Top 7 Banned Games on Mixer [Best Recommendations]

Mixer is a live-streaming gaming service owned by Microsoft that has been bringing games to people since 2016. Through Mixer, people can watch both playthroughs of games, along with live-streams of games as they are happening, and unlike other competing video game streaming services, Mixer allows the audience to actively engage with the game by voting on decisions or even helping with gameplay. Because Mixer can be accessed by anyone, there are limits to what can be broadcasted on its service. Firstly, any adults-only rated games cannot be uploaded or streamed on Mixer. That’s an easy one.

But after that adults-only rating, it becomes a bit more blurry about just what can be hosted on Mixer. It’s top competitor, Twitch, has a list right on the website of banned games. Mixer instead asks its users to contact them if they are unsure about a game they want to broadcast. That makes it harder to see what games have been banned by Mixer. But that’s where we come in! Are you curious about what games are considered too much for Mixer despite not having an adults-only rating? Curious if a game you want to broadcast can make it or not? Then read on; we found these seven games that have proved too much for Mixer’s services!

7. Witch Trainer

  • System: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Android
  • Publisher: Akabur
  • Developer: Akabur
  • Release Dates: ??

Witch Trainer is very loosely based on Harry Potter. In the game, you control a strange hooded man and his crony, potions professor Severus Snape, as he deals with the biggest headache in the class for him - Hermione Granger. How you “deal” with her is in your hands, and will also affect a few other characters on the side which are briefly mentioned in the story. Witch Trainer actually serves as a prequel game to another of Akabur’s famous games, Princess Trainer. The Genie from that game has replaced the famous Dumbledore in this story, tying the two games together.

Witch Trainer may seem like a game that Harry Potter fans want to check out, but it’s not an innocent story about making Hermione into a better student. It’s actually a hentai game, taking advantage of Hermione and putting her into a lot of sexual situations at the mercy of Snape or the hooded protagonist figure. While Harry Potter may be a great story for audiences of all ages, Witch Trainer certainly is not. But if what you’re looking for is cartoon Hermione being taken advantage of, well, Witch Trainer is what you want. But it is banned on Mixer due to its sexual content.

6. Harem Party

  • System: Microsoft Windows
  • Publisher: MangaGamer
  • Developer: Tactics
  • Release Dates: Nov. 25th, 2011

In Harem Party, you play as Haru, a young man who is just about to finish making his own RPG. But just as he is putting the finishing touches on his game, there is a burst of lightning in this room - and suddenly, the six heroines from his game are standing there, in the flesh! The ladies tell Haru that the antagonist from the game world has escaped into Haru’s world, and they are here to stop him. But there’s a big problem holding them back. If they don’t have sex with Haru, they can’t stay in his world. Suddenly Haru’s life becomes teaching all six beautiful girls how to have sex, all while trying to catch the villain from his game.

Harem Party sounds like something straight out of an ecchi or hentai anime, and that is exactly what it’s trying to do. After all, you play as the sole male figure who is also a lover of video games, who has the luck to have not just one girl but six living in his house. And they all desire no one but him! That’s some real video game escapism and self-insert fun right there. But since the point of the game is to have sex with six girls, well. It’s not the most appropriate game to be live streaming for all audiences. Mixer gives Harem Party a wide miss so you shouldn’t expect to see it on there.

5. Purin to Ohuro

  • System: Microsoft Windows
  • Publisher: Parabolica
  • Developer: Parabolica
  • Release Dates: Sep. 12th, 2013

Purin to Ohuro takes place entirely in a bathroom. The main character is a beautiful blond girl named Purin who is taking a bath. You, the player, are unfortunately caught peeping on her during this intimate activity. Understandably, Purin is quite furious. She’s so angry that she immediately attacks you and tries to knock you out! Your only option is to fight her and try to knock her out first. If she wins the fight, you will be knocked unconscious and lose. If you win, Purin will run out of the bathroom.

Purin to Ohuro is quite a simple game. It has one character, one setting, and one point - defend yourself from an angry girl that caught you spying on her bath. All the while, you’re fighting a cute girl in the bathtub. Since most games are banned from Mixer for either violence or sex, Purin to Ohuro is special - it’s banned for both. Firstly, you’re committing an act of violence against a vulnerable. Secondly, she’s in the bath! And you can knock her unconscious (and possibly dead since she falls back into the tub if this happens). Mixer would rather not have the Onii-chan Bath Assault game on its servers.

4. The Tearoom

  • System: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
  • Publisher: Robert Yang
  • Developer: Robert Yang
  • Release Dates: 2017

The Tearoom is described as a “historical public bathroom simulator about anxiety, police surveillance, and sucking off another dude’s gun” by its creator Robert Yang, and well. That’s exactly what it is. In The Tearoom, you step into a public men’s room where you can first off, enjoy excellent pee physics. But the point of the game is actually to see how many people you can make eye contact with before you succumb to some fellatio together. Except that there aren’t any actual penises in The Tearoom, as they have all been replaced by revolvers. Still following us?

The Tearoom probably knew it was going to get banned right from the start, but Yang made it anyway. And he replaced the penises with guns claiming it was the only thing that the game industry never censored, and the only way he could get his games around the bans on various websites (see our number 2 entry for an earlier game by Yang also banned from Mixer). Despite not featuring any nudity, the concept of peeing in the public toilet and giving a blowjob to another guy’s “gun” was still deemed too much by Mixer. Whether or not Yang actually thought The Tearoom would not get banned is up for debate, but in the end, the game is banned on Mixer.

3. Grezzo 2

  • System: Microsoft Windows
  • Publisher: Nicola Piro
  • Developer: Nicola Piro
  • Release Dates: 2012

In Grezzo 2, you play as a pagan Italian farmer named Piro determined to stop the rise of Christianity by killing none other than Jesus. He starts his killing spree by massacring everyone at a local church, which results in his own death as well and his impending judgement by God. Upon reaching Heaven, you can decide if you want to fight and kill God or simply escape back to Earth. Either way once back on Earth, Piro is determined to find a way to kill Jesus in his infancy to stop Christianity from ever reaching its peak, and he will stop at nothing to keep that from happening.

When Grezzo 2 released (Grezzo 1 is just an earlier version of the same game, so don’t think this is a sequel) it garnered international attention. Grezzo 2 is violent, vulgar, and blasphemous to the Christian religion. It also features a lot of Italian pop culture icons, as well as political and religious satirical figures from Italy in the years around its release. Grezzo 2 has plenty of bad language and blood and even the killing of a fetus within his mother’s womb. And then fertilising a new egg and bursting forth from said womb in an overly bloody fashion. Still wondering why this game is banned on Mixer?

2. Cobra Club

  • System: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS
  • Publisher: Robert Yang
  • Developer: Robert Yang
  • Release Dates: 2015

Cobra Club, made by the same mind behind The Tearoom, has a very simple concept. The point of the game is to take pictures of your penis (an in-game one, to be very clear), edit the pictures, and then send them to other characters in the game who message you. You take the pictures selfie-style in front of the mirror, but you can choose the pose and angle yourself. You can even use the erection slider (yeah, there’s an erection slider) to choose how aroused you want your penis to be for the optimal snap. Then you can put filters and other effects on your character’s penis picture to make it, well. Whatever it is you’re trying to go for, really.

We probably don’t have to tell you why Cobra Club is banned on Mixer, but we are going to anyway. Cobra Club has a lot of penises in it, and none of it is censored. The whole game revolves around a penis after all - a customisable one. It plays on the idea of “dick pics,” a hot topic in today’s world, by creating an entire game around this concept. You can’t live stream using the erection slider and sending dick pics to friends on Mixer, though, since it’s not exactly family-friendly material. If you pursue this game on your own, don’t say we didn’t warn you that it’s literally about penises, and that’s not an innuendo for anything.

1. Ethnic Cleansing

  • System: Microsoft Windows
  • Publisher: Resistance Records
  • Developer: Resistance Records
  • Release Dates: Jan. 21st, 2002

Ethnic Cleansing is a game made by the White Supremacist organisation National Alliance - and you can tell. You play either as a skinhead, Neo-Nazi or a member of the KKK tasked with killing stereotypical Mexican, Jewish, and African American people. Ethnic Cleansing is a first-person shooter with only one level, a slum similar to New York City and eventually a subway station. The final boss in the game is the Israeli Prime Minister at the time of the game’s release, Ariel Sharon, who is holding a rocket launcher and planning world domination. He has to be killed to complete the game.

A lot of red flags probably went off in your head as you read that description; that is most people’s reaction. Ethnic Cleansing is one of the most controversial games of all time and banned on basically everything including Mixer. Not only is it violent, which it undoubtedly is, but the violence is also directed at certain groups of people based on their ethnicity. These people are also presented in unflattering stereotypes, such as African-Americans resembling gorillas and Mexicans always wearing sombreros. Out of all the games on this list, maybe Ethnic Cleansing deserves to be banned the most, especially in today’s political climate around the world.

Final Thoughts

Games can get banned for a number of reasons, but sexual material and violence are usually the top reasons. These seven games are no different. Despite not carrying an adults-only rating, they still are banned from being uploaded to or streamed on Mixer. If you want to see more of these games, you’ll have to play them yourself. And if you want to share them with others, well. Good luck with finding another platform! Perhaps games like this are better played alone or just with close friends anyway rather than shared with the world? But that’s a debate for another day!

Did we miss a banned game on Mixer that you know about? Have you played any of these games? How do you feel about them being banned? Would you like to see these games on another platform, or do you think they should stay banned? Let’s have a chat in the comments!

048 Top 7 Banned Games on Mixer [Best Recommendations]


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