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Weapons comes in all sizes and forms, at least when it comes to those in anime. We have the regular swords, guns and in some cases, characters who transform into these kinds of weapons. That is why it’s interesting to see what kinds of weapons they come up with next, because in anime, only the imagination sets the limits for what a weapon can be. In some cases we even have these ridiculous oversized weapons that only the most powerful and strong can use. So be prepared to see some muscles !

Let’s jump into another top 10 list and this time we’re talking about Top 10 Anime Weapons !

10. Ebony & Ivory (Devil May Cry)

devil may cry dvd
  • Episodes: Episodes: 12
  • Aired: June 14, 2007 – September 6, 2007

These are the two signature weapons of Dante the half-demon, half-human who owns the store Devil May Cry, a business with the main purpose of taking care of demons in the human world. Dante’s weapons which consist of Devil Arms and his personally customized, semi-automatic pistols, Ebony & Ivory are designed do a lot of damage when combined with his demonic power. The white gun, Ivory was specially and custom made for rapid fire and fast draw time. And Ebony, the black gun was made for the long distance kind of targeting. These are two powerful custom made pistols for the Son of Sparda.

devil may cry dante wallpaper

9. Toyako Bokutō (Gintama)

dvd Gintama
  • Episodes: 201
  • Aired: April 4, 2006 – March 25, 2010

Toyako Bokutō is the wooden sword used by Sakata Gintoki and it’s a weapon he uses because of the ban on swords. One would think it’s just a normal wooden sword but Gin-san uses it daily in his fights with aliens and other bad people he runs into. As mentioned before, it’s a wooden sword and it has the kanji for ‘’Lake Toya’’ inscribed on the hilt. It is a sword Gin-san supposedly got at Lake Toya when visiting during a vacation when he was young. But the truth is that it’s a Hoshikudaki (Star Smasher) – a wooden sword made from a ten-thousand-year-old tree from a distant planet, that can cut through literally anything.

gintama gintoki wallpaper

8. Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear (Attack on Titan)

attack on titan dvd2
  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: April 7, 2013 – September 29, 2013

This gear which functions as a weapon with the two long blades it works with is a great weapon to defend your city with against titans. The downside of it all is that you have to be fit and go through a lot of training to get it right so that it doesn’t end up with your limbs being inside a titan’s stomach. Its speed and power is what makes it so great but some talent is necessary not to end up with a bloody death in the end. It’s a good piece of gear and weapon for when the titans strike, so for the time being, a lot of training is a good thing to start with.

Attack on Titan wallpaper

7. Metal-clad Sandals (Samurai Champloo)

dvd Samurai Champloo
  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: May 20, 2004 - March 19, 2005

This is a slightly different kind of weapon that works well when it comes to keeping that Edo Samurai look. It is known that Mugen’s geta (Japanese wooden sandals) play a big part in his fighting methods. With a metal base, the wooden sandals stop his opponent’s weapons and with a little break-dance kind of style, it is amazing to see Mugen deliver some surprise punches by stepping on their blade or blocking it with his special wooden sandals... A unique weapon for sure.

Samurai Champloo wallpaper

6. Death Scythe (Black Butler)

black butler dvd
  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 3, 2008 – March 27, 2009

The tool of a Grim Reaper is the Death Scythe, a weapon designed to guiding lost souls to the afterlife. They can take many different forms but nevertheless are an elegant weapon and quite usual when thinking about demons (and of course, death himself). With the Death Scythe, the Reaper decides if the person they encounter deserves to die or not. This is a weapon not only found in anime, and one that, throughout time has been a frightening one.

Death Scythe Black Butler wallpaper

5. The Death Note (Death Note)

  • Episodes: 37
  • Aired: October 4, 2006 – June 27, 2007

The Death Note is perhaps the easiest weapon to use on this list and what a powerful weapon too. You have the ability to get rid of anyone whose name is written in the Death Note. So just be thankful and hope it doesn’t end up in a bad guy’s hands because then we would see people dropping like flies. The Death Note is an amazing weapon, but at the same time, very dangerous because it’s so easy to use and could get into the wrong hands if not careful.

death note wallpaper

4. Soul Slayer (Zanpakutō) (Bleach)

bleach dvd
  • Episodes: 366
  • Aired: October 5, 2004 - March 27, 2012

A Soul Slayer is the weapon of a Shinigami (Death God) and it is unique to the person who wields it because it reacts to its owner’s soul and takes form as such. In Bleach, we can see just how different and deadly the Soul Slayer can be and a clear favorite is Ichigo Kurosaki’s Soul Slayer which has a pretty unique style to itself and is very intimidating. The Soul Slayer is not just a reflection of the Shinigami’s soul but also their power is displayed through their Soul Slayer so they come in all shapes and sizes.

wallpaper Bleach

3. Tsubaki Nakatsukasa (Soul Eater)

Soul Eater dvd
  • Episodes: 51
  • Aired: April 7, 2008 – March 30, 2009

Who could guess that a weapon could be a human? Tsubaki is a human who can transform herself into demon weapons and as such, she can transform herself into any kind of powerful weapon. She works with Black Star and is the one in her clan who has the power to transform herself to any weapon her partner Black Star needs. It’s a crafty power and it’s kind of handy when stuck in a tricky situation or when dealing with an enemy where a special kind of weapon is needed.

Soul Eater wallpaper

2. Minato’s Kunai - Naruto

naruto shippuden dvd 02
  • Episodes: Unkown
  • Aired: February 15, 2007 -

Minato, or The Fourth Hokage, one of the most powerful ninja’s in the Naruto series uses a special kind of kunai which is a great weapon to use in a fight. Unlike the regular kunai, this ninja weapon has three blades and a marker for Minato’s Space-Time ninjutsu which is a powerful and smart jutsu combined to this ninja tool. We can see these in action when Minato fights a mysterious masked man who has the power of the Uchiha clan, the sharingan. So one could say that this kunai is a smarter and more powerful way of using the regular kunai which can be seen in lots of ninja anime out there.

Naruto wallpaper

1. Dragonslayer - Berserk

berserk the golden age arc dvd
  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: October 7, 1997 – March 31, 1998

This is a powerful weapon wielded by Guts in the Berserk series. It’s a very large sword, bigger than most men and to even be able to carry it, let’s just say you’d better do a few workouts before anything else. And by all this, it’s easy to see why it’s called the Dragonslayer. When slaying demons and similar beings from out of this world, the Dragonslayer is the right choice for any hero out there. But for the most part, it will be a quite physically strong hero who we will see carrying such an over-sized weapon.

Berserk wallpaper

Guts Berserk

There we go, a list of some of the weapons we see on a daily basis in the world of anime. Perhaps your favorite weapon didn’t make it onto this list, but don’t let the tears go down that cheek! Comment down below on your favorite one and until next time, stay safe with a big and powerful weapon of your choice.

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