Top 10 Best Magicians in Kenja no Mago (Wise Man’s Grandchild)

A baby appeared one day in a remote wood and was taken in by a kind old man and his neighbor; they named him Shin. The child was lucky enough to be found and taken in by such a kindly couple but was even more fortunate. The old man was Merlin Wolford, the great mage hero of the kingdom. The neighbor was Melinda Bowen a.k.a. “the Guru” who created powerful magic tools for Merlin. The young Shin grew up surrounded by the two most powerful sorcerers in the land and their friends, calling Merlin and Melinda grandpa and grandma and their friends aunt and uncle, though they are kings and queens. Shin didn’t know he was being trained by the best and just assumed they were all normal people. But he never left the woods and mixed with society, he simply absorbed knowledge and then surpassed his teachers to become the most powerful magician on the planet. Merlin and Melinda did realize one problem: the boy had no common sense. Shin may have been the most powerful wizard in 100 years, but he didn’t know that his power was 1,000 times greater than the average magician. He had no sense of how the world worked and what society was like outside of the woods. So the kindly old couple decided to send their young man to the capital as a magic student to learn about the kingdom, meet kids his own age, and most importantly realize he was indeed special.

A young man that unique couldn’t help but attract unique and powerful friends. He creates a study group for these students to help them become some of the most powerful magicians in the world. We now count down the top 10 best magicians in Wise Man’s Grandchild.

10. Christina Hayden

The tall athletic redhead is one of the elite Imperial Knights and one of the king’s escorts. She’s also pretty cute. She does, however, have a complex about that because she’s worried about not being considered feminine. Christina and her partner mage Siegfried make a complementary pair with him using magic to support her attacks. She is a skilled knight and can easily handle monsters that usually require an intermediate level mage on her own. Christina's ability to fight magic without magic makes her quite powerful even on this list of magicians.

9. Tony Freed

Tony isn’t a magic nerd or someone who dreamed of becoming a great magician as a child. He had the choice to join the Knights Training Academy or the Advanced Magic Academy. He chose the Advanced Magic Academy because the ratio of boys to girls is much more favorable in the field of magic and he likes to date a lot of girls. He is a handsome guy with brown hair and brown eyes and always has offers for a night out. Tony comes from a long line of knights and can’t let his heritage go completely. He still fights with a sword. He can do magic too, he’s more than good at magic to wielding both fire and ice magic as well as pretty effective attack magic. He tends to play a tank role in their magic combat, holding ground and attracting the enemy’s attention while the other wizards fire their spells.

8. Yuri Carlton

Yuri tends to look the most mature of all the members of the Ultimate Magic Research Society. She is a tall, curvaceous redhead and loves to act provocatively. We assume that attitude is because she teases the others about love, sex, and relationships because it amuses her. Yuri’s other skills lie in enchantments. She idolizes Shin’s grandmother Melinda and wants to be one of the best at enchantment magic. You want someone good at magically reinforcing your gear that will let you take some real punishment and give you an added extra boost of power. You want to go into combat with all the help you can get and having gear that is not only strong but fashionable is a big plus.

7. Sicily von Claude

The young Miss von Claude is described as a beautiful young lady with blue eyes and blue hair. She is the kind of girl that attracts a lot of male attention because of her stunning beauty. Sicily is also soft-spoken but is willing to get aggressive when jealousy hits her, or when Shin’s safety is at stake. She is one of those people who attempts to get along with everyone and generally puts others before herself. These innate attributes easily lend themselves to the classic role of wizard and healer. Sicily generally hangs back and serves as the society’s healer. She spends her time working in the field hospitals during extended combat or on the front lines casting protection and healing spells with her staff. You’d never want to head out on an adventure or into combat without a healer in your party and one with her abilities is a great choice.

6. Thor von Fregel

Thor may be bespectacled but that doesn’t mean he is a bookworm. He is one of Prince Augustus’ bodyguards and quite capable in both magic and sword combat. He possesses barrier magic as well as learning gate magic from Shin, allowing him to travel to different places in the blink of an eye. The best power for someone with practical abilities like him is having the ability to store swords, shields, bows, and knives in a dimensional box that allows him to pull out what he needs at a moment’s notice. You’d want a guy like this on your team because of what he’d bring to the table that isn’t magic: he’s a strategic thinker that can create a plan under pressure making him a great asset.

5. Alice Corner

The excitable Alice Corner seems to have boundless energy and infinite appetite. Alice uses this excess of energy as a great resource of stamina to fuel her magic. Her ability to use strong multi-layered defensive barrier magic is one of her best assets, despite being more aggressive by nature. She likes to go on offense using fire magic. The petite, flat-chested blonde Alice is often mistaken for a child but that can be an advantage. She gains that advantage when opponents don’t take her seriously; she can strike quickly with overwhelming force before they can prepare. She is a perfect example of looks being deceiving.

4. Maria von Messina

The daughter of the well-respected Countess Messina, Maria is one of Shin’s best students in the study group. She has long red hair and brown eyes and is Sicily’s best friend. Her upbringing as the daughter of a countess also makes her craftier than most. Some might call it manipulative; others would refer to it as people management skills, either way, she is good a playing the social chess of the aristocracy. She’s still a teenaged girl though and idolizes Shin’s grandparents. She even dreams of meeting their grandson and dating him, before she realizes it’s Shin. Maria also loves Sicily and wants her to be happy; when the sparks fly between Sicily and Shin she bows out of the race for his affections. She has strong magic that is above average and is willing to go fight it out on the front lines -- but that’s not the reason we like her. The ability to understand the politics of the land and how to use people to her advantage is an excellent skill.

3. August von Earlshide

The heir to the throne of the Earlshide Kingdom succeeds in taking his job as prince seriously without taking himself seriously. We are first introduced to him when he admonishes a noble for throwing their weight around on school grounds, an act that is forbidden by law. The handsome blonde-haired prince treats Shin like a brother, including teasing Shin by maneuvering him into awkward situations. The relationship between August and Shin was considered so special that August's own fiancé was relieved when she found out that Shin was in love with Sicily and not August’s lover. August can use much of the magic that the other members of the study group have and is considered number two in the group in the anime, though we disagree and you’ll see why in the next paragraph. He is, however, literally a born leader. August makes quick, decisive decisions. He is one of the first people to step up when a sacrifice needs to be made. He is also willing to bring the power of his station to bear in defense of others because sometimes magic can’t fix everything and money and influence are more important.

2. Lynn (Rin) Hughes (The Unbridled Magical Girl)

Lynn is a studious girl that dives into research and experimentation with reckless abandon. Shin is the one who dubs her the Unbridled Magical Girl as a descriptor of her recklessness, a superlative she adopts with pride. She also is the first one to offer up her opinion when it comes to naming things. She was the one who dubbed the study group the ‘Ultimate Magic Research Society’. She spends hours a day trying to control more and more magic, sometimes to her detriment. Lynn, fortunately, has court magicians as parents. She has an enchanted room to practice in, so the explosions only result in bruises and scorched hair and not property damage. We see her unleash some massive explosions when they go to the proving grounds to practice. She may not always be in control but when it comes to sheer magical power, she seems to have the largest capacity next to Shin.

1. Shin Walford

Shin Walford is so overpowered he could easily be one and two if he wanted. You can’t consider anyone, even his grandfather, close to him in power and control. He is a master of all sorts of magic ranging from defensive to offensive to enchantment. The young man is also good at inventing new kinds of magic that revolutionize a particular field. The common way to cast magic is to think about the outcome; he, however, focuses on the elemental process and creates stronger and greater efficiency without chanting. He was 10 years old when he first killed a demonized grizzly, a task that typically takes a whole skilled party of adventurers. His power is so overwhelming that some of his spells we witness on the proving grounds could destroy an entire city. Shin is simply a walking weapon of mass destruction. If for some reason he didn’t have the magic to rely upon, he was trained from an early age with a sword and in hand-to-hand combat by the greatest knight in the realm. He is simply a formidable young man and the world he lives in is lucky he is one of the good guys.

Final Thoughts

The story is listed as isekai or born into another world genre. But after watching the series we’ve noticed it has very little to do with coming from another world. The skills, the power, and the magic the main character can control can simply be explained by calling him exceptional. We rarely get a reference to “our world” and when there is a reference it isn’t something that couldn’t be found in their world through a little scientific investigation. Wiseman’s Grandchild is fun and doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. The gag is that the hero is overpowered. The people around him are in awe of him, but they are also wary of his abilities. The story of Wise Man’s Grandchild is filled with love and wizardry and is a fun tale with a good ensemble cast that you’ll enjoy watching.

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