[Monthly Anime Astrology] Top 10 Anime Characters Whose Zodiac Sign is Virgo

Menma Meiko Honma Anohana Wallpapper

People interested in astrology often use it to try to better understand the people in their lives. Interestingly enough, the stars anime characters were born under may also be correlated with their personalities. Whether you take astrology seriously, or just have fun thinking about it, it’s certainly thought-provoking to consider the signs of your favorite characters! We’re going to start out this monthly series by revealing ten characters you might be surprised to learn are Virgos.

Independent, dependable, straightforward, and practical are all traits typical of Virgos. Many times people born under this sign may seem introverted, but this is because they are very intellectual – analyzing and solving problems comes naturally to them. Their honesty makes them valuable friends to have around, though their criticism and spot-on judgment can be hard for some to stomach. Now that you know a little bit about this sign, let’s meet some of the most classic Virgos in anime!

10. Mr. Sakano (Gravitation)

Mr. Sakano Gravitation
gravitation dvd

Birthday: September 19th

Known only as Mr. Sakano, the manager of Bad Luck takes his responsibility very seriously. His high-strung nature can be attributed to his dedication to his position. Despite this shortcoming, he knows an opportunity when he sees one and stops at nothing to see his band through to success, even if they drive him crazy.

Sakano is a very hard worker, and excels at figuring out how to get things done. Virgos, by nature, are logical and effective problem solvers. However due to this innate drive they can stretch themselves thin at their worst, something Mr. Sakano does on more than one occasion throughout the series.

Mr. Sakano Gravitation wallpaper

9. Usada Hikaru – (Di Gi Charat)

Hikaru Usada Di Gi Charat
Di Gi Charat dvd

Birthday: August 30th

Usada Hikaru has dreams of being a pop idol, under the alias Rabi~en~Rose. She is the rival of Dejiko, the protagonist of the series. She doesn’t put up with nonsense from anyone, works hard in her attempts to succeed, and will do whatever it takes to get to the top.

She often ends up being the voice of reason amongst her friends, tending to take matters into her own hands. She is extremely independent, and usually doesn’t sweat the small stuff. All in all, her strong will and determination is very typical of a Virgo.

Hikaru Usada Di Gi Charat fanart

8. Reiji Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)

Reiji Sakamaki Diabolik Lovers
Diabolik Lovers DVD

Birthday: August 29th

Reiki Sakamaki is the second eldest son in the Sakamaki family. Despite this, many of the burdens and tribulations typically reserved for the head of the family, fall into his hands. He is another Virgo character that will take any measures necessary to achieve the things that are important to him.

Reiji is a very serious person, often coming across as cold. He is the type who believes in working hard to achieve what he wants. Like many Virgos, he harbors a deep resentment for people who coast by in life, or have things handed to them without putting forth any effort.

diaboliklovers reiji wallpaper

7. Meiko Honma (Anohana)

Meiko Honma Anohana

Birthday: September 18th

Meiko Honma maintains a cheerful disposition while always making those she cares about a priority, even above herself. This positivity may be striking – especially when the viewer finds out within the first episode of the series that she is a ghost and most of her friends cannot even see her.

She is not a typical Virgo at first glance; she is optimistic, and bubbly. Still, at her core she is grounded and holds on to her beliefs with a strong conviction. Meiko’s straightforwardness and honesty is the glue that kept her friends together in a way that strongly exemplifies Virgo energy.

Meiko Honma Ano wallpaper

6. Near/Nate River – (Death Note)

deathnote near prof
death note DVD

Birthday: August 24th

Near is one of L’s eventual replacements in the series, and a competent detective. Despite his young age, he proves to be a capable prodigy. He is certainly an introvert, and while many Virgos may display introverted inclinations, Near is an extreme example of this tendency.

He rarely loses his composure, keeping his cool in the most stressful situations. He is highly intellectual, with logical thinking being his strength. It is this logical thinking that allows him to justify any tactics he needs to employ to achieve his desired objective. He is an excellent tactician, as are many other Virgos.

death note near

5. Kaneda (Akira)

Shoutarou Kaneda Akira

Birthday: September 5th

Kaneda is the leader of a post-apocalyptic biker gang, and the protagonist of the renowned film Akira. He is confident, though his strong sense of self causes him to come across as a bit cocky, even to those close to him. He is self-sufficient, and is always looking out for his friends, demonstrating his loyalty over and over.

Kaneda’s impulsivity goes to show that while logical thought is a common Virgo trait it is not universal. He is grounded and understands who he is and where he comes from, but this is not the only common trait he exemplifies. He is generally good-natured, but like many Virgos, he has a breaking point that is to be feared.

akira wallpaper

4. Zakuro Fujiwara (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Zakuro Fujiwara Tokyo Mew Mew
Tokyo Mew Mew dvd

Birthday: September 6th

Zakuro Fujiwara is a member of the Tokyo Mew Mew team – a group of magical girls whose transformational abilities imbue them with powers, each associated with the genetics of a particular animal. Zakuro is aligned with the Grey Wolf, an animal that is suited to her stoic, serious personality.

A girl of few words, many mistake her for being quiet. Whenever she does speak, her words are like daggers and she aims them carefully. She may not speak very much, but she still maintains a very powerful presence. Her mature demeanor is one commonly associated with her Virgo star sign.

Tokyo Mew Mew wallpaper

3. Ringo Tsukimiya (Uta no Prince Sama)

Ringo Tsukimiya Uta no Prince Sama
Uta no Prince Sama dvd

Birthday: September 15th

Ringo Tsukimiya is the beloved cross-dressing advisor of Class A at Saotome Academy. Though upbeat and jovial, he takes this responsibility very seriously and is just as dedicated to working towards his career as an idol.

Virgos are generally pleasant, although an accusation they may often suffer is being told they are too serious. Despite this, they are generally well-intentioned. However, if you get on a Virgo’s bad side, they are quick to let you know. Ringo is no exception, doing a typical Virgo about-face when he is angered.

Ringo Tsukimiya Uta no Prince Sama fanart

2. Ami Mizuno – (Sailor Moon)

sailormoon sailor mercury

Birthday: September 10th

Ami Mizuno is also known as Sailor Mercury. She is the most book smart of the Sailor Scouts, excelling in her studies, and often providing useful information to help out her friends. She is a compassionate and loyal friend, and generally takes a practical approach to obstacles in her life.

Because Ami is the most intellectual of her team mates, she is always the first to succeed in finding the logical solution to a problem, which is a common trait of those with her star sign. Because of her pragmatism, she is often misunderstood by others as being stuck-up, which is another trap Virgos often fall into.

sailor moon ami mizuno wallpaper

1. Kaworu Nagisa (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

kaoru nagisa
evangelion DVD

Birthday: September 13th

Kaworu is brought into NERV as a replacement pilot for one of the series’ main characters. Though only making a brief appearance in the series, he is widely regarded to be one of the most memorable characters and is a typical Virgo in many ways.

He is soft-spoken and has a mysterious air about him. He is very inquisitive – Virgos are known for seeking out information to allow them to make the carefully calculated decisions that they often do. He comes across as aloof, but despite this, there is an undeniable intensity to his presence, a trait that many with this star sign share.

evangelion nagisa kaworu

kaoru nagisa shinji ikari evangelion

Many times I recognize shared traits of certain anime characters in friends or myself, and looking at shared star signs is another fun extension of these comparisons. Like people, not all these characters born under that sign share every single trait associated with Virgos, though undeniably there are some common threads to be noted. I hope you enjoyed this list, and would especially love to hear what our Virgo readers thought of it in the comments below!



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