Why You NEED to Watch Kenja no Mago (Wise Man's Grandchild)!

Everyone knows who Merlin is, and if you don’t, it’s really okay since this anime is all about his adopted grandson, Shin Wolford. Kenja no Mago is all about Shin Wolford, a young office worker who was from a world much like ours until his untimely death. For reasons unknown, he was reincarnated into a baby- a baby that was somehow left unharmed by a demon that had destroyed whatever village he had been born into and found by the great sage Merlin himself. The grandson of Merlin, even an adopted one, would be expected to have some substantial magical prowess, but this anime doesn’t give you that. Oh, no. It gives you the story of an extremely overpowered youth who knows nothing about the world outside of the middle-of-nowhere cottage where he and Merlin live with their makeshift family.

So, other than the fact that this anime is set up to be a hilarious comedy isekai story filled with cute girls, a powerful but blissfully unaware protagonist, and the common tropes are redone in a really beautiful way, why on earth should you watch this?

This Anime Is Based on a Light Novel.

Unlike other anime that are original works, Kenja no Mago is based on a light novel, which got turned into a manga, which then got turned into an anime. Light novels generally have way more information packed into them which translates well for the anime as they can draw more deeply for characterization and plot. However, not all anime actually do this. While Kenja no Mago at times touches the surface of how things actually work in another world with magic, explanations stop just before they can get too detailed. One of the points of this anime is that it’s a comedy isekai, though, and it’s trying to point out that the characters can have a deeper understanding of things, but not all of them do. That way, it’s easier just to brush the explanations aside and get on with the more rom-com parts of the show.

It’s a Fun, Relaxing Anime to Watch.

Much like fan fiction, Kenja no Mago strives to give off that feeling of “Hey, I got reincarnated and I don’t totally remember my past life, but I suddenly have all these powers and I’m going to make the best of it in a big way,” kind of vibe. It’s a bit refreshing to watch an isekai that tries to hit all the tropes and deal with them in its own unique way. Shin is an easily likable character and his relationship with Sicily is adorable and straight out of the trope guidebook. If you’re looking for an isekai that you want to enjoy without overthinking all of the rules and semantics that go along with being in another world (think Log Horizon), then you’ll love watching this and have a few giggles here and there.

Final Thoughts

Kenja no Mago is (at the time of writing this) still ongoing, but you’ve gotta check it out because it’s a great comedy isekai. It’s definitely one of the best ones to air recently. Unlike other isekai which push the boundaries of how much ridiculousness they can pack in before viewers get annoyed, this anime is very well done and has an established source. Sure, not everyone is going to enjoy this style of comedy isekai, but you won’t regret at least checking out the first few episodes and seeing where it takes you! It might actually surprise you with the well-animated fighting and magic scenes!

We hope that you’ll give Kenja no Mago a try and fall in love with it like we at Honey’s have. If you’ve watched Kenja no Mago, or are currently watching it, what are some things that you found were unique to this anime? Was there anything standout about it that you either liked or didn’t like? Leave a comment below and let’s get chatting about it!

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