a lot of other anime, and that's the purpose of this list! If you're loving Super Lovers, you just can't miss watching these other six anime that share with this show one thing, or another.

Similar Anime to Super Lovers

1. Junjou Romantica

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2008 – June 2008

The protagonist in Junjou Romantica is a naive boy whose name is Misaki Takahashi. He is an 18-year-old boy who is just preparing to enter university, but as his grades are very low, his older brother tries to help him by calling his best friend – Usami Akihiko – and have him be Misaki's tutor. As reluctant as Misaki can be, he accepts his help. The situation gets worse when, due to his job, Misaki's brother has to move in another city. That's when Akihiko, who is a famous writer, offers Misaki a place to live, with one condition: he can freeload at his home, but has to do all the house chores. By living together, little by little, Misaki and Akihiko's relationship evolves. Akihiko falls in love with Misaki, while Misaki, even though he tries to deny it, grows very fond of Akihiko as well. That's when their love story begins!

To see what makes Junjou Romantica and Super Lovers so similar is very easy. First of all, Misaki is an orphan that had his brother providing for him, giving up to his studies; that's basically what happens in Super Lovers as well. When Haru's parents die in a car accident, Haru starts working to provide for their brothers, dreaming to some day live together with them. The huge age gap between Akihiko and Misaki, is similar to the age gap between Haru and Ren. What's more, Haru and Akihiko share a similar character, as they keep on jumping on their beloved ones unannounced. At the same time, Misaki and Ren share the same reactions to those attacks; in fact they look reluctant in the beginning, even though they have a deep feeling for the other party as well. Moreover, Misaki and Akihiko starts living together due to some circumstances; the same thing happens in Super Lovers. When the twin brothers graduate from high school, and Ren comes back from Canada, Haru rents a house where they can finally start a new life all together, as a family. Maybe it's pointless to point it out, but these two shows share a shounen-ai theme, and both have a drama and a comedy trait as well. What are you waiting for? Your next step after realizing that you like Super Lovers has to be Junjou Romantica!

2. Loveless

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: April 2005 – June 2005

Let's go on with another little kid, with a broken home. When his older brother, Seimei, is killed Ritsuka Aoyagi is left with an insane mother to take care of, as his only family. Tables turn when Ritsuka moves to a new school, and meets a mysterious guy whose name is Soubi Agatsuma. Soubi shows an entirely new world to Ritsuka; the world of the “Fighters”. Basically, a fighting pair is created whenever two people share the same fighting name, and the two fight together. One is the “sacrifice”, while the other is the “fighter”, meaning that while one attacks, the other defends. As Soubi and Ritsuka get to know each other better, Ritsuka discovers that Soubi and Seimei were a fighting pair, as they shared the same name – “Beloved”. With Ritsuka wanting to know more about his older brother's past, and Soubi wanting to discover the truth behind his murder, the two will start fighting together, in spite not sharing the same name – Ritsuka's fighting name is “Loveless”.

Although Loveless has a more serious tone with it, we can't deny some similarities with Super Lovers. For starters, we find in both the shows a tragedy that starts a concatenation of events drawing two, or more people closer. In Loveless it's the death of Ritsuka's older brother; in Super Lovers it's the car accident that killed Haru's parents. Another important thing that these two shows share is the age gap between the main protagonists, and the bond they share while taking care of each other. What's more, little by little the relationship between Ritsuka and Soubi evolves. Ritsuka starts to feel something deeper for Soubi, while Soubi sees the unforgotten Seimei every time he looks at Ritsuka. The same thing happens in Super Lovers, as the relationship between Haru and Ren evolves from simple brotherly love, to something deeper; so it's clear as daylight that these two shows share a shounen-ai element. Although Loveless has a more serious orientation, and has a supernatural thematic with it as well, we can assure you that you will like it, just how you like Super Lovers!

Loveless (Trailer)

3. Shounen Maid

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: April 2016 – ongoing

Let's talk about this show that just started airing and is bound to be a little masterpiece among the shoujo shows! Shounen Maid is a story revolving around an elementary school boy, named Chihiro Komiya. He is just your common elementary school boy, energetic and cheerful. The situation turns for the worse when his mother suddenly dies. Chihiro is left without a home, without relatives and with no clue about what to do. That's the moment when a man, Takatori Madoka, shows up in front of him. Madoka claims to be his uncle, and offers Chihiro a place to stay, with the promise to take care of him. Chihiro refuses right away, but the moment he steps in his uncle's huge home and realizes in what dirty state the house is, he starts to clean it, following what his mother had taught him. That's the moment when Madoka will come up with another offer; that Chihiro will live with him, doing the housework in exchange!

Even in Shounen Maid we find a tragedy that begins to draw other people closer. In fact, just how the death of Chihiro's mother draws closer he and Madoka, the death of Haru's parents draws closer the four brothers. In Shounen Maid we find a new setting for the little Chihiro, who will find himself living with his uncle; at the same time, Ren in Super Lovers will find himself living with his new brothers. Moreover, Chihiro and Madoka have a huge age gap; that same age gap can be found between Ren and Haru. Both these show are amazingly good because, even though they start from a tragedy, they turn out to have some comedy parts that can start some very hilarious moments. Plus, Madoka and Haru share some similar character aspects, like for example the fact that they seem to be almost always smiling and happy-go-lucky. So, what are you waiting for? Go add this show to the must-see of this season, and you won't be disappointed!

Shounen Maid – Official Trailer

Any Anime Like Super Lovers ?

4. Love Stage!!

  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: July 2014 – September 2014

This time, let's talk about a show that is funny and relaxing this time! The undisputed protagonist this time is Izumi Sena, a boy blessed by good luck. In fact, he was born in a family of stars as both his parents are famous actors, and his older brother, Shougo, is the leader of a famous band – the Crusherz. In spite the premises, though, Izumi Sena has only one passion: Magic Girl LalaLulu. Izumi is a major otaku who just started university, dreaming to become a famous mangaka someday! When he was little, he was coerced by his parents to appear on a TV commercial. Ten years after, when he is forced to re-appear in a TV commercial, he reunites with the boy who co-starred with him back then, Ryouma Ichijou. That's the moment when is wonderful otaku life changes drastically, as Ryouma falls in love with him, mistaking him for a cute girl!

Love Stage!! and Super Lovers share the same shounen-ai themes. Even though the background is totally different, we can clearly see some similarities in these two shows. Let's start with the relationship that Izumi shares with his brother Shougo. Well, Shougo has a brother complex, in fact he pampered his little brother, and treats him as a little fragile thing to be protected. Just like that, Haru does the same with his twin brothers first, and with the little Ren later on. Shougo and Haru share this same trait, as they are madly in love with their brothers. As for the couple, Ryouma and Izumi interact the same way Haru and Ren do. Although when Ryouma discovers that Izumi is a boy, after he overcomes the shock, he tries hard to have Izumi fall in love with him. So he starts to support Izumi and his dream of becoming a mangaka. Their relationship is similar to the one shared by Haru and Ren as Izumi, exactly like Ren, is very reluctant in the beginning. This is just a facade, though, because both Ren and Izumi actually are very fond of the other party as well. It's not a stretch, if you like Super Lovers and its atmosphere, Love Stage!! can give you a laughter and a relaxing time all the same!


5. Yami No Matsuei (Descendants of Darkness)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 2000 – December 2000

Let's go on with a dark anime involving gods of death! This story revolves around a 26-year-old guy, Asato Tsuzuki, who died in mysterious circumstances and now works as a god of death for the Jouhcho organization. His job is to assure the dead to their own realms, and even though he works as a god of death since a long time, he still couldn't manage to find a partner who stuck with him until the end – as the gods of death work as a pair. The situation changes when he finally finds another partner. Hisoka Kurosaki is a 16-year-old serious and stubborn god of death that will help Asato with the investigations related to a twisted serial killer named Muraki Kazutaka. As the story goes on, they will discover the truth behind their past, and their relationship will grow closer.

What makes Super Lovers and Yami No Matsuei so similar is easy to see. For starters, in Yami No Matsuei we can find the same shounen-ai themes that we find in Super Lovers. The relationship between Hisoka and Asato is very similar to the one between Ren and Haru. The huge age gap between the two is the first thing that we can notice, but there's more to it. Ren and Hisoka are younger than Asato and Haru, and yet they are way more mature and serious than the older ones. In fact, we can almost feel that it's Hisoka's role to act as an older brother for Asato, exactly how we feel the same with Ren. That aside, although Yami No Matsuei has a horror trait with it, both the stories of our protagonists start with a tragedy. That same tragedy allowed Hisoka and Asato to grow fond of each other, exactly how it happened for Ren and Haru. While Yami No Matsuei seems to be darker than Super Lovers, they sure are similar. So make sure to give Yami No Matsuei a shot, if you're enjoying Super Lovers!

6. Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun (Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East)

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: January 2013 – September 2013

Let's close this list with this amazing show, born as a manga from the wise Abe Miyuki's pen as well as Super Lovers, and adapted into an anime later on! This story revolves around Shino Inuzuka and Sousuke Inukawa, two boys who died when their village was turned into ashes, but managed to come back to life due to some circumstances. Together with them, as a family, there's a cute girl named Hamaji, who shares with both of them a past where she lost everything. Shino and Sousuke share the same peony-shaped birthmark. Their situation turns for the worse when the Church shows up, forcing them to find the mystical gems and the other six people who share that same peony-shaped birthmark, if they don't want to face a terrible destiny. That's how Shino and Sousuke's adventure begins, in search of the other six people with whom they'll form the Eight Dogs of the East!

The similarities between Super Lovers and Hakkenden are more than clear. First of it all, they both were born from Abe Miyuki's pen. Although Hakkenden is a shoujo, we can't deny the reality of the deep relationship between Sousuke and Shino. Shino is trapped in the body of a 12-year-old boy ever since he was saved by death, so we can see the same brotherly love between an older brother taking care of the younger one. In fact, Sousuke, Shino and Hamaji grew up together as a family in an orphanage. Different situations, but the theme of the family is very strong in both these shows. What's more, Super Lovers and Hakkenden start both with tragic past events. Those happenings allowed our protagonists to deepen the nature of their relationship, and to take care of each other. With similar art styles, same thematic, and born from the same mangaka before being adapted into anime, who is enjoying Super Lovers, will love Hakkenden all the same! Even though their genre is different, some bromance elements will pop up here and there; despite the basic drama element, the comedy parts will keep everything on the right balance. Just trust us, and you won't be disappointed!

Hakkenden Official Trailer

As we said up above, we tried to suggest to you anime that share with Super Lovers some fundamental elements. As Super Lovers is still ongoing, and it's aired weekly, you can kill the time between one episode and the other by watching one of this. Either it's the shounen-ai trait, or the family theme, or – better yet – the age gap between the protagonists, and a tragic past, we think that these six anime are bound to give you the same feeling you all are having while watching Super Lovers. As always, if you have any recommendation or comments, let us know in the comments below!

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