The Revival of Shaman King Comes with Perfect Timing

Two decades ago, the world was introduced to a young shaman named Yoh Asakura and the world of Shounen Jump was changed. It would only take a few years of this action-packed supernatural series to wow its readers and lead to an anime adaptation developed by Xebec that really proved this could be a new dawn for shonen series. The anime would last only 64 episodes while the manga would end on volume 32 but regardless of your preference, both versions of Shaman King were truly incredible. Recently, a big announcement came in the form of a new version of Shaman King—which should drop in 2021—that took us by complete surprise here at Honey’s Anime. After the shock died down and we were able to fix our fallen chairs—maybe some of us fell down after hearing the news—we wondered, why is Shaman King coming back? Then it hit us like a wave of ghostly energy. The revival of Shaman King comes at truly the perfect time!

The Return of a Legendary Protagonist

Even if Shaman King was a bit before your anime tenure we highly doubt you haven’t heard of the series’ main man Yoh Asakura. Known as a legendary shaman despite being only 13 years old, Yoh was the pinnacle of cool, collected and strong. Alongside his friends, Yoh saved numerous folks with his arsenal of spirit powers and sword skills and he did it like it was an easy task. Yoh coming back in 2021 will prove to the world that there are greater heroes than just Ichigo from Bleach or Yusuke from YuYu Hakusho. One of the toughest teens with an attitude out there will always be Yoh from the world of Shaman King.

Dire Need for Good Shonen

Shounen Jump has had some truly incredible series come to an end recently—such as Yakusoku no Neverland—and that means slots need to be filled. While a Shaman King manga revival may not happen as fast as its anime counterpart, the series still paves its way for a possible rebirth of a truly classic title. We hope that soon, a new trailer will drop showing a bit of the newer animation style for the series but are confident that it will be incredible nevertheless.

The Love of Old

Again, we have to assume many of you newer anime fans missed out on the greatness that was Shaman King. From exciting battles that changed the supernatural genre to intriguing characters that oozed the cool factor, Shaman King was just an easy shonen series to love from beginning to end. Whether you read it or watched it, Shaman King was an enthralling series. It never did injustice to the genres it contained. When Shaman King was funny it made us laugh and when a character was hurt, we raged in our sofas. If you missed out on Shaman King we highly recommend checking the series out now for some classic shonen action!

Fans New and Old

Shaman King has definitely seen some aging but despite that, the beauty of a Shaman King reboot is that it allows two audiences to simultaneously enjoy the series together. Fans will scream together seeing their favorites come back—like Yoh and Anna Kyouyama—and newcomers will soon begin to battle it out wondering who the ultimate hero/villain is from the series. It’s very rare that a series can bring old and new anime fans together but we believe if a series can do it, it will be Shaman King without a doubt!

Final Thoughts

Shaman King comes out at the perfect time. Not only are fans of the original itching for more supernatural action but newcomers are finding their interest piqued wondering what has everyone so hyped up. Will this new Shaman King disappoint both old and new fans? That question is certainly an important one but we shall leave that for another article!

Are you fans excited for a new Shaman King anime? Gush to your heart’s content in the comments below! For even more Shaman King coverage be sure to keep stuck to our shaman loving hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Shaman-King-wallpaper The Revival of Shaman King Comes with Perfect Timing


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