Top 10 Cutest Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card-hen (Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card) Characters

In 1996, CLAMP serialized one of their most popular manga to date: Cardcaptor Sakura. Made for a younger audience than their usual public, it told a simple story of a young magical girl and captured the hearts of viewers all over the world. The story ended in 2000 and left a lot of readers and viewers wishing there was a little bit more to the story. And in 2016, we all got our wish. Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card is the new sequel where Sakura is now starting junior high school and is facing a new challenge as a Cardcaptor.

One of the main characteristics of both the manga and anime of Cardcaptor is cuteness. Sakura herself is incredibly cute, and every dress that Tomoyo makes for her makes her look even cuter. Keroberos and Spinel Sun look like cute plush toys, and every card is represented by cute human-like sprites. So with the new chapter in the manga, we must ask ourselves how that cuteness continued, and, of course, who is the cutest character in Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card.

10. Yuna D. Kaito

Akiho Shinomoto’s legal guardian and caretaker, he is the only person that has taken care of her since she can remember. He always wears a full formal housekeeper uniform that makes him look incredibly elegant. Yuna has dark short hair and violet eyes, which also make him swoon-worthy. Yuna is also very polite to everyone and can bake, cook, sew, and do small repairs, making him the perfect butler.

Unfortunately, there’s also the problem that he is part of a secret wizard society, he has been seen rewinding time to manipulate those around him, including Akiho, and seems to be after the Clear Cards for his own means. Yuna has even lied to poor Akiho about how much he knows about the situation, and all that makes him more sinister than cute. And because of that, he only gets as far as the tenth place on our list.

9. Ruby Moon

As one of the two magical guardians made by Eriol Hiiragizawa, Ruby would probably be the first one to complain about being called cute. Tall, thin, with long pink hair and gorgeous red eyes, she’s the embodiment of elegance, as she looks like a human-sized fairy when she’s in her true form. She is gorgeous, not cute, at least from her point of view. She also is a bit vain, and while she is completely loyal to Eriol, she enjoys teasing both Yukito and Yue about how she is far superior to them.

It’s that attitude that puts her so low on the list despite looking like a fairy with her gorgeous black and red wings. While she can be very cute and adorable, even in her human form when she teases Touya and Yukito, the fact that we know that she thinks she’s better than everyone around her makes her less attractive, and thus, she only reaches the ninth place on our list.

8. Eriol Hiiragizawa

At first sight, Eriol Hiiragizawa is a normal elementary school student with a very interesting sense of humor, as he joins Takashi in his crazy stories without missing a beat. But Eriol is actually Clow Reed’s reincarnation, and the one behind all the troubles Sakura had to go through while changing her Clow Cards into Sakura Cards. As Clow’s reincarnation, he is the one who looks the most like the ancient wizard, with blue-black hair and deep grey eyes that make him look a bit older than his 13 years, and a lot wiser.

Now, while bratty kids who act older than their age aren’t exactly cute, Eriol has the advantage of not being bratty, and he’s not really acting older than his age. He may look 13, but that’s not how old he is. And that is what puts Eriol on this list. Because he is not a child who had to grow up faster than most, but an adult who has managed to remain young at heart, without crossing the line into creepiness. And that is why he surpasses Ruby Moon and reaches the eight place on our list.

7. Tomoyo Daidouji

Sakura’s cousin and assistant, Tomoyo is enthusiasm incarnate. She is incredibly wealthy and is constantly surrounded by maids and bodyguards, but that doesn’t mean she cannot keep important secrets, such as Sakura’s work as a Cardcaptor. She looks like a doll, with long dark violet hair and well-kept bangs. Tomoyo also has purple eyes that make her even more like a porcelain doll. And when those eyes shine with love for Sakura, she looks even more beautiful.

Besides her beautiful exterior, Tomoyo is also very beautiful on the inside. She’s really mature, and, as we mentioned before, quite loyal to her cousin. The only reason she doesn’t place higher on the list is that we rarely see her out of the school uniform, and that makes her look a bit less cute, as she can’t compete with the magical uniforms other people have. Still, even as she has grown older for Clear Card, she’s still a dreamer, still loves Sakura, and thus, remains in the seventh place of our list.

6. Sakura Kinomoto

Sakura is the current Cardcaptor and possibly the strongest magician in the land after she turned all the Clow cards into Sakura cards. She became the guardian of the cards when she was 9, but now she’s 13 and has matured a lot, both as a person and as a magician. She has short brown hair, and bright green eyes, as well as being very pale, which makes her blushing more noticeable and cuter.

What makes Sakura so cute, though, is not just her gentle personality and adorable reactions to everything, but her dresses as she works against the Cards and later, those who may hurt her friends. Made by Tomoyo to make her look even better, there’s a different one for each mission and each one is cuter than the one before. This makes it impossible not to fall in love with Sakura and think she’s the cutest human character. However, since part of her cuteness comes from her outfits, she only gets to the sixth place on our list.

5. Yue

Yue is one of the two guardians of the cards, created by Clow Reed, and the one in charge of testing if the candidate selected by Keroberos is worthy of keeping the cards’ power. He looks like a tall, heavenly angel with long flowing white hair and strong white wings. He represents the moon, which can’t create his own light, and that is why he needs both a fake form –Yukito- and Sakura and Touya’s power to sustain him. This means that he also gets to have great entrances surrounded by glowing lights and magic feathers, and that only makes him look even more beautiful.

Now, we can agree that being beautiful can’t be the exact same thing as being cute. And yet, Yue is an angel. As cold and unfeeling as he can be at times, especially when dealing with children like Sakura, Tomoyo, and Syaoran, he still looks like an angel, and whenever we get to see him relaxed, it’s impossible not to think that he’d be cuter if he could relax all the time. Not to mention, whenever CLAMP draws him in chibi form, he becomes absolutely adorable. And that is why he earns the fifth place on our list.

4. Akiho Shinomoto

Akiho is a new classmate of Sakura now that they’re in junior high school. She’s very shy and a little scared of other people, but once they show her some kindness, she becomes far more cheerful and friendly. That is shown when we see how she and Sakura become fast friends almost as soon as they meet. She has longer hair than Sakura, as well as a bit lighter in tone, that parts in two large curls, coupled with light blue eyes. This makes her, in essence, a cuter Sakura, despite being older than when we first met the original Cardcaptor.

Added to her cuteness, we also have the fact that she has a very tragic backstory. She’s part of a long line of magicians, but she has no magical talent on her own, which means her parents constantly ignored her to the point that the only one who has been her caretaker is Yuna. This is also why she has so much trouble trusting people and making friends outside of someone as trustworthy as Sakura. And these are the reasons why Akiho earns her place in the fourth spot of our list.

3. Yukito Tsukishiro

Yue’s “false” identity, Yukito can be described simply as “cute”. When we first meet him, he’s Sakura’s crush and Touya’s best friend. We can easily tell why Sakura likes him: He has an adorable smile, beautiful brown eyes, and short white hair. You can really see why his name means “Snow Rabbit” because he sort of looks like one. He also wears glasses, which makes him look a bit younger than he really is. In the Clear Card saga, his eyes look a bit more golden, and that alone makes him look even cuter.

Yukito is often seen with Toya, even after he rejected Sakura explaining to her that he doesn’t feel romantic love for her. He’s also seen eating a lot, and it’s been theorized by fans and in the series itself that he does that because Yue can’t eat, and thus, Yukito must eat for the two of them so they can keep their energy. The fact that he is also seen as a bit of a damsel in distress given how weak he becomes when Sakura’s magic can’t sustain Yue, makes him more defenseless and yes, cute, like a rabbit. So in short, Yukito is cute, and that is why he gets the third spot on our list.

2. Spinel Sun

As the first of the guardians that keep watch over Eriol and help him with whatever he needs, Spinel Sun has two forms: a majestic black panther with black-blue butterfly wings, and a less impressive but cute kitten with light blue butterfly wings. Even in the second kitten form, he is incredibly serious, which is why he hates when Ruby Moon calls him Suppi. He is very calm and tries to spend the day reading away from anything loud or annoying. Still, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a few weaknesses: whenever he eats sweets, he will become quite energetic, loud, and like a child in a sugar rush. And while he can be quite destructive in this form, he still looks cute as he blushes and smiles.

Even as a “grumpy” cat, he remains adorable in his “borrowed” form, so it’s impossible not to consider him cute. In his true form, he is far more refined and elegant, but he is still cute in a way, as a huge fairy panther. He’s the shadow of the sun, and will not let you forget he’s quite powerful, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be fun even without the help of some extra sugar. Since he has the advantage of looking like a plush toy, Spinel Sun gains the second place on our list.

1. Keroberos

The first guardian made by Clow Reed, and the one who is supposed to choose the next Cardcaptor, Keroberos first appears like a cute lion cub with white wings, or, to be more precise, a plush toy with a similar shape to a lion cub with wings and a puff at the end of his tail. He is in part to blame for the whole plot of the original series, as the cars escaped because he was asleep on the job. He loves cakes and everything sweet and adores to be taped by Tomoyo, which shows he is a bit egocentric; more than anything, he likes to be seen as cool.

Now, his true form, that of an elegant lion wearing an armor plate and with huge eagle wings, is indeed really cool. Unfortunately, he doesn’t spend much of his time in that form. Instead, we see him as the cute plush cub, and that makes some of the choices and mistakes he makes during the series a bit more understandable. In Clear Card, his fur seems to be a bit lighter, and his tail fluffier, and that is why he is the unbeatable champion of the cute scale, and thus deserves the first place.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your favorite CLAMP story is, we can bet that Card Captor Sakura also has a special place in your heart. After all, many anime and manga fans celebrated when we heard about her comeback for the original series when Clear Card Hen was announced. And while many of the original characters already had our hearts, we can’t deny that some of the new characters also won us over.

You know, of course, that these are mostly our opinions. We really want to know what you think, and if you agree with the order we proposed; and if not, please, let us know in the comments below.

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