Top 10 Banned Games on Twitch [Best Recommendations]

The live video platform known as Twitch doesn’t need much introduction to those who love video game streams and streamers. Twitch, over the years, has been getting more and more views thanks to gamers streaming some of the most popular games and providing entertainment while doing so. However, Twitch has been very careful to ban some games from their video platform and for good reason. These banned games, should a streamer decide to play them, will either get a warning or face worse consequences. Though aren’t you curious what are some of the bigger games banned on Twitch?

We here at Honey’s Anime are already ahead of you and looked up what games on Twitch are banned and have decided to write a list of them. We looked up the more prominent titles and with a lot of them we understand why they are banned. Equally though, a few have left us kind of puzzled seeing as how other sites have been less strict with these gaming titles. Regardless, we shall talk about the games and equally why we agree or disagree with Twitch’s decision. Here is our Top 10 Banned Games on Twitch list!

10. House Party

  • System: PC
  • Publisher: Eek! Games, LLC
  • Developer: Eek! Games, LLC
  • Release Dates: Jun 30, 2017

Do you think you’re a smooth-talking dude? Think you have what it takes to woo the ladies and be the life of the party? Time to see what you’ve got in House Party. With several girls all waiting for a bit of company, you can show them a good time if you have the right stuff. Will you get lucky or will you leave the party with a black eye?

Adventure type games would be perfect for Twitch, wouldn’t you think? Have a streamer make different choices for different endings making no playthrough the same. However, House Party is a bit too adult-like in it’s adventure concepts as you flirty with busty girls and try to get them to do obscene things. With nudity and tons of adult content, we’re not too surprised House Party has been banned from Twitch. This is one of several games that made sense to ban as we’re sure not everyone who’d be watching House Party would be over the age of 18.

9. Second Life

  • System: PC
  • Publisher: Linden Lab
  • Developer: Linden Lab
  • Release Dates: Jun 23, 2003

Have you ever wanted a chance at living a dual life? Second Life gives you that by offering a semi real world within a video game setting. Meet new people, sell items, play games and mingle with communities from all over the world. What would you do with another life? Discover the possibilities in Second Life.

On paper, Second Life seems like a harmless game comparable to the sims. Buy items, talk with strangers/friends and enjoy a 3rd person world in whatever way you want. Second Life literally gives you that, a second life. However, Second Life also has a lot of things that might be considered NTSW—Not Safe For Work—which makes streaming it a risky venture. Twitch might not want to see possible illegal activities or actions happening with no possibility of censorship.

8. The Guy Game

  • System: PC, PS2, Xbox
  • Publisher: Topheavy Studios, Inc.
  • Developer: Gathering of Developers
  • Release Dates: Aug 30, 2004

What’s better than a trivia game? Simple, a trivia game with hot girls! In The Guy Game, you are answering questions during summer break with a prize for choosing the right answers. Pick the right choices and the lovely girls will show a bit of skin. Answer enough questions correctly and who knows what else might happen in The Guy Game!?

Spring Break has always been unanimous with time off from school and hitting the beach for some relaxation and fun under the sun. However, for college students Spring Break has always had an added element in the form of lovely girls to woo and see about hooking up with. The Guy Game might not let you hook up with girls, but it does allow you to play trivia and hopefully see a bit of M rated content. However, for Twitch, which already deals with worrying about who shows off too much skin, The Guy Game is a banned title no matter what season it is. Plus, The Guy Game is nearly 14 years old, so we doubt many streams will want to play it in the first place.

7. Sakura Spirit

  • System: PC
  • Publisher: Winged Cloud
  • Developer: Sekai Project
  • Release Dates: Jul 9, 2014

Aiming for the top spot in his Judo tournament, Gushiken Takahiro is feeling pretty worried about how the tourney will go. In hopes of getting some good luck from the gods, Takahiro goes with his friends to a hidden temple in the forest to pray. However, Takahiro finds more than prayer at the shrine as he meets a spirit who claims he is needed elsewhere and is sent to another world. Takahiro now must figure out a way home and why he was summoned here in the first place. Though it might take a while seeing as how Takahiro is about to meet a slew of busty girls both human and foxlike…

Sakura Spirit in 2014 was pretty popular for being a visual novel with a slew of scantily clad woman to ogle and look at while enjoying a silly isekai story. Many let’s players even played Sakura Spirit on YouTube to hopefully obtain tons of views and new subscribers in the process. Ironically though, Twitch wasn’t too keen on allowing Twitch streamers to play Sakura Spirit and thus, it became banned from the video website. This one surprises us a bit here at Honey’s Anime as Sakura Spirit might have some strange scenes—chocolate covered girls, for example—but it really contains no nudity and is heavily censored already. Yet, for whatever reason, Sakura Spirit is a no go if you want to play it on Twitch.

6. Purin To Ohuro

  • System: PC
  • Publisher: Parabolica
  • Developer: Parabolica
  • Release Dates: Sept 12, 2013

Purin is taking a bath and you want in. However, she might not feel the same as you. Play with Purin in the bathtub and have a good time with it. Make Purin laugh and maybe she won’t throw you out right away. Annoy her though and you might be leaving with a hit to the head. Time for a fun bath with Purin in Purin To Ohuro.

There are times when we question independent developers. Purin To Ohuro might not have nudity and might seem funny, but its’ also very questionable at times. Why is this random person in the bath with Purin? Why do you try so hard to fondle Purin and annoy her? Honestly, we don’t know, but we can see why Purin To Ohuro might be a bit too anime-like for Twitch and equally why they probably rather not risk getting hate for having a game focused on groping a girl in a bath.

5. DRAMAtical Murder

  • System: PC
  • Publisher: Nitro+Chiral
  • Developer: Nitro+Chiral, Conteride
  • Release Dates: Mar 23, 2012

Aoba Seragaki has so far lived a seemingly normal life on the future island known as Midorijma. Living with his grandmother, Aoba has only worried about his work at Mediocrity and nothing else. However, when Aoba ends up playing a popular game called Rhyme, his normal life changes drastically. Aoba will need to master this strange game and learn of his powers within to save his friends and his own life. Aoba’s peaceful days on the island are soon to become a distant memory in DRAMAtical Murder.

Developer Nitro+Chiral are known for making a lot of visual novels that are pretty popular in Japan. Some of these visual novels have even grown in popularity in the west. However, for any gamer who has played a visual novel by Nitro+Chiral, they would know that the subject material can sometimes be very…risqué to say the least. DRAMAtical Murder is no exception as a Yaoi based visual novel with some scenes that truly show some odd scenes. If you happen to be looking for a let’s play of DRAMAtical Murder on Twitch, you’ll be sad to know it isn’t going to be there as it a banned game on the site.

4. RapeLay

  • System: PC
  • Publisher: Illusion Soft
  • Developer: Illusion Soft
  • Release Dates: Apr 21, 2006

RapeLay focuses on a family of three women—Manaka, Aoi and Yuuko—who are being targeted by a man named Masaya Kimura. The girls find themselves avoiding Masaya as much as possible, but at times, still come face to face with him. Can the girls avoid this delinquent and somehow stay safe? Enter the dark world these three girls face now in RapeLay.

RapeLay was pretty infamous back when it released in 2006 for having not only the horrible depictions of rape but also cruelty towards women. RapeLay allowed the gamer to literally be a criminal and media all around the nation were quick to show this game to the world as a warning to avoid it. Nonetheless though, gamers still found their ways to play RapeLay via downloads and such which also meant some chanced making videos of it on various sites. Twitch was quick to make sure no streamer on their platform would play it and we fully agree this was the right action to take. RapeLay is a dark game and while it’s not the first of its kind, it still is a game that most sites ban for its overly cruel depictions of sex and rape.

3. Criminal Girls: Invite Only

  • System: PS Vita, PSP, PC
  • Publisher: Imageepoch
  • Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
  • Release Dates: Nov 18, 2010

Inmates, welcome to hell and we mean literally. You have been placed here for horrible acts and your sentence is to be rehabilitated in whatever way seems best suited for your crime. Endure the pains of hell and maybe you can be released from your confinement. Are you ready to face your punishment? Even if you said no, you’re about to regardless!

Criminal Girls, at first glance, can be very deceptive to the untrained eye. What looks like a normal JRPG with cute girls and various monsters to kill is actually far from the main crux of Criminal Girls. Within Criminal Girls lies a weird game where leveling up girls and giving them new powers means you must touch them inappropriate ways. Criminal Girls is heavily censored in the American release with pink mist covering various girls who would otherwise be exposed in strange positions but that isn’t enough for Twitch to prevent it from being streamed on their site. However, Criminal Girls 2—which is a sequel—isn’t specified as being banned meaning you might be able to get away with playing that as a streamer. Though we’d advise not to just in case, we don’t want anyone getting in trouble here at Honey’s Anime.

2. HuniePop

  • System: PC
  • Publisher: HuniePot
  • Developer: HuniePot
  • Release Dates: Jan 19, 2015

Picking up girls can be quite tough. What do you say to the girl you want to win over and how do you act are questions that run through every guy’s mind. Luckily, in HuniePop, you have been given a special fairy girl named Kyu who is here to help you! With Kyu’s guidance, you will soon find yourself becoming a chick magnet able to date several girls and even possibly get lucky with them! Time to embrace this chance you’ve been given in HuniePop!

If you frequent YouTube and the various let’s players on there, then we guarantee you have seen let’s plays of HuniePop. This interesting fusion of Candy Crush and dating sim made HuniePop a very popular game and earned a lot of praise for being a solid game overall. However, those who did decide to upload videos of HuniePop on YouTube were made to censor the various sex scenes and other very graphic CG images when they popped up seeing as how they could via editing. Twitch is a live platform which ultimately means you can’t censor HuniePop very well and if you’re playing the adult version—which is a thing—then you’d be showing off some rather explicit images to your audience. HuniePop is a good game but definitely makes sense why Twitch wouldn’t want a streamer playing it.

1. Yandere Simulator

  • System: PC
  • Publisher: YandereDev
  • Developer: tinyBuild
  • Release Dates: TBA

Ayano Aishi is in love with her senpai—Taro Yamada if you choose male and Taeko if you choose female—and each day, she finds it harder and harder to contain her love. Ayano wishes that her senpai would notice her and isn’t willing to wait any longer for senpai’s love. Willing to do anything, Ayano is ready to show how much she loves senpai even if others must die in the process. In the end, anything Ayano does and will do is for senpai so that her love will finally be recognized.

Our final game on our Top 10 Banned Games on Twitch list is Yandere Simulator and this is one game we wish wasn’t banned. We understand that Yandere Simulator has a lot of graphic content in the form of blood, murder, torture and various other dark elements, but at the end of the day people on YouTube have been able to play Yandere Simulator without censoring anything. Yet, Twitch has deemed Yandere Simulator to be overly graphic and cruel towards children—even though these are older teens—and has considered Yandere Simulator a no-no for their site. We hope Yandere Simulator will be given freedom on Twitch eventually, but for now, we do understand that some people might be offended by its gameplay.

Final Thoughts

We get that some games—especially the Adult Rated ones—are banned from videos for their sexual content and sometimes overly mature themes. Yet, some games from our list, we do wonder why they are banned when some even have the options of censorship in them. What do you think about our list above? Are their games that you’re glad are banned or some that really you wish they weren’t? Let us know in the comments below and for more gaming articles like this one, be sure to keep coming back to our hive here at Honey’s Anime.

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