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Shamans, ones who link this world and the otherworld. Granted the ability to unite with the spirit; the spirit’s movement, skills, everything, and reappears using a shaman’s body. Legends have it that every 500 years, a tournament of shaman all over the world is held to determine who will be the next Shaman King. The winner of the Shaman Fight will be granted the Great Spirit and have the power to control the world. Join Asakura Yoh and his teammates in the journey of Shaman Fight to become the next Shaman King! So here’s the Top 10 Best Shaman King Characters!

10. Tao Jun

Jun Tao Shaman King

Tao Jun is a Daoshi derived from the Tao family. She is also the elder sister of Tao Ren. Using her blood written talismans, she could control corpses or kyonshi and command them as she will. One such case is where she gets a hold of a famous Dao Dan Dao Kung Fu Master’s corpse, Lee Pai Long and uses him to engage in a battle with Asakura Yoh.

Yoh won the duel with a little help from Anna Kyoyama as she summons Shamon, Lee Pai Long’s master, and successfully breaks the talisman seal that was used to control Lee Pai Long. Eventually Lee Pai Long became Tao Jun’s Guardian Spirit even with the seal broken. Tao Jun was the first female character having to almost defeat Yoh, making her a cool character and earning her the number 10 place of this list!

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9. Kanna Bismarch

Kanna Bismarch Shaman King

As Asakura Hao’s follower, Kanna Bismarch is a very loyal comrade. Together with her partners; Matilda Matisse, and Marion Phauna, they participate in Shaman Fight under the name “Team Hana-Gumi” (Flower Team). Being the leader of the group, Kanna Bismarch is has a serious nature and at times hotheaded.

Kanna uses Ashcroft, a knight from Germany that devoted his life to the Bismarch family, as her Guardian Spirit. Her Guardian Spirit first appeared on episode 39, when Hao tasked Kanna and her partners to defeat Yoh and his team. Yoh was on the verge of defeat when Anna showed up with Zenki and Kohki in the nick of time to save them. Kanna with her powerful and unique armor knight Ashcroft as her guardian spirit, earned her the number 9 on the list!

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8. Iron Maiden Jeanne

Iron Maiden Jeanne Shaman King

As the leader of the X-Laws group, Jeanne is rarely seen out of her iron maiden, as she torments herself to increase her Furyoku level. She appears to be very soft-spoken and noble, earning the respect of her fellow followers the X-Laws group. Despite her gentle demeanor, she doesn’t hesitate to kill anyone that stands in her way or doesn’t ask for forgiveness.

Jeanne’s Guardian Spirit is Shamash, the Babylonian God of Justice. One of her highlights is on episode 56 where Jeanne focuses all her Furyoku to Shamash so he could open the Gates of Babylon, an inescapable portal to another dimension to seal away Asakura Hao forever. Despite losing the lives of her comrades, the remaining members of the X-Laws were determined to continue with the ritual. Imagine, having to inflict self-pain to increase your own powers! This is why Iron Maiden Jeanne ranked 8 on the list.

Iron Maiden Jeanne Shaman King wallpaper

7. Anna Kyoyama

Anna Kyoyama Shaman King

As Spirit Medium, Anna Kyoyama possesses high skill shamanic abilities. Anna also has an intimidating appearance and cold demeanor towards friends and foes alike. She puts up a lot confidence for Yoh’s abilities to become the next Shaman King, as she could be seen reminding people that she will become the Shaman King’s first lady.

She doesn’t seem to be afraid of people who are a lot stronger than herself. On episode 39, it can be seen that Anna does not hesitate to slap Hao using her left hand after her initial slap was stopped by Hao. Even though she treats Yoh badly (with the training and all), she cares deeply for Yoh, despite not showing it. Needless to say, Anna Kyoyama’s intimidating presence definitely earned the number 7 spot on this list!

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6. Silva

Silva Shaman King

Silva is one of the ten Patch Officials responsible for regulating Shaman Fights held in Tokyo. Even though as a Patch Official, he was prompt to not intervene in Shaman Fights, he eventually questions his morality as to letting other Shamans get killed in Shaman Fights. Silva also possess 5 guardian spirits, each with its own abilities; Eagle (Silva Wing), Buffalo (Silva Horn), Coyote (Silva Tail), Snake (Silva Rod), and Turtle (Silva Shield).

It was first seen on episode 13, when Silva was battling Asakura Yoh for the qualifying rights to enter the Shaman Fight. During the eleventh hour, Silva used his oversoul, The Totem Pole Cannon by combining the five spirit guardians into a pole cannon. What’s so cool about this character besides his signature move the Totem Pole Cannon, each of his guardian spirits boosts specific abilities, i.e. Silva Tail for super speed!

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5. Horo Horo


Earning his number 5 on the list is Horo Horo or Usui Horokeu, who is the member of the Ainu Tribe of the vast plain in the North. First appeared in the series on episode 9, Horo Horo has a jovial and aloof personality and gets along very well with Asakura Yoh. On the same episode it was also revealed that Horo Horo cares deeply for the nature claiming that humans must live in balance with the nature. His nature and personality is what made Horo Horo a ‘cool’ and fun character to be with, hence number 5 on the list!

Horo Horo’s Guardian Spirit is Kororo, a Koropokkuru spirit which he uses to oversoul into his snowboard and later Ikupasuy. He stated his goals to be the Shaman King is to create a vast field filled with coltsfoot so he can preserve the nature and livelihood of Koropokkuru spirits. His powers mainly involve turning vapor or water into ice and snow to attack his opponents. Horo Horo later with ChocoLove and Tao Ren joined the Shaman Fight as “Team The Ren”.

HorokeuUsui wallpaper Shaman King

4. Faust VIII

Johann Faust VIII Shaman King 2

After having the love of his life, Eliza, killed in a robbery gone wrong, Faust VIII became obsessed with trying to revive her who soon indulged himself with the art of necromancy. He sustained heavy malnutrition due to lack of sleep and eat when he was working hard to resurrect Eliza. Faust was able to revive Eliza and made her his Guardian Spirit through necromancy.

Despite his scary and ghoul-like appearance, he is still a kind and gentle doctor at heart. This was shown throughout the series as he would help heal opponents after defeating them. The only thing that angers him and instantly made him snap is if anyone would insult his Eliza proving his unending love towards her. Later in the series, Anna was able to summon Eliza’s spirit back to Earth for Faust. Faust, sincerely grateful, agreed to join Asakura Yoh in his Shaman Fight under the name “Team Funbari Onsen”.

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3. Tao Ren

Ren Tao Shaman King

Tao Ren is the descendant of the Chinese family of Tao and younger brother of Tao Jun. Being forced to train at a young age, Tao Ren fostered hatred and resentment towards his father Tao En. Constantly aiming to be the strongest, Tao Ren views Yoh as his rival and acknowledges his strength.

Tao Ren is also easily agitated due to his short temper. He used to be very cold and full of hatred before he met Asakura Yoh. After deciding to kill his father Tao En, which was his source of hatred, Ren was captured but then Yoh and his friends came to his rescue. After the fight with his father, Ren learns to trust and have more faith in others and with that he developed a much closer bond with Yoh and the others. His strength and short temperament eventually became the reason why this characters is ranked number 3 on the list as he gives off that ‘independent’ aura.

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2. Asakura Hao


Asakura Hao is the main antagonist and also the twin brother of the main protagonist of the series, Asakura Yoh. It was revealed that Asakura Hao was reincarnated several times before his current involvement in the Shaman Fight. Hao is by far the strongest Shaman existed at the time, that even the nature avoids him. This was seen on episode 29, where a blizzard avoided the area surrounding Hao. Due to his unimaginable strength, Hao looks down on all other Shamans, a feat which made fans love and hate him at the same time earning him the number 2 on the list.

His initial goal was to let Asakura Yoh get stronger so that he could retrieve his missing half of his body. Hao envisioned a world where only Shamans existed, therefore plans to eliminate all humans in the world. Towards the end of the series, Hao uses his Guardian Spirit, The Spirit of Fire to obtain the Great Spirit itself, as a testament of his strength!

wallpaper hao Asakura Shaman King

1. Asakura Yoh

You Asakura Shaman King

Being the descendant of the Asakura bloodline, a prestigious family of Shamans, Asakura Yoh was able to see and communicate with spirits at a very young age. And because of that, Yoh was shunned from society and could never made any human friends. Yoh eventually grew up to not hold any grudges towards humans despite his childhood.

Yoh can be quite the slacker, often times seen loafing around, and relaxing even in paramount situations. This is one of his qualities that made people love this character so much and why this character is on the no. 1 of the list! His initial motivation to be Shaman King is so he could live an easy-going life. After Anna Kyoyama, his fiancée found him in the hospital, Yoh was forced to undergo a series ruthless training to prepare himself for the Shaman Fight in Tokyo.

Behind his simple and easy-going personality, Yoh cares deeply for other people especially his teammates. It was shown throughout the series that Yoh will take necessary actions to save/help other people. It was shown on the first episode of the series when Yoh helps Oyamada Manta gets his revenge using Amidamaru. After the issue with Wooden Sword Ryu was resolved, Amidamaru eventually became Asakura Yoh’s Guardian Spirit.

“It’ll work out somehow.” – Asakura Yoh

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That pretty much sums up this list of Top 10 Best Shaman King Characters! There are many characters worth mentioning outside the list, Wooden Sword Ryu, Lyzerg Diethel, Choco Love, and many more! Hope you would enjoy the list, and be sure to comment below who was your favorite character in Shaman King!

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