Top 10 Anime Snipers

Snipers are of the elite class of shooters that specialize in long ranged assault, who can take out an enemy from several yards away without breaking a sweat. They showcase an unbelievable amount of patience, waiting for the exact moment to pull the trigger, and delivering the final blow. Honey's Anime always appreciate great talent, and so we thought that creating a top ten list of anime snipers would hit the target. These snipers are some of the finest in the business, who never shy away from taking extreme risks in order to get the job done. So with all of that being said, let us gear up and take a look at our latest top ten.

10. Chaika from Hitsugi no Chaika [Coffin Princess - Chaika]

Starting off our top ten list of powerful anime snipers is Chaika from the entertaining Hitsugi no Chaika series. Chaika is a 14 year old sorceress who is on a mission to collect remnants of Emperor Gaz, who she suspects to be her father. She carries a coffin with her at all times which is where she holds her deadly weapon of choice: The trusted sniper rifle. Now this rifle isn't like your typical sniper rifle that shoots bullets, this rifle casts a variety of magical spells that can create huge explosions, and create random portals at any given moment. She's incredibly adorable with her inaccurate grammar, and speaks in broken sentences that just make you want to hug her.

Unfortunately if you're a bad guy and not Tooru then attempting to hug her may result in a large gaping hole in your stomach. Your friends may nickname you the doughnut after the whole ordeal, which isn't so bad. Her rifle is so versatile which makes her even more threatening since you're never really too sure what to expect from it, and so you're never prepared for what's to come. Chaika’s rifle is also spell based as mentioned earlier, and so she has the benefit of killing you with special powers than actual natural talent. Nonetheless Chaika is not a character that you should sleep on, let alone encounter on the battlefield since she's more than likely to send you to the next dimension one way or another.

9. Kohta Hirano from High School of the Dead

High School of the Dead is another fantastic anime that made headlines when it released back in the summer of 2010. A deadly virus has broken out which has created a society of flesh eating zombies, and it's now become the responsibility of Takashi and Rei to band together with other students to uncover what created this incredible pandemic. One of the students that they come across on their journey is the otaku and firearm fetish character that is Kohta Hirano. This young boy may behave like your ordinary geek that you'd find in the streets of Akihabara, but when you place a sniper rifle in his hands, he turns into the terminator with the hunger to kill.

We chose Hirano for number nine because he is just a very colorful character who not only snipes his enemies out with one shot, but he adds humor to the show when times get serious. He is an outstanding marksman who uses a plethora of firearms to get the job done, but loves his modified AR-10 Rifle which he holds close to his heart. Whenever you're in need of firearm information, he's the one to call since he is simply a gold mine of information that can lead an entire brigade to victory. Out of all the supporting characters in the series, Hirano is the primary gunslinger and does so with prowess.

8. Tina Sprout from Black Bullet

Black Bullet is an action packed anime that stars Enju and his promoter Satomi, as the two work together to destroy the growing threat that is Gastrea, and to ensure the peace and well being of the world they live in. The Gastrea is a virus that effects humans, slowly devouring their cells and transforming them into blood thirsty monsters. Along the way Enju and his comrade come across various supporting characters, and one of them is the very adorable and incredibly deadly Tina Sprout. This tiny powerhouse is someone you shouldn't shrug off, as her exceptional sniping skills can pop an enemy head like a pack of gushers, leaving nothing but a pile of stained red clothing as a lethal reminder.

Tina Sprout makes her way to number eight because unlike other snipers on our list, she is a mech soldier which basically means that her skills weren't necessarily earned, but rather built within her mainframe. Despite that, she is no joke and when you taunt her you're basically done for because she doesn't take too kindly to that type of thing. When she has her enemy in sights, her eyes turn a crimson red which in layman's terms means you're pretty much dead. There's no other way of escape once she sees you, so your only plan of action is to duck and hide, otherwise the next time you pop your body out from the shrubs like the ducks from Dunk Hunt, it's checkmate for you.

7. Lockon Stratos from Mobile Gundam 00

The Gundam franchise is typically known for its fast paced, mech battles that always end up in huge explosions. It's a sight to see however, when a sniper is introduced into the series who truly specializes in that category. A lot of Gundams do come with certain tools that resemble sniping, but nothing that truly stands out as a true sniping machine. So we searched through our database and came across Lockon Stratos from the Gundam 00 series. Lockon is one of the leading protagonists of the series and is not someone you want to trifle with when he's fully loaded. Lockon earned his name for good reason, as he is basically a walking encyclopedia when it comes to firearm usage, and knows just about everything pertaining to the art of stealth tactics.

Before earning the rank of Gundam Meister, Lockon scored extremely high in sports marksmanship making him an all around beast when it came to long ranged combat. Being a well trained sniper gives Lockon the upper hand in a world where mechs rule, since not only does he have a flying mech under his control, but also a sniper that can pierce through any armor that a Gundam is wearing. Good luck fighting this guy on the battlefield if you aren't prepared.

6. Shuichi Akai from Detective Conan

Detective Conan is such a nationwide phenomenon here in Japan, that he's featured in so many television shows and is seen on at least one billboard across the city. His popularity comes from his tactical thinking, sharp presence of mind, but more importantly his childlike appearance that makes him so cool among children. Be that as it may, our focus however is on one of series FBI characters in solving crimes, and that's sharp shooter Shuichi Akai. Shuichi is quite popular himself in the cosplay world, as many take to the stage dressed up as the skilled marksman and show off his incredible skills.

Shuichi is ranked number five for a number of reasons, but more importantly this man is no joke behind the sights of a loaded rifle. When there's a crime to be solved and an enemy to take out, Shuichi is right there on the spot to knock out any unsuspecting threat with very little effort. He plays a major role when up against the Black Organization, ensuring that no enemies breach the safety zone. He is so skilled at sniping that he can take out a piece of gum from 700 yards away, which is unfathomable. Just imagine if you were that piece of gum for a moment, you'd probably be stuck to the wall also after being struck by one of Shuichi's armor piercing bullets.

5. Shino Asada from Sword Art Online II

Sword Art Online sprung out of nowhere in 2012, and with so much hype behind it all the team decided to make a sequel to the series. The anime was very unique in that, the anime took place in a video game universe where all the characters must use their skills to ensure survival, since whatever mistake they make in this world will effect them in real life. One death in the game means the end for them in real life, so every shot counts, and every heal must be taken with caution in this action packed anime. With so much popularity surrounding the anime, we now see the series taking a new approach in the video game world which is bound to generate even more hype.

Shino Asada makes her way to the top five spot of our list, and for good reason. Better known to the world as Shino, she is an expert marksman who takes her job very seriously. She makes every shot look so easy, as if her targets were just test dummies who were designed not to move. Her quick precision and insane reflexes make her a remarkable threat to anyone who tries to stand in the way of her sights. Her rifle of choice is the PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II which is a standard in the French Army, and she never attempts to play with her food when served a plate of enemies to take out.

4. Yoko Littner from Toppan Gurren Lagann

Yoko Littner makes her first appearance on the Honey's Anime chart, dropping in at the top four spot on our anime snipers. Gurren Lagann has been a crowd favorite anime for many years, and to this day you'll still see various cosplay at events for the well known series. Yoko along with Simon and Kamina, set off to explore the many wastelands in order to eliminate the threat of Beastmen, who station themselves in powerful robots called Gunmen. The three must use their unique skills and abilities to take out these creatures before they erase all of humanity, and take over the universe.

Yoko is no laughing matter in this series, as she walks around with the very famous Barrett M82 Rifle that can be seen in numerous films such as Robocop, and the very popular Call of Duty series. This gun packs a ton of heat as one bullet from this rifle can turn an enemy head into a nice bowl of red kool-aid, and take off a limb with relative ease. In the anime, we see that Yoko utilizes the gun much like any sniper should, with a calm cool and collected approach. Each shot she fires always makes sure to hit the target, leaving no breathing room for the enemy to even think of escaping. Her adorable and innocent appearance make her that much more terrifying as you suspect her to be just an ordinary girl, that is until she wields the rifle in front of you and you're pretty much done for. Be on the look out for this girl as well as the Gurren Lagann series when you have an opportunity!

3. Saito from Ghost in the Shell

Ghost In The Shell's popularity never seems to dwindle, with movies being released along with a fantastic story to stay hooked on. Releasing back in the early to mid 90's, Ghost In The Shell has made waves with its great artistic direction, and remarkable character development that will keep you coming back for more each time. It stands the test of time as a futuristic action thriller that throws numerous philosophical questions at you about one's own existence, gender and human identity. With so much to learn from the series, we felt that it was well worth a spot on our top ten list of anime snipers. With so many characters to choose from, Saito was the marksman of choice that we decided to go with.

Saito is one of the leading members of the section 9 squad, and has been the least altered in terms of cybernetic abilities. Saito can handle a wide range of weapons but truly shines when he's armed with a tactical sniper rifle. What makes him so deadly as a sniper is that his left eye was replaced with a prosthetic one named 'Hawkeye', which gives him the ability to interface with satellites to allow for shots of extreme accuracy. Not only is he a natural born killer, but someone decided in the office to just make him more overpowered than he already is by giving him an eye that can snipe a man from two football fields away. Just be careful not to get on Saito's bad side, otherwise you may just end up on the wrong side of his sniper.

2. Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist

Rolling in at number two is Riza Hawkeye from the Full Metal Alchemist series. Riza is no laughing matter as she plays the sexy sniper who protects Roy Mustang, never missing a shot when it matters. Full Metal Alchemist is the story about Elric and his younger brother Alphonse who must work together to discover the truth behind the philosopher's stone, and to restore their life back to what it used to be. The two both encounter great hurdles along their path, and must team up with other characters throughout the show to ensure the world's safety at all costs. One of the characters they come across is Riza, who aids them along the way, but also shows us how fierce of a woman she is when behind the sight of a bolt-action sniper rifle.

Riza deserves her position not because of her attractive looks, but because of how sharp she is when in the midst of combat. Her laser like focus is unparalleled, with every shot she takes hitting the target exactly where she wants it. There's no question of her ability since she makes everyone else around her look like day one plebes, using outstanding patience and tact to ensure that nobody gets in the way of both her and Roy Mustang.

1. Duke Togo from Golgo 13

Diving into the number one spot is none other than Duke Togo from the popular Golgo 13 series. Golgo 13 released way back in the late 60's and still continues to shine on throughout the anime universe. Duke Togo is just an alias for a man of many skills and traits, and his mysterious aura makes him a hard target to track down. The world's most elite intelligent agencies use every ounce of strength to ensure his capture, but even they too find it extremely difficult to endure. There's one thing for sure though, and that's Duke is no laughing matter when it comes to his extraordinary marksmenship.

Duke is so versatile in everything he does, making every assassination clean, efficient, and effortless. Every contract that is given to him, he looks at it, then proceeds to take out the enemy with quick precision with just enough time to go home and make love to a woman. This man was and still is the James Bond of the anime world, simply because he is so suave in the way he maneuvers himself, keeping his tracks spotless at all times. Armed with a custom M16 and black aviators, Duke takes no prisoners and leaves no evidence to be apprehended, driving around in lavish cars to ensure not only his aim is sharp, but also his style.

Closing Statement

With a plethora of weapons in this world it's hard to make a list that consists of just sniper rifles. Perhaps for our next list we'll need your assistance in coming up with a top ten list for gunslingers since that list will be huge. We hope you enjoyed our top ten anime snipers list, and that if you want to see more lists like these, be sure to leave your ideas in the comments section down below. We'll be more than happy to use your contribution in order to show our appreciation! Until next time, for your sweet anime fill, always keep it locked here at Honey's Anime. See you again soon!

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gurren-lagann-kamina-wallpaper-yoko-20160806023438-700x438 Top 10 Anime Snipers

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gurren-lagann-kamina-wallpaper-yoko-20160806023438-700x438 Top 10 Anime Snipers

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