Top 10 Anime Pick Up Lines [Best Recommendations]

Ever go to a bar, a school dance, or just some social function and see some nice person across the way but you don’t have the courage to ask them out? Maybe some anime can inspire you to pick up your game! In the history of anime, there have been instances where some individuals get the person they were trying to ask out with their unique pick up line, or just ended up getting a good slap across the face. Worst case scenario, a terrible beating or a mallet to the head.

With Miroku from Inuyasha, he is certainly an awful example of a pick up artist by asking women to give birth to his children. In the series, he has gone as far as to ask a 14-year-old girl (and he is an obsessive groper)!! Unless you want to get mace in your face or end up in prison, Honey can probably provide you some better alternatives from some quality anime that can higher your chances of success. So if you see something, bookmark this link and try to use it the next time you see someone who fancies you!

10. Cowboy Bebop Tengoku no Tobira (Cowboy Bebop: The Movie)

  • Episodes: Movie
  • Aired: Sept 2001

“I love a woman who can kick my ass”

If you need both a gentlemanly and swashbuckling approach to demonstrating that you like strong women, this may be the way for you. It is a great way to demonstrate not only your excellently-timed sense of humor (which Spike tends to use at the right moments), but show that you are willing to accept your own flaws for that person.

Granted, Spike says this in the middle of a fight, but when the going gets tough, this pick up line shows a great ability to stay cool under pressure and that when someone gets mad, you can go with the flow and still keep up. Maybe some guys can't take whatever crap their girl throws at them, but if you know how to weather the storm in certain moments, this can take you a long way.

9. Space Dandy (Episode 3)

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: Jan 2014 – Sept 2014

“No need for crying anymore, baby. I’ll personally ensure you get home safe. Unless you’d rather stay with me.”

Say you’re in some run down jazz bar that is playing a sad tune, you see a person either crying by themselves or just looks lonely while they’re having a nice drink. These individuals probably don’t know what to do about a problem they may have, or someone treated them wrong. Maybe they don’t have a ride home. With a line like this, it is not what you say, it is most certainly how you say it. Though Dandy is rather flamboyant and over the top about how he presents himself, in a more realistic situation, one can approach this in a more soft and comforting tone. Then again, if you want to make that person smile or burst out laughing, Dandy’s way may be a good idea.

Either way, this allows you to initiate action by demonstrating concern for that person. When you say you'll ensure you get home safe, this can be interpreted in a more positive direction by saying they can call a cab, or one of that person’s friends or family members to come pick them up. You can also offer yourself as a shoulder to cry on and promise them a life of smiles. This is a good chance to show that you not only care, but you can also be funny.

8. Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) (Episode 64)

  • Episodes: 64
  • Aired: Apr 2009 – Jul 2010

“Equivalent exchange. I’ll give you half of my life, so give me half of yours!”

In this series, Ed professes his feelings to Winry based on the foundation of the system that he is very educated in and uses in his profession. What makes this a good pick up line is that it is a very nice way to open yourself that you are willing to show the typical 50/50 commitment. However, some relationship experts on the Internet and on talk shows tend to say that relationships are not about 50/50, but everybody gives 100%.

Depending on the person, some may like this line, or if they are like Winry, they will return their feelings by saying they want 100%. The fact that you state that you are willing to share at least your life with somebody and expect someone to return the favor shows that whether it would be 50/50 or 100/100, that you are willing to respect each other as equals and that is an excellent foundation to committing yourself into a relationship. It is a great way to demonstrate that you trust one another regardless of whatever number you use.

7. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom) (Episode 4)

  • Episodes: 22
  • Aired: Jan 2015 – Jun 2015

“It is often said that to learn a foreign language quickly and easily in a short amount of time, you should make use of a lover from that country. As you want to better understand your partner’s feelings. Inevitably, you’ll grasp the meaning of their words.”

Originally said by Bitch-sensei, an international assassin, no words can be further from the truth. Granted this is given under the context in which you can get close to someone only to kill them, under the right circumstances, this can be used as a successful pick up line. Say for example, you are discussing with a person at a bar and/or party that you share an interest in visiting foreign countries and/or studying foreign languages.

During that discussion, you can make use of this line as an ice-breaker into hinting you have feelings for them. In this more applicable scenario, it shows that you're not only romantic, but also open-minded, educated, and emphatic. Just don't use this line as a reason to ultimately kill someone.

6. Clannad (Episode 22)

  • Episodes: 23
  • Aired: Oct 2007 – Mar 2008

“Please Date Me!”

If you just want to be direct and to the point, this is the most basic way to do it. Just like in this anime, this works best for our younger readers, specifically those still in high school just like the characters in this show. Granted you shouldn't use it on just random people, but take the chance to get to know that person as a friend. Know what you can offer that person and what they can offer you. See where you can be with that person in the long term, and when the time is right and you have the confidence, go for it!

Considering that this line was used on Nagisa, a rather fragile individual, it is also a great way to show that you can be accepting of a person’s difficulties. By always extending your support to the person you care about in any way you can in whatever adversities they may be facing, love can conquer all.

5. Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 (Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2) (Episode 7)

  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Apr 2008 – Sept 2008

“I was dead until the moment I met you. I was a powerless corpse pretending to be alive. Living without power, without the ability to change my course, was bound to lead to me a slow death.”

This may come across as a little too dark and creepy for some readers but what would be a good way to use this? Maybe you are at an Edgar Allan Poe convention or at a Nine Inch Nails concert. Or maybe at some gothic ritual or some kind of area where sharing dark feelings is the norm. Love can be found anywhere, right?

If you see the right person and get to know them a bit, maybe this is a more appropriate line to use in the atmospheres of those kinds of extra curricular activities. But in a more normal dating situation, how would it be of benefit? Create a situation that allows you to demonstrate your vulnerability and when the time is right, use this line!

4. Bleach (Episode 39)

  • Episodes: 366
  • Aired: Oct 2004 – Mar 2012

“Unless I grip the sword, I cannot protect you. While gripping the sword, I cannot embrace you.”

This is the kind of pick up line who questions themselves whether or not chivalry is dead. For those that are the more protective (and romantic) type, if you happen to see somebody feeling sad or insecure, this is a great way to show that you share their sadness but at the same time, demonstrate you can be there for them. This line is also a great way of symbolizing that though one cannot always be there physically, it is a great way to show you are always with them in spirit and in their heart. It equally shows a deep understanding of the contrasting notions of being idealistic and realistic.

By using this as an opening while a person is most vulnerable may come across as a little disturbing, with the right timing and delivery, it shows that you are the type of person that is willing to make sacrifices for the people you love.

3. Cardcaptor Sakura The Sealed Card

  • Episodes: Movie
  • Aired: July 2000

“Even if I lose this feeling, I’m sure that I'll just fall in love with you all over again.”

Say you’re in a situation where you feel that the encounter you are in is a once in a lifetime chance. That person left an impression on you at some event that doesn't happen that often, or at some bar or restaurant where neither you nor that individual are a regular. There is a very low possibility that you could be seeing this person in the future.

It's a now or never kind of scenario and you need the words to really get their attention. Maybe after some casual and yet engaging conversation where the mood is heightened, you can finally express your sadness as you may not see them for awhile (or maybe never again!) and at the same time, be happy that your encounter with them happened. This is a great way to show that even when you may be apart, if there is that second chance, then all things are possible.

2. Wolf’s Rain OVA (Episode 2)

  • Episodes: 4
  • Aired: Jan 2004 – Feb 2004

“If I could be with you when the world ends, it’ll be enough for me.”

This OVA series based on the hit TV series, serves not only as a continuation but as a conclusion to Wolf’s Rain where our heroes are trying to find Paradise, or Rakuen. As for the related pick up line, in a series where the end of the world is central to the plot, nothing can be more fitting than what we listed. The difficult thing about this line is that you have to find the perfect moment to use it. Maybe at a Halloween party while you are discussing some sort of world ending scenario and during that discussion, you can find a way to build up a moment to say this line. Like when talking about what you would be doing if the world ends would be a good moment. Just saying you want to be with them just expresses how much their company means to you.

It is ultimately romantic to suggest the last person you may want to see before you go onto the other side is them. Some people may want to be with a lot of people like ALL of their friends or family, but just wanting to solely be with the person you love shows how much you value their companionship. You don't have to do anything other than just be together and if the world does end, then being together will be worth it.

1. Byousoku 5 Centimeter (5 Centimeters Per Second)

  • Episodes: Movie
  • Aired: March 2007

“Do you know? The speed at which cherry blossoms fall? 5cm per second. At what speed must I live, to be able to see you again?”

In this anime feature film which two childhood lovers are fated to only be apart, there are moments in our lives in which we may see a person once in our lives to say how we truly feel. Despite this anime portraying how long distance communication has evolved between the 1990s and now, it doesn't help when you don't have that person’s e-mail which was, unfortunately, the situation in this anime. So what can you learn from this anime that can help you from making the same mistake as Takaki?

Let's say you are in Japan or some country that has Sakura, or cherry blossom trees bloom during the spring time. Or in another situation, you meet someone who is very interested in nature, specifically trees and/or flowers. If you or the person you are talking to happen to have this interest, as opposed to an opener but as a closing, you can use this line to not only share some deep knowledge, but to also open each other’s hearts. The pure beauty of the cherry blossoms and how long they are in bloom demonstrate a great deal of romanticism and shows the person that you are very thankful for meeting them. Depending on the person and circumstances, we say this has a high chance of working because it is a great way of demonstrating how poetic you can be in context to the life of a certain beautiful flower petal.

Final Thoughts

So the next time you are out on the town trying to get your hook ups, maybe some of these lines from our list can be of use to you. Have you tried using any pick up lines from anime in your everyday life? If so, which ones? You got any other ideas that can be of contribution to this list? You think this list has a high probability of success? Are there any experts here that can help? Please leave a comment as I’m sure everyone will greatly appreciate them!

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