Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]

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Note: this is an update to an already existing list on Honey’s Anime. To read the original list, scroll down to the bottom of the page!

When it comes to fighting in anime, there are many creative ways to approach it depending on the context. That being said, fighting itself tends to fall into a limited number of broad categories. You have characters that will physically fight each other using various martial arts techniques or other forms of close combat. You have characters that will fight each other utilizing some special form of magic or energy. You have characters that will have monsters, robots, or some other giant creature that fight each other instead. Finally, you have characters that will fight each other with weapons of various designs.

We tend to see swords or guns used as the basic weapon of choice. However, more often than not, we will see the main character or an important secondary character wielding some kind of weapon that makes absolutely no sense yet completely dominate their opponent with it. Some of them are completely unrealistic; others are just plain wacky. In any case, here are the Top 10 Insane Weapons in Anime.

10. Sheele’s Cutter of Creation: Extase, Akame Ga Kill.

One of the 48 Teigu, or powerful relics, the Cutter of Creation: Extase is a large pair of scissors said to be able to cut through anything. Wielded by Sheele, these giant scissors are very durable, showing the ability to deflect bullets, and apparently almost weightless, as the speed Sheele wields this weapon doesn’t match its size. The scissors can also emit a flash of light bright enough to temporarily blind Sheele’s opponent without blinding her, giving her a strong advantage in combat. Despite these unique properties, however, it’s hard to get over the fact that it’s a giant pair of scissors that’s being used to fight someone. Definitely not your conventional weapon.

9. Fang Regalia, Air Gear

A creative weapon to say the least, the Fang Regalia is one of 8 types of Regalia that grant the user a special ability but at a cost. In this particular case, the user of the Fang Regalia can convert its inertia energy into a powerful shockwave. However, as many users of this weapon find out, the cost is not allowing the user to jump whatsoever. This weapon is insane in the sense that the Fang Regalia (excusing the magical energy) are a specific type of roller blades. No other anime can say that roller blades are the standard weapon used in their battles, but Air Gear features all kinds of unique fighting abilities associated with different types of roller blades, which is insane to say the least.

8. Saiga’s Camera, Speed Grapher

It’s hard to picture a camera being able to make anything it captures explode, but that’s exactly what Saiga’s camera can do when Kagura, a 15 year old girl, uses her mysterious ability to do just that. As long as it’s in sight of Saiga’s viewfinder, he can make anything explode once he takes the picture. Saiga proves to be pretty innovative with his various lenses in order to protect Kagura from those who wish her harm. What makes this “weapon” even more insane are the battles that take place between Saiga and the Tennozu Group, battles that you won’t see anywhere else. Definitely an object that takes some time to wrap your head around as a weapon.

7. Killy’s Gravitational Beam Emitter, Blame!

This weapon is intense in the sense of just how much power it possesses in relation to the toll it takes on the main character Killy. Capable of creating holes miles long in the massive infrastructure Killy is searching through, the GBE sends him flying every time he uses it. The more powerful Killy sets the gun, the farther back he goes flying after he fires it, crashing into walls and at one point breaking his arm. As powerful as this weapon is, one would have to be insane to consider putting up with the massive recoil one experiences when using it.

6. Renji's Zanpakuto, Bleach

Many characters in Bleach wield powerful Zanpakuto, but Renji’s is in a class of his own. What makes Renji’s Zanpakuto stand out from the rest and making it the most difficult to master are Renji’s abilities with it, such as making his normal katana transform into the Shikai state. This state resembles a 6-segmented blade, each segment bigger than the last (coming from the hilt), In addition, Renji can extend it long enough to the point where it can function as a whip as well as a sword, which looks strange but is very effective against his opponents. Not to mention the animal transformation elements Renji can make while in the Bankai state. A unique weapon indeed.

5. Babbo, MAR

It’s not every day that your weapon of choice is actually a sentient being with its own agenda. But that’s what Ginta has to deal with when he first encounters Babbo, a giant ball and chain mallet-shaped hammer that can change his size and has the personality to match. As the series progresses, Babbo can transform himself into whatever Ginta imagines him to be through the use of special stones, proving why so many feared him during the 1st War Games. But many fights involve Ginta and Babbo arguing as they figure out how to fight together, providing some combat situations best described as insane to anyone watching.

4. Guts’ Dragonslayer, Berserk

An oversized sword is putting it mildly. Weighing in at over 500 pounds, this sword is the weapon of choice for Guts aka the Black Swordsman, who is able to swing it with such momentum that few can withstand its force. Dragonslayer may only be a blade and hilt kept together by a single bolt, but it’s strong enough and wide enough to protect Guts from projectiles. No normal man could wield this sword, and Guts is only able to do due to proper oversized sword training and a special clamp in his prosthetic hand that assists him in holding it. Truly an insane weapon to even consider using, yet its influence can be seen in various forms of media even today.

3. Gilgamesh’s Ea, Fate Stay/Night

This sword is truly insane in the amount of power it possesses. Formed when the world was created, Ea is a sword that “separates heaven and earth”, and is considered to be a ruler’s sword, which is why Gilgamesh adopts it as his own. In a way, Ea is actually thought to be a physical manifestation of a God itself, which is why Gilgamesh treats it very differently from his other weapons. At the very least, Gilgamesh only uses a fraction of its true power almost every time he wields it, yet the windstorm created by Ea is much more than most can handle. All in all, Ea exceeds all comprehension not only in regard to how overpowered it is, but just the very identity of the thing itself.

Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-1-680x500 Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]

2. Panther Lily’s Bustermarm Sword, Fairy Tail

Insane doesn’t even begin to describe how oversized this sword is, not to mention what it can do. The Bustermarm sword is 4 times bigger than its owner, double-edged, and can only be stopped by Iron Dragon’s Scales, utilized by Gajeel Redfox. Gajeel is actually able to destroy this gargantuan sword through this ability; otherwise, nothing else would have been able to stop it from being used to cut through the entire Earth. Trying to comprehend a sword that can do such a feat is just unimaginable. The sword’s power also speaks to Panther Lily’s strength as well for being able to wield such a tremendous sword.

Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-1-680x500 Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]

1. Nicholas D. Wolfwood’s Punisher, Trigun

A large cross-shaped gun wielded by the members of the Eye of Michael, the Punisher is one of those rare weapons that both looks cool and is practical at the same time (despite its first impression). There’s a reason why only ten of these weapons exist, as best exemplified by Nicholas Wolfwood’s skill in being able to handle such a weapon. With 2 machine guns in the front, a rocket launcher in the back, and 4 pistols in each side arm, the Punisher is certainly effective in carrying out the punishment. Not to mention the strength it takes to lift the weapon, let alone use it. To be able to balance that strength with the knowledge of knowing when to best use each part of the Punisher in combat is nuts. To actually consider using a weapon that looks like a giant cross is also nut. Hence, the reason why the Punisher gets the number 1 spot.

Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-1-680x500 Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]

Here is the updated list for the top 10 insane weapons in anime. What do you guys think? Is there a weapon missing that you feel should have been on this list? Is there a weapon on this list that you feel shouldn’t have made the cut? Let us know in the comments!

Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-1-680x500 Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]


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Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-1-680x500 Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]

If anime does one thing right all the time, it shows us just how boring real-world weapons are.

Sure, your average automatic rifles and 16th century katanas will do the trick in a pinch, but wouldn’t you love to wield something with a little more personality? We’ve taken the time to create a list of anime weapons so out of this world that we’d be terrified yet thrilled to try out ourselves. Here’s the top 10 list of the most insane weapons in anime.

10. Haruko’s Bass Guitar ("FLCL")

Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-1-680x500 Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]

Haruko Haruhara, an extraterrestrial investigator from the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood, visits Mabase to hunt down the all-powerful space pirate Atomsk. With that in mind, you know she has to be packing some serious heat if she’s dealing with a being so dangerous.

Haruko’s famous blue bass guitar, known to musicians as the Rickenbacker 4001, is a custom-made weapon that not only can be swung like an axe, but can also shoot bullets, rockets, and even open N.O. channels. It even has a built-in engine installed on the back for whenever you need some extra punch.

Oh, and did we mention you can use it to fly? When not in attack mode, the Rickenbacker 4001 can be used to play some slick bass lines. Talk about a multi-tasking weapon, right?

9. Saiga’s Camera ("Speed Grapher")

Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-1-680x500 Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]

After being bestowed extraordinary powers via Kagura, Speed Grapher’s Saiga Tatsumi and his Nikon camera have become a deadly duo.

With a simple click of the shutter, anything that is unlucky enough to be in Saiga’s viewfinder explodes. Depending on what type of lens is equipped, this deadly SLR becomes what is essentially the equivalent of a rocket-launching sniper rifle.

This special piece of equipment would be a war photographer’s dream; you could have all the excitement of getting up close to the action while having a proper weapon to defend yourself, or even turn the tide for the good guys! Just be careful not to take a photo of anything you don’t want destroyed.

8. Ryuko’s Scissor blade ("Kill La Kill")

Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-1-680x500 Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]

A special weapon as deadly as its wielder, Ryuko’s scissor blade from Kill La Kill has is deadly both in form as well as function.

Blood-red and razor sharp, this special blade is one half of the rending scissors, a special pair of shears designed to cut even the strongest life fibers.

Thanks to this special ability, Ryuko can singlehandedly slice through Goku uniforms, dispatching countless numbers of Satsuki Kiryuin’s goons with ease.

When not needed for combat, the Scissor blade has the ability to conveniently shrink down to the size of a normal pair of scissors, making transport and concealment a breeze.

We’d love to have this weapon for all of these reasons and more. You never know when an arch nemesis will be wearing a kamui to your next battle!

7. Hitagi’s Staplers ("Bakemonogatari")

Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-1-680x500 Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]

The common stapler never seemed like much of a deadly weapon. Other than keeping a handful of important papers conveniently together, staplers don’t have any other function…until Hitagi Senjougahara proved otherwise.

Sure, you might think that using a stapler for self-defense is a bit strange, but if it can keep Araragi, a boy who has vampiric super-human abilities, at bay, then I guess it can’t be THAT strange, right?

When looking to stock up on tools for the undead apocalypse, a trip to your local school supply store might not be the worst idea.

6. Ryouko Ookami’s Neko Neko Knuckles ("Ookamisan and Her Seven Companions")

Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-1-680x500 Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]

A one-two punch has never been so adorable! Ryouko’s Neko Neko Knuckles are a one of a kind pair of boxing gloves specially designed to not only deliver a serious beating, but to embarrass your opponent as well!

Created by Majo San, these gloves look like a pair of cute cats that, when it strikes its target, sends a jolt of electricity like a stun gun and leaves a little kitty face imprint wherever the punch lands. Keep this handy for when you need to travel through the bad part of town. Any thug who tries to mug you won’t know what hit them! Well, they’ll just think it was a cat.

5. Walter C. Dornez’s monofilament wires ("Hellsing")

Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-1-680x500 Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]

Sometimes, the deadliest weapon on the battlefield is the one you can’t see.

You might think I’d be referring to the psychological effect of warfare or possibly biological weapons, but if you are in the Hellsing universe, you know exactly what I’m talking about: Walter C. Dornez’s translucent monofilament wires.

With proper placement and precise technique, you can slice and dice dozens of hungry ghouls with a simple tug of a string. Of course, you are going to need some practice before you acquire the same amount of skill as the Hellsing family’s beloved butler.

There is a lot of room for error with these, and one wrong pull could mean some serious self-inflicted maiming.

4. Nicholas D. Wolfwood’s Punisher ("Trigun")

Shaped like the holy cross and three times the lethality, Wolfwood’s Punisher is a game-changer.

Featuring two machine guns in the front and a rocket launcher in the back, the Punisher is one of ten weapons like it, meaning that when you see one, you know something real is about to go down.

Would you rather have a more portable approach to your weaponry? The Punisher also stores eight Grader 2043 pistols for just such an occasion. No matter what your fighting style is, this blessed mega-weapon will have you covered. No wonder Vash needed it in his final battle with Knives!

3. Panty’s Backlace ("Panty and Stocking")

What this weapon lacks in intimidation it makes up for in the surprise department, behold: the Backlace from Panty and Stocking! An undergarment-turned-metaphysical gun for battling ghosts, Backlace has many forms which are unlocked by whoever gets their hands on it.

The news gets even better for any guys who get their hands on Backlace; when transformed using a pair of briefs, backlace actually transforms into a shotgun! Who needs a Ghostbusters proton pack? With a ghost gun that doubles as a pair of magical underwear, you’ll never need to fear poltergeists or any paranormal creature! Good luck finding a pair at your local department store.

2. Pantherlily’s Bustermarm Sword ("Fairy Tail")

Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-1-680x500 Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]

If size was the most important factor of this list, Pantherlily’s Bustermarm Sword would be number one on our list. Without question, this is the most disproportionately sized weapon in probably all of anime history.

According to the manga, this sword has the ability to cut through Earth. Yeah, you read that right. Anyone feel like destroying the entirety of our planet? The Bustermarm Sword is for you.

The only thing that can resist this weapon’s might is Gajeel Redfox’s Iron Dragon’s scales. So as long as your foe doesn’t have the same ability, you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. That is, if you can even lift the Bustermarm Sword to begin with.

1. The Tanuki’s Balls ("Pom Poko")

Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-1-680x500 Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]

Although this list was hard to organize into numeric order, and there can be some argument as to the placement of ten through two, the number one choice here is undoubtable.

Rocket-launching bass guitars? Stun gun boxing gloves shaped like kittens? Yeah, those are cool and all, but over any of those things, wouldn’t you just rather be able to magically grow your testicles so you can use them to fly, deflect bullets and attack your enemies? The tanukis from Pom Poko do all of that so effectively I get jealous. In order to repel the police trying to chase them out of their home forest, these tanuki use their balls in ways I can only dream of using my own.

Fan-made video: Pom Poko: balls against police

There you have it. What do you think about the picks for the Top 10 insane weapons in anime? Do you agree with these choices? If we missed an absurd weapon that belongs on this list, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

by Paul Sensale

Guts-Berserk-wallpaper-1-680x500 Top 10 Insane Coolest Anime Weapons [Updated]

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