Top 10 Best Anime Quotes

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Top 10 Best Anime Quotes

The quote often goes that “actions speak louder than words”. Sometimes, however, something someone says can be just as impactful as something someone does. We can all think of amazing examples of a character using their power or ability to do something extraordinary. But when it comes to them saying just as powerful, what do we remember? Is it a badass one liner? A catchphrase of theirs? A meaningful speech that inspires others? Characters will have many more quotes that they’ve stated than the amount of abilities they have.

In addition, there are so many shows across a variety of genres. As a result, there are hundreds and hundreds of quotes available to choose from. Certain ones will mean something to a small group of people. But there are quotes that tend to stick out and be remembered by many for a variety of reasons. Here are the Top 10 Best Anime quotes.

10. Saitama (One Punch Man)

100 push-ups. 100 sit-ups. 100 squats. Then 10 kilometer run, every single day!
Udetatefuse hya-kkai jyoutaiokoshi hya-kkai squats hya-kkai soshite running jyuu-kiro kore wo mainichi yaru.
「腕立て伏せ100回 上体起こし100回 スクワット100回 そしてランニング10㎞ これを毎日やる!!!」
Saitama One Punch Man

This quote is a perfect example of something being constantly repeated not just for what is being said, but the context of how it’s being delivered. There’s obviously much more to an anime’s popularity than just quotes, but in the case of One Punch Man, quotes go a long way in setting the comedic tone of the series.

In this case, this quote serves as the explanation for Saitama’s strength. The quote itself can be seen as normal, but take into account how insanely strong One Punch Man is, as well as the intense delivery of this quote, and you can understand why this quote (among others) from the show is constantly being repeated.

Saitama One Punch Man captcha

9. Kirito (Sword Art Online)

In this world, a single blade can take you anywhere you want to go. And even though it’s a virtual world, I feel more alive in here than I ever did in the real world.
Kono sekai wa kotitsu ippon de dokomade demo ikerundayo. Kasou kuukan nanonisa, genjitsu sekai yori ikiteirutte kanji ga suru.
Kirito Sword Art Online
dvd Sword Art Online

When it comes to anime, most fans, from the hardcore to the casual, share at least one thing in common: one of the reasons they enjoy watching is the feeling of escape they feel as they’re taken to another world. For those that feel that pull much more than others, this quote is a good example that resonates with those fans.

Sometimes, the passion for the characters and the knowledge of how that world works leaves people feeling more alive than the monotonous routine they may lead in reality. Kirito’s quote may be put to the test soon, as virtual reality seems to be becoming more and more of a reality…

Kirito Sword Art Online captcha

8. Holo (Spice and Wolf)

When a person lies, what is important is not the lie itself. No, it is their reason. Their why.
Uso wo tsuku toki, daiji nano wa sono uso no naiyou dewanaku, naze uso wo tsukuka to iu sono jyoukyou jya.
Holo Spice and Wolf
Spice and Wolf DVD

One of those unique quotes that makes you stop for a second and consider the deeper meaning. The first part of the quote almost sets up the person hearing it to disagree immediately, as someone will immediately try to reach for a negative example to refute it. But as the quote finishes, you realize that it is true. Most people are usually taught from an early age how lying is considered to be a bad thing, and in most cases, it tends to be, as the negative reasons for people lying are usually selfish in nature.

However, lying for a good reason is very different, as in most cases the reasons are usually putting the interests of the person being lied to first. This quote is very meaningful, as a fair amount of the biggest twists in anime revolve around the reasons for why certain characters chose to lie to the main protagonist(s), good and bad.

Holo Spice and Wolf Wallpaper

7. Ryuk (Death Note)

Humans are interesting.
Ningentte... Omoshiro!!
「人間って... 面白!!」
death note ryuk prof
Death Note dvd

Sometimes some of the best quotes can be really short, yet leave just as big an impression as a long one. Just a simple observation by Ryuk sums up the lengths Light, L, Near, and the rest are willing to go to as they try to either succeed in their goals or prevent other people from reaching theirs. It’s somewhat humorous within the context of the story; it’s a lot scarier when you apply it to us and suddenly realize the reality of some of those types of actions that have been taken.

Ryuk Death Note captcha

6. Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

It’s over 9000!
Sentouryoku kyuusen ijyou da!
Vegeta Dragon Ball Z
Dragonball Z dvd

The quote itself is pretty limited to the context of the series it’s in: Vegeta is shocked at how strong his opponent, Goku, really is. However, we have a perfect example of how the delivery of a quote can change everything. In this case, the particular way this quote was delivered was so unique that almost any anime fan is aware of this quote, regardless of whether they like it or not.

The fact that this quote is known by so many anime fans speaks as to how popular it is, and even though there is no deeper meaning behind it, it serves as a reminder of how something so simple can become so popular.

Vegeta Dragon Ball Z captcha

5. Gol D. Roger (One Piece)

Gol D. Roger
Inherited Will, the Destiny of the Age, the Dreams of its People. As long as people continue to pursue the meaning of Freedom, these things will never cease!
Uketsugareru ishi jidai no uneri hito no yume. Korera wa tomeru koto no dekinai monoda. Hitobito ga jiyuu no kotae wo motomeru kagiri sorera wa kesshite todomaru koto wa nai.
「 受け継がれる意志 時代のうねり 人の夢 これらはとめる事のできないものだ。人々が自由の答えを求める限りそれらは決してとどまることは無い!!」
Roger Gol D One Piece
dvd One Piece

One Piece is one of the biggest anime series ever, and as a result, there are so many amazing quotes to choose from, ranging from catchphrases to one liners to motivational speeches. This particular quote is important not only because of its meaning, but also because of the immediate impact it has in the context of the story. Gol D. Roger says these words as he is walking to the gallows, and as he is about to be executed, the crowd suddenly begins yelling for him to reveal where he hid all his treasure.

We the audience actually get to see Gol D. Roger’s quote come true. The people so desperately want to find his treasure that they are willing to become pirates themselves in order to find it, achieving a form of freedom of sorts and beginning the new age of piracy. As a result, in order to fuel their dreams, Gol D. Roger’s final words are to hint as to where the One Piece is…

Gol D. Roger One Piece Wallpaper

4. Tooru Honda (Fruits Basket)

Tooru Honda
My happiness comes from the kindness of those around me.
Nante shiawase na koto deshou. Watashi no genki no minamoto wa, itsumo minasan ga ataete kureru nodesu.
Tooru Honda Fruits Basket
Fruits Basket

There are many quotes that have to deal with happiness. Some compare it to something that is beautiful, some compare it to something grand that exists in nature, and some focus on the aspect of making the individual themselves happy. These aren’t wrong, but some of the more impactful quotes (such as this one) focus on the aspect of the happiness you receive whenever you make somebody else happy.

If making someone you care about happy makes you happy as well, that in turn makes the other person even happier if they have the same outlook on happiness that you do.

Fruits Basket wallpaper

3. Hilda (Outlaw Star)

No one’s going to give you a map, you have to walk your own path.
Anta ga arukanakya ikenai michisuji no notta chizu nante, dare mo kureyashinai yo.
Hilda Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star dvd

One of the hardest things about becoming an adult is knowing what path in life to take. Some are forced along a certain path by their parents, and some choose to follow in the footsteps left behind by someone else because it’s the safest route. But ultimately, it’s your life to live, and Hilda hits the nail on the head with this quote.

You have to decide how you want to live your life. You have to decide who or what means the most to you, what it is you want to do, and how you are going to get there. Some paths may be very similar, but in the end, no 2 paths are exactly alike. At the end of the day, no one can tell you how to live your life; you have to live it for yourself.

Hilda Outlaw Star captcha

2. Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Roy Mustang
Ah, it looks like it’s beginning to rain.
Ame ga hutte kitana...
Roy Mustang Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist dvd

Some quotes, if done right, can’t be said without bringing to mind the scene itself they were said in, and if that scene happens to be a powerfully emotional one, then you’ve got yourself a powerful resonating quote. Colonel Mustang’s utterance of this quote is a classic example of this type of emotionally charged quote in a series filled with multiple examples of these types of quotes.

In this particular case, Mustang, emotionally stoic throughout most of the series, allows himself to break and reveal just how much his friendship with Hughes really meant to him. All in all, a powerful scene served with a powerful quote to really drive the meaning home.

Roy Mustang Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood captcha

1. Andy (Cowboy Bebop)

See you space cowboy.
「See you space cowboy.」
Andy Von de Oniyate Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop DVD

There are so many reasons as to why this quote gets the number 1 spot. To begin with, the quote has taken on a life of its own. In the context of the series, Andy says it as a simple farewell to Spike. However, due to the unique title cards that have this quote on them throughout the series, the quote itself is usually not applied to Andy, but rather to the show itself. In addition, the quote in most cases brings up the scene of Spike’s death, which couldn’t be more fitting. Spike’s look at the viewer as he points his finger seems to almost indicate that he himself could be saying this very quote as his final farewell. Not to mention how it’s another quote that all fans of anime are all very much aware of due to its popularity.

The emotionally charged scene it’s usually applied to, the application of it throughout the show, the meaning of finality behind it, and how recognizable it is… most of the quotes in this list are known for one or two of these reasons, but this quote is known for all 4 of these. Definitely the best quote in anime without a doubt.

Andy Cowboy Bebop captcha


These are the top 10 best quotes in anime. What do you guys have to say about this list? Should there have been more quotes from One Piece? Should “You’re gonna carry that weight” been on the list instead of “See you space cowboy”?

Should Naruto’s “Believe it!” have been included and Light’s “I’ll take a potato AND EAT IT!” been used instead? Before you give us your suggestions, check out our other article, Top 10 Catchphrases in Anime, first. Maybe your favorite quote/catchphrase is there? Let us know in the comments below!

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