Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

anime meme (wow such meme much anime)

So, I heard you like anime memes? Everyone on the internet has probably trolled someone with ‘em. Just in case, a meme is like an inside joke for peeps on the internet. Images that go viral because of their funny content or because of some random dude making it funny by adding text to it is basically meme material. As long as many people abuse an image for the same type of joke, making it become famous on the internet - anything and anyone can become a meme.

Anime has often shown on people's screens as memes, most times not a specific anime, but anime in general. Those famous anime-referenced memes that have made us laugh over the years are the ones I’m gonna show ya here.

The amount of time I wasted on this intro is too damn high! Let's start!

10. It’s Over 9,000!!!

10 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

For some strange reason, Vegeta’s reaction to the scouter results of Goku’s powers became viral. The reaction was so exaggerated that it shocked fans… after uh, a LOT of years... I wonder why. But it was used for expressing a large quantity of anything. Any situation in real life where it could be said, it was used either with the pic or just the text “It’s Over 9,000!!!” Yeah, it was funny for a while, but as fast as the popularity of this meme rose, as fast did it fall.

Its Over 9000!!! [Original Video and Audio]

9. Mai Waifu

09 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

Something special for the otaku guys, the waifu. Mr. Kimura uses the phrase in Azumanga Daioh! and it struck English viewers. It’s just a real thing that the Japanese people say! But this meme is totally taken out of context. It really refers to the favorite female character for otaku and in a more creepy sense, to otaku’s favorite girl anime figure back home or uh... a pillow. Girls, please double-check which Waifu guys are talking ‘bout!

Here’s the clip

8. Spot the main character

08 01 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

Spreading like wildfire on Tumblr a while back, this meme triggers something that everyone has noticed in anime, the background characters are very dull. This meme is very easy to understand and even if it's mainly used in anime, it may sometimes be used in real life by otakus to point out interesting people among a boring crowd. Do your best to become a main character!

08 02 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

7. Pregnancy test

07 01 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

It’s a trap! If you ever see a similar image don't believe it! It’s a meme! For some unknown reason, this blank template of anime hands holding a pregnancy test started popping up around the web. It is said that it originated on the Japanese forum, 2chan last year and since then, people started using it with any matching screen cap of many anime. It's kind of unknown, but in the right hands, it can create hilarious images!

07 02 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

6. Slowpoke

06 01 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

People that know Pokémon know that Slowpoke is a very slow one. If you can’t figure it out by only the name then… get your ?@!# together. It was used on the internet with only a picture of Slowpoke in the center and an opening sentence that started “Hey guys! Did you hear…” followed by some outdated info that everyone should know already. It is sometimes also used for the same reasons but with other Slowpoke images or fan art, without the text because, well everyone should know once they see a Slowpoke!.

06 02 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

5. Seen enough hentai

This is for the pervs out there. 😛 Any image or video that involves tentacles, vines, long objects or any other promising pose can trigger your imagination. Well someone came up with the catchphrase “I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going” to accompany these images and turn them into a meme! Mostly used for real life stuff or cartoons, this clearly originated in well… anime hentai! Don't need to explain any further! You know you’ve watched enough hentai to giggle at some of these! Perv!

05 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

4. Anime Logic

04 01 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

Love is blind! And sometimes anime lovers oversee some very strange anime logic. For example, big chested, blonde and blue eyed Japanese girls? Whaaat? Ash understanding what Pikachu says? Riiight... No one can spot the similarities between Usagi and Sailor Moon? Anime why do you do this? While it might make us tilt our heads, sometimes it may be necessary for the story to continue or just to make us laugh. Just shush and let it be! Usually, this meme is a GIF accompanied by another meme of the cartoon Spongebob, the “Seriously?” face, or that Jackie Chan image. It’s sometimes used just by simply taking a screencap and adding the text “Anime Logic” to it.

04 02 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

3. Anime IRL

Anime in real life, a classic. We’ve all ROFL’d at least once after seeing one of these. Images of real life mixed with anime characters and some bad photoshopping skills. It’s often used with political stuff, but the most popular, whether it’s supposed to be funny or sadly, completely serious: Guys together with their favorite anime girl, literally. Legit pic editing skills bruh.

03 03 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

2. Subs

02 01 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

Omg, waiting for the actual original dub/sub takes SO long. What to do? I can’t see this RAW, I don’t know Japanese!! Wait there’s always… fan subs! yaay! Welp, we all know that these are not exactly very accurate, many times, people translate a whole episode in hours! Many things can go wrong or… maybe it’s their purpose? Are they honest mistakes? Or is that what the character really wanted to say? The world may never know but one thing is for sure, some anime subs have become the hype of the moment and have made it into memes.

02 02 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time
02 03 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

1. Notice me senpai

01 01 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

Also known as “I hope senpai notices me today” or “I hope senpai will notice me today”, this is probably the most known anime meme today. We have seen this phrase in way too many anime, especially school rom coms. Senpai is the Japanese word for someone superior to you in skill, school, or age. Often said by shy girls in anime, it has become widely known on the internet - even for those who don't watch anime. It has spammed our social media feeds with either anime pics, real life pictures with anime eyes and doodles over it, fan art, or even T-shirts.

How about you guys? Did you ever use it? Is it too desperate to say? But many people use it because it’s a very kawaii expression right? Even Honey-chan uses it! Hehe. I worked hard on this, I hope senpai notices (*ノ∀`*)♡ .

01 02 Top 10 Anime Memes of All Time

Am I the only one around here who didn't want this to end? I hope this was an enjoyable article and if you didn’t know any of these, I hope you looked ‘em up and smiled or lol’d with a serious face - either way, it doesn't matter, memes are the best. Let us hope that in the future there are even funnier anime memes filling our Facebook pages with silly and interesting anime-related jokes.

Please don’t say “ain't nobody got time for comments!” Show me memes I don't know and I’ll love you forever! Like and no comment? That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works!

anime meme (sorry for the long post here's a anime potato)
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