Top 10 Banned Games on Android [Best Recommendations]

In today’s gaming world, for better or for worse, censorship is always present. It comes at different levels, sometimes just altering the content of games, often only in specific countries. But sometimes censorship is much more extreme, and games are outright banned. That means these games are not available to purchase and are quite hard to find, though with a bit of searching they usually can be found online somewhere. Whether or not they SHOULD still be available is another question entirely.

But that’s not what we are here to debate today. Today, we are here to talk about the Top 10 Banned Games on Android. That’s right, you read it correctly - there are banned games even on mobile! And for much the same reason that console games get banned, which is usually violence and sex. These games are not ones you will find on the Play Store even though they were developed for Android devices. They were banned for different reasons and are each different levels of extreme, but we guarantee all of them push the limits of mobile gaming. If your curiosity has gotten the better of you, read on to find our choices for the Top 10 Banned Games for Android.

Reader discretion advised. These games are full of adult themes that will be discussed in this article.

10. Farmer Girl Runner

  • System: Android
  • Publisher: AveCreation Laboratory
  • Developer: Touch Games Production
  • Release Dates: May 26th, 2016

Farmer Girl Runner is a typical collecting and avoiding obstacles running game that is quite popular on mobile devices. What makes this game stand apart is the main character. She’s a sweet farm girl who is exceptionally well-endowed, and not afraid to have her breasts on display. Oh, she also loves flowers. The point of Farmer Girl Runner is to control this girl as she runs through a scenic forest, collecting as many flowers as you can while avoiding any obstacles. The more flowers you collect, the happier the farm girl will be! And trust us, you want to make her happy.

So a big-breasted, cleavage-displaying girl staring in a running game? Yeah, you can bet you’re going to see some serious boob bouncing. And it’s all rendered in beautiful 3D graphics! It’s also too sexy to have lasted long on the Google Play Store, and now Farmer Girl Runner is a banned game. But for lovers of big breasted women wearing beer garden styled dressed frolicking through the forest collecting flowers, Farmer Girl Runner is a game you won’t want to miss. It may not be the sexiest game on our list but it can still get the blood flowing if that’s the kind of banned game you’re after!

9. 9mm

  • System: Android, iOS, Xperia
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Release Dates: Jul. 14th, 2011

9mm is an Android game with a full story. You step into the shoes of a cop named John “Loose” Kannon who is more than a bit of a renegade. He is the leader of a special task force of police that are determined to rid their city of crime - whatever it takes. But when Kannon kills the wrong guy, he finds himself in the crosshairs of nearly every piece of scum and villainy in town. The only way to survive the oncoming apocalypse is to kill all of these criminals first; it’s all just in self-defence, right? That’s what you will be telling yourself as you dispatch each of these baddies before they get to you!

9mm is made by Gameloft, which has plenty of other games on the Play Store available for download. But you won’t see 9mm any more; it managed to get on the banned list. 9mm is, admittedly, extremely violent. You can expect blood splatters and carnage galore, and slow-motion killing is a huge part of the gameplay. When you progress in the game, you will unlock the ability to slow time and dodge bullets, but that means you can also use that ability to take out your enemies while watching every moment of their death. 9mm is a fun Max Payne-style game that has enough of a story to stay interesting on mobile, but it’s over the top violence means you’ll have to find it floating around online if you want to play.

8. Bourin

  • System: Android
  • Publisher: STARGUN Co.,Ltd.
  • Developer: STARGUN Co.,Ltd.
  • Release Dates: Nov. 15th, 2016

Bourin is a mobile bowling game for Android where all the bowlers are beautiful anime-style girls rendered in 3D graphics. The gameplay is all about bowling, and you have to choose the trajectory of the ball, apply a spin to it, and throw it. Each girl’s different attributes will also play into the end result. When you begin the game, you will only have access to one girl and one outfit, but as you win games with her you can unlock more characters and outfits. And these outfits are very suggestive, to say the least! Plus you get a lot of views of these girls from behind as they’re throwing the ball, bending over, and well. You get the idea.

Bourin is indeed a full bowling game, but that gameplay is mediocre at best and not why people play it. The graphics in Bourin are great, and the girls are beautiful; their sexy poses and provocative clothing are what gets gamers’ attention. And of course, those are also the exact reasons Bourin is banned. It’s just a little too sexy for the Play Store so if you want to dress anime girls up in sexy clothes under the guise of playing a bowling game, you’ll have to find somewhere else to download Bourin and give it a try.

7. Don’t Whack Your Teacher

  • System: Android
  • Publisher: Box10
  • Developer: Box10
  • Release Dates: Jan 6, 2015

Don’t Whack Your Teacher is all set in a classroom where you find yourself alone with your teacher and a variety of classroom objects. The teacher is giving you a hard time, and the only thing you can think about is killing them... and that’s exactly what this game is about. Don’t Whack Your Teacher involves clicking on the various objects in the room and watching the ensuing cutscene that plays out - each one killing the teacher in a new and violent way. There are over ten murder weapons to discover in the classroom, which means there are over ten horrific deaths awaiting your teacher at your fingertips.

As much as murdering the people that make us stressed sounds great sometimes, of course, it’s not the appropriate answer in human society. Don’t Whack Your Teacher advertises itself though as a great form of stress relief. You can’t kill anyone in real life, but you can do it in this game. The level of violence though is not for the faint of heart. The graphics may be black and white animation but the blood and creativity going into each horrific death is enough to turn some people’s stomachs. Not to mention it’s probably not a good idea to encourage kids to kill their teachers when they’re frustrated.

6. Sliding Angel

  • System: Android, iOS
  • Publisher: Childhood Studio
  • Developer: Childhood Studio
  • Release Dates: Oct. 22nd, 2016

Sliding Angel is a great game for summertime! You control girls that are having fun on the water slides at a water park. Gameplay involves guiding the girls down the slides and trying to pick up objects along the way to clear the level objectives, and of course, trying to avoid obstacles as well. You can even choose from a few different girls to control and decide what swimsuit they will wear, with everything from sexy bikinis to Japanese high school uniform swimsuits. And at the end of the levels, you get a chance for some extra fun! Expect these girls to do some sexy poses for you to take pictures of... and you might get to “touch” them, too.

Great summertime fun, right? While the normal gameplay of Sliding Angel is not uncommon for a mobile game, the extra features are. Many games feature controlling a character to clear a course while avoiding obstacles and trying to get loot, and Sliding Angel is no different. But other mobile games don’t end with sexy, scantily clad girls posing for the camera and even stripping. And that’s where Sliding Angel slips into the banned game territory. Sure, you’re welcome to try it if you like that kind of mobile game. You’re just playing it for the sliding part, right? That’s what you can tell your significant other when they find it on your Android.

5. Whack Your Neighbour

  • System: Android
  • Publisher: Box10
  • Developer: Box10
  • Release Dates: Jul. 6th, 2016

Another in the “Whack” series, this time the setting has changed from the classroom to your yard. It seems that your dog has been quite loud and disturbing the neighbour in some ways, and he has some complaints to pick with you. Too bad he came to the wrong house! The point of Whack your Neighbour is to use the various things in your yard to kill your neighbour in the most painful and gruesome ways possible. Your loyalty is clearly to your dog and protecting its honour from being questioned, and your neighbour learns that lesson the hard way.

Like Don’t Whack Your Teacher, Whack Your Neighbour is incredibly bloody and not for the faint of heart. The ways to die are enough to keep you up at night thinking about, and despite the cartoonish animation, there’s enough blood to turn sensitive stomachs. While a great game for letting off steam, especially if you do have a frustrating neighbour or two, it is graphically violent in an over the top manner. That’s enough to get it banned but also enough to get the attention of a lot of curious gamers.

4. Popsicle Showdown

  • System: Android
  • Publisher: Studio Pantisniff
  • Developer: Studio Pantisniff
  • Release Dates: Oct. 22nd, 2013

Popsicle Showdown is a pretty simple concept for a game. You take a pretty girl out on a date to the park, where you can buy a popsicle for her. Seems innocent enough, right? Well, that’s where the innocence ends. The actual gameplay itself is forcefully feeding the popsicle to the cute girl from a first-person perspective, putting it in and out of her gaping mouth over and over again with increasing speed. There’s really a way to see it other than a forced blowjob with a popsicle standing in for a penis. And when you do a good job, you can unlock different, bigger popsicles to buy and try out.

Popsicle Showdown isn’t the most intense game on our list of the Top 10 Banned Games for Android, nor is it the sexiest. But it’s still not a game you would want to be caught playing on your morning commute or when your mother suddenly comes into the room. Sure, it’s just a popsicle but there’s no disguising what it’s standing in for. This is a game about getting a blow job from a cute anime girl under the disguise of taking her out for ice cream. And based on the gameplay and the girl’s facial expression, it’s no surprise that Popsicle Showdown still got banned.

3. Sexy Baseball

  • System: Android
  • Publisher: STARGUN Co.,Ltd.
  • Developer: SOFTADE Inc
  • Release Dates: 2015

Sexy Baseball has most of the features of other baseball mobile games. You get to make a team where you choose the players, and the gameplay is trying to score points and win the game with your team. But the game wouldn’t be called Sexy Baseball if it were just like every other baseball game; and trust us, it isn’t. Not only is your team made up of all attractive women (and you can unlock more as you play), but they are almost always posing in savoury positions. And it doesn’t end there! Keep playing to unlock an even higher level of sexy when the girls run the bases in sexy underwear, or even naked.

If Sexy Baseball were just like every other baseball game on the mobile market, it wouldn’t have gotten banned. But then, it wouldn’t have stood out or been memorable either. People don’t play Sexy Baseball for the actual baseball gameplay. They play it for the beautiful and scantily clad girls. Sexy Baseball was already pushing the market with the girls’ poses and attire, but the actual nudity is what pushed it right over the edge and into the banned territory. But really, if you’re downloading a game called Sexy Baseball you really should be ready for what you’re getting.

2. Don’t Whack Your Boss with Superpowers

  • System: Android
  • Publisher: Box10
  • Developer: Box10
  • Release Dates:

Don’t Whack Your Boss with Superpowers (sometimes called Whack Your Boss with Superpowers or Whack Your Boss Superhero) is our third and final instalment from the “Whack” series on our list of banned Android titles. You play as the same kid suffering in Don’t Whack Your Teacher, but you’re now a grown adult with a desk job. And your boss has just dropped even more work into your lap. Your reaction to this injustice? Well, kill him, of course - and this time, with superpowers! That’s right, not only can you use the objects around you to whack your boss you can also freeze him with an ice canon like Mortal Kombat or slash him with claws like Wolverine.

Arguably more appealing to adults than Don’t Whack Your Teacher, Don’t Whack Your Boss with Superpowers has the same selling point of offering an outlet for stressed people. There have all been days when employees felt they wanted to kill their boss. They would never act on it in reality, but through this game can play out some dark fantasies. Adding in superpowers just takes things to the next level! As with all the “Whack” titles, Don’t Whack Your Boss with Superpowers is not for the squeamish; it’s got a lot of blood and horrible ways to die. But that’s exactly what people are looking for when they want to play this game.

1. Strip Club XXL

  • System: Android
  • Publisher:
  • Developer:
  • Release Dates:

Strip Club XXL takes place in, well, you probably have already guessed. That’s right, it’s set in a gentleman’s club! The centre of the screen is a beautiful animated girl on a pole dancing for the audience, who are throwing money at her for her performance. Your goal is to try to catch as many of these coins as you can. And your reward? Well, of course, the girl will start to strip off her already sexy outfit! And the more coins you get, the more clothes she will lose until eventually, she’s naked. The game is called Strip Club XXL after all.

Strip Club XXL never stood a chance of not being banned. The entire point of the game is advertised right in the title. There are going to be girls working at a club, and they’re going to strip. Right there for you on your Android device. The graphics are very cartoony but you know exactly what you’re looking at. If you want a sexy game that is easy to play and doesn’t beat around the metaphorical bush before it gets to the good parts like some of these other games, Strip Club XXL is what you want. It’s not hiding its intention behind anything.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it - the Top 10 Banned Games on Android. Should they be banned? Maybe. But we aren’t here for that argument; we are just here to marvel at their existence. And if you so choose, you can try to seek them out for yourself. But be warned if you do so because these games were banned for a reason! From over the top violence to blatant nudity, these games never stood at chance in the Play Store. But they were made all the same, and they’re out there somewhere for us to wonder about and forever be curious... because what if?

Have you played any of these banned games before? Do you want to check one of them out? Did we miss a banned game from our list you think should be on here? How do you feel about banned games on Android? Drop us a comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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