[Monthly Anime Astrology] Top 10 Anime Characters Whose Zodiac Sign is Gemini

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Ikki-Amnesia-wallpaper [Monthly Anime Astrology] Top 10 Anime Characters Whose Zodiac Sign is Gemini

We are pleased to welcome you back to our monthly Anime Astrology series. This month we’re going to be exploring the third sign of the zodiac and the characters born under it, Gemini. This sign is most commonly associated with duality - two opposite forces coexisting within the same being. This may manifest itself in indecision and inner conflict in Geminis but can also create a breeding ground for the coincidence of unlikely talents and viewpoints.

Geminis can be inconsistent, and have difficulty committing to thoughts and ideas, much to the frustration of those around them. However, to their advantage, this same tendency allows them to be extremely flexible, and they are rarely thrown off by changes of plans. This air sign is very often a social butterfly, and their transient approach to life means the are unlikely to take things too seriously which can make them the life of the party. Now let’s take a look at anime characters born under this sign!

10. Ikki (Amnesia)

  • Birthday: June 1st

Ikki is one of the main characters in Amnesia whose life is affected by the female protagonist. He is close friends with one of the other male main characters, Kent. He is a high school student who has quite a way with the ladies - at the same time, he privately resents the attention he receives from the opposite sex.

Ikki is a perfect example of the opposing natures that can be found in a Gemini. The first impression he leaves is of a flirtatious womanizer - however, this is a facet of his personality that evolved out of childhood insecurities. He appears to get along with women easily, but at the same time forming meaningful relationships is difficult for him. While he may seem shallow on the surface, he is actually extremely emotionally complex and harbors deep empathy for others.

9. Un (Show By Rock!!)

  • Birthday: June 6th

Un plays bass in her band, Tsurezurenaru Ayatsuri Mugenan. The music they play is a bit unusual - it pulls from both Japanese traditional music, as well as modern rock. They’ve traveled to Midi City in order to share their unique brand of music. Un is a compassionate, cheerful girl who has deep respect for music, and the instruments used to play them.

The fact that Un plays in a band that fuses two very different musical genres is a very Gemini-like thing for her to be doing. A Gemini may enjoy two very different things simultaneously. This is one of their great strengths - often their diverse tastes lead to very innovative creative pursuits.

8. Coud Van Giruet (Elemental Gelade)

  • Birthday: May 23rd

Despite being only 15, Coud is a proud member of group of sky pirates who call themselves Red Lynx. Despite having been basically raised on a pirate ship, he has a heart of gold and is extremely loyal to the other members of Red Lynx. Because he has no parents of his own, he looks up to the boss of ship like a surrogate father.

Coud is a bit of an unusual pirate. Though one typically associates pirates with ruthlessness and trickery, Coud has a deep sense of honor and loyalty. Geminis excel in this respect - because of their natural duality they can foster traits and talents in extremely unlikely environments. This makes the especially talented at overcoming adversity.

7. Andy Domyoji (K)

  • Birthday: June 4th

Andy Domyoji works for a Tokyo police group known as Scepter 4, or the Blue Clan. They are responsibly for the specific task of monitoring members of the population with supernatural powers. They are largely shrouded in mystery as far as the public is concerned. Andy takes his position within the Blue Clan very seriously.

Andy has a fiery temper, and relies on the calming presence of his teammates to keep a cool head. White he can be immature and impulsive in his personal life, when it comes to his work he able to keep his cool and maintain a sense of professionalism. Geminis can be confusing to others in this way. At times, it may seem that they are two different people, when in fact this is just the manifestation of two very different parts of their personalities.

6. Kaname Asahina (Brothers Conflict)

  • Birthday: May 28th

Kaname Asahina is a monk, although he certainly doesn’t behave like one. He is able to win women over with his charm and good looks with relative ease. Despite his tendency towards shameless flirting with any woman who crosses his path, he is a very complex character. He takes it upon himself to protect the wellbeing of his friends and family, and is extremely harsh with himself when he feels he has been unable to do so.

Gemini’s are very socially oriented, navigation multiple friendships and relationships with relative ease, and Kaname is no exception. He is extremely socially gifted, used to being able to use his charisma to win others over. In addition to this, the duality aspect of Gemini is also present within him - while he easily and comfortably assumes the role of a playboy, he also genuinely desires love and compassion from women.

5. Shion Karanomori (Psycho-Pass)

  • Birthday: May 25th

Shion Karamori works as a lab tech at the Public Safety Bureau. She is a particularly gifted scientist who specializes in research in their analysis division. Despite her talent, having passed her exams ahead of schedule, she tends toward laziness at work. She is quite fond cosmetics and fashion, and takes great care of her appearance.

Shion Karamori is a Gemini who successfully finds a way to manage her duality. Glamor and scientific work aren’t two things that are commonly associated with eachother, and yet they are both important parts of Shion’s life. In addition to this, she isn’t particularly fond of others pressing her to work hard, but she has nonetheless found a way to excel in her profession.

4. Renshou Sorinozuka (Inu x Boku SS)

  • Birthday: June 14th

Renshou Sorinozuka is a demon who is very close friends with the protagonist of the series, Ririchyo. The two are so close that he considers himself to be an “older brother” to her. He has an extremely relaxed disposition and generally takes his time when he approaches tasks, leading to others accusing him of being unmotivated. Even if he may take the slow and steady approach to life, he is a reliable friend to those who rely on him.

Those born under the Gemini star sign will often take their dear sweet time when it comes to tasks at hand. Sometimes this may indeed be a lack of motivation, but more often than not like Renshou it is just because they rarely take anything too seriously, which can be a good thing. While other star signs may sweat the small stuff, a well adjusted Gemini certainly doesn’t have to.

3. Sayuri Hanayori (Owari no Seraph)

  • Birthday: May 23rd

Sayuri Hanori is a strong military woman serving in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army - she has worked her way up to second lieutenant and in addition to this, teaches as a military instructor. She has a bright personality and is a very high-energy person. Despite her competence as a soldier and prestigious position, she is surprisingly clumsy.

Because Geminis are so laid-back they may give off the appearance of being lazy or unenthusiastic to those on the outside. However, this is rarely true - Geminis like Sayuri don’t feel the need to boast about their achievements to others. This means that many people born under this star sign have talents or passions that they keep easily hidden, until the time comes for them to use them in the public eye.

2. Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

  • Birthday: June 6th

Shinji Ikari is the pilot of Evangelion Unit-01, and the son of a prestigious scientist and engineer. He is charged with the responsibility of helping to combat the Angels, a force that threatens humanity itself. He is relatively young and inexperienced, and because of this is initially poorly equipped to handle many of the challenges that come into his life as a result of the difficult position he has found himself in.

Shinji is faced with personal conflict and internal struggles throughout the duration of the series. This sort of difficulty is very common to those born under the Gemini star sign. However, if Geminis like Shinji are able to overcome the opposing forces within themselves they can use the various ideas and values that flow through them to their advantage, and are capable of greater adaptability than the average person.

1. Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin (Ouran High School Host Club)

  • Birthday: June 9th

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin are both hosts that work at the Ouran High School Host Club. The two twins use their charm and the appealing taboo of “brotherly love” to woo female customers. While the two brothers are very alike in many ways, they are very different in others - which often leads to conflict between the two, Either they are totally in sync, or at odds with one another - rarely is there an in between.

It is a bit cliche that the star sign of these two twins would be Gemini. After all, twins are a symbol very often associated with this sign. However, when their individual characteristics are examined, it couldn’t make more sense. They both have sides of themselves that they display to clientele at the club - their public personas are very much unified, in sync with one another. This unity is definitely a true facet of their personalities. At the same time, each of them harbors a side that is completely different from the other.

Ikki-Amnesia-wallpaper [Monthly Anime Astrology] Top 10 Anime Characters Whose Zodiac Sign is Gemini

Final Thoughts

Gemini is a star sign that exemplifies duality in some aspect of their life - be it in their personality, or personal interests. This inclination can either serve to generate tremendous conflict and turmoil in their lives, or be the key to their success. It is important to remember that no two characters born under the same stars are exactly alike, but looking at anime characters through the lens of astrology is interesting to say the least! We hope you’ll join us for our next installment of Anime Astrology!

Ikki-Amnesia-wallpaper [Monthly Anime Astrology] Top 10 Anime Characters Whose Zodiac Sign is Gemini


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