Top 10 Disturbing Pokedex Entries in Pokemon Sun and Moon

It’s been a fun old time playing Pokemon and seeing all that GameFreak has included into the new Pokemon Sun and Moon game. From the Alolan Pokemon to SOS battles, it’s been a very innovative ride. However, there was one thing that has not gone amiss: the disturbing Pokedex entries.

If you ever thought Pokemon was for kids, you’ll be proven wrong once you read these Pokedex entries included in the new generation. Some of them are downright messed up. Drifloon has always had a creepy Pokedex entry stating it likes to lead children who grab its hand to the afterlife, never to be seen again, but in the new games, it states that Drifloon doesn’t like heavy children. What? And let’s not forget Mandibuzz who apparently likes the taste of Cubone who draw Mandibuzz in at night with its mournful cries for its mother. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got the top 10 disturbing Pokedex entries in Sun and Moon that prove Pokemon isn’t just for children.

10. Golbat

  • Gen: 1
  • Pokedex #: 042

Oh Golbat: the evolution of the annoying little Zubat that every Pokemon trainer hates. In prior games, Golbat’s Pokedex entry stated that Golbat enjoyed drinking the blood of others or it would fly about in search of the veins of its next victim. In other games, the Pokedex described Golbat’s fangs and how they help it consume the blood of its victims.

Well, Pokemon Moon’s Pokedex, Golbat is said to be so glutinous that it will drink blood until it is incapable of moving, dropping to the floor to be the meal of another Pokemon. While that is the circle of life, it is still a bit gruesome to think of Golbat consuming the blood of humans and Pokemon (what does it eat if it’s a captured Pokemon?!). It is especially creepier to know that Golbat will eat until it puts itself in danger and is a sitting duck for another predator. Yeah, I guess that really is the circle of life in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

9. Araquanid

  • Gen: 7
  • Pokedex #: 752

Araquanid is a terrifying spider-like (if you couldn’t tell by its name) Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It is a Water- and Bug-Type with the Abilities Water Bubble and Water Absorb. If you are terrified of spiders, then Araquanid will horrify you with its size of 5’11”!

If Araquanid wasn’t terrifying enough with its appearance, the Pokemon Sun Pokedex entry for this Pokemon states that small Pokemon drown once they get sucked into Araquanid’s bubble. While one person did suggest that the small Pokemon had to be Horsea, but Horsea is a Water Pokemon so it cannot drown. No, just imagine it being any small Pokemon that has the misfortune of battling Araquanid. What’s worse is that the drowned Pokemon has nowhere to go unless it is removed from the bubble so does that mean you can find Araquanid crawling about (all 5’11” of it) with a dead Pokemon in its bubble?!

8. Mimikyu

  • Gen: 7
  • Pokedex #: 778

Mimikyu is the adorably lonely Pokemon bearing a Pikachu facade in Pokemon Sun and Moon. And at .08 inches, it is a tiny Pokemon! Let us not forget that it is the first Ghost- and Fairy-Type Pokemon. It is stated in the Pokemon Sun Pokedex that Mimikyu once drove a scholar to death from terror after its true form was seen, while Pokemon Moon’s Pokedex states that Mimikyu hides under the cloak so it may get closer to other Pokemon. But wait, that’s just the disguised form. For its busted form, it is said that Mimikyu is sad once its disguise is broken and will work all night to fix its facade.

It is really sad (and cute?) to think of Mimikyu trying to form friendships with other Pokemon and humans by hiding behind a Pikachu facade. It is even more disturbing that this Ghost Pokemon has once caused a scholar to die from fear by its appearance alone. What does Mimikyu even look like under that cloak? What’s more disturbing: its appearance, the fact that it's essentially a murderer, or the fact that it is a Pokemon in perpetual sadness trying to get closer to others?

7. Bewear

  • Gen: 7
  • Pokedex #: 760

This Gen VII Pokemon is the evolved form of the pain in the ass to capture Stufful. It is the first Normal/Fighting Pokemon and looks like a round bear with an ear headband on its head! How cute. Well, beware because, according to the Pokemon Moon Pokedex, Bewear is rumored to have killed Trainers by snapping their spines with a single hug! Shame that Bewear loves to hug its friends. Now, that must be why Pokemon Sun’s Pokedex entry states its habitat is off-limits.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is an odd game which outright states that it's Pokemon kill humans and other Pokemon. So essentially Bewear commits involuntary manslaughter? Bewear doesn’t even mean to kill others! Does this mean that having a Bewear as your Pokemon will result in your death? Now that’s a risky bet.

6. Gengar

  • Gen: 1
  • Pokedex #: 094

If you’ve been playing Pokemon as long as many of our staff have, then you are no stranger to Gengar who is one of the first Ghost Pokemon, alongside its brethren Ghastly and Haunter. Gengar is known to be fairly mischievous as it has been stated that Gengar likes to pretend to be your shadow and chase you, or it enjoys cursing people. There is the creepy theory that Gengar is Clefable’s shadow since it is a Shadow Pokemon.

Well, Pokemon Sun and Moon made it even more disturbing with Pokemon Sun’s Pokedex entry which tells you that if you feel a chill, it is most likely Gengar. And you better give up because there is no escape. What? Just...what? Then in Pokemon Moon, it is said that Gengar needs a friend so it tries to make one by killing humans. Which one is worse: the entry that basically tells you to give up on living or the one that says Gengar kills humans for companionship?

5. Mega Glalie

  • Gen: 3
  • Pokedex #: 362

Glalie is the final evolution of the adorable Snorunt and is capable of becoming Mega Glalie with the use of Glalitite. It is said that its body can’t be melted and it can even freeze the moisture in the air. Glalie is said to be a boulder that possesses the negative feelings of a stranded mountaineer.

Pokemon Sun and Moon has made mega evolution Pokedex entries and let us tell you, they are really messed up. The Sun Pokedex entry for Mega Glalie states that Mega Glalie has so much energy that spills out of its mouth that its jaw is breaking. Um, what? Apparently, Mega Evolving Glalie causes it great pain and breaking your jaw is not exactly enjoyable! It's horrifying to see that you are putting your Pokemon in pain just to make it stronger.

4. Primeape

  • Gen: 1
  • Pokedex #: 057

Primeape is another Pokemon from Gen I that we all know and may or may not love. Primeape is the evolved form of Mankey, another kind of lovable angry Pokemon. IT is a fighting Pokemon known to get a lot of its strength from its anger.

Now, while its anger is no surprise to any of us, it is surprising that in Pokemon Sun and Moon, its predecessor, Mankey, is said to repel others with its anger which makes it even angrier. Then, as Primeape, the Pokedex states that Primeape gets so angry that it dies. Excuse us? That is just disturbing. Poor Primeape kills itself with its own anger. Just...what?

3. Froslass

  • Gen: 4
  • Pokedex #: 478

Froslass is the alternative evolution of Snorunt apart from Glalie. It was introduced in Gen 4. Froslass is a Ghost/Ice Pokemon that looks like it wears an icy kimono. It floats above the ground and has no feet. Froslass is a female only Pokemon.

The Pokemon Sun entry states that Froslass freezes Pokemon and humans that it likes so that they can become decorations in its den. Pokemon Moon states that the Pokemon is the soul of a woman that possessed an icicle and it enjoys eating the souls of men. Now that is pretty eerie, isn’t it? It sounds like yuki-onna, doesn’t it?

2. Palossand

  • Gen: 7
  • Pokedex #: 770

Ghost Pokemon are known to be quite creepy, and Palossand is no exception. Palossand is the evolved form of Sandygast and they are both Ghost and Ground Types. While it is said that Sandygast was created by the grudges of the dead inhabiting a child’s sand castle, Palossand is much eerier.

According to the Pokemon Moon Pokedex, the bones of Palossand’s victims are buried beneath it after having their life force drained. However, Pokemon Sun’s entry states that this Pokemon possessed people so that they could turn it from a pile of sand into a castle. So evidently, Palossand has the power to possess humans and it also gets its vitality from other living beings and collects the bones beneath it. Now that’s a terrifying thought. So can a Trainer really control Palossand?

1. Toxapex

  • Gen: 7
  • Pokedex #: 748

Toxapex is a new Poison/Water Pokemon from Gen VII that is stirring heads with its abilities. It is the evolved form of Mareanie, which is a pain in the butt to capture because you have to find a Corsola (which is already hard enough to find in comparison to Stufful) and then Corsola has to call Mareanie. Yeah, talk about a pain.

Pokemon Sun’s entry states that Toxapex leaves a trail of Corsola pieces behind as it crawls across the ocean floor. Now that is a terrifying entry that outright states that a Pokemon consumes a specific Pokemon. What is even creepier is that Corsola calls Mareanie for help and Mareanie attacks Corsola for consumption. Toxapex definitely earns its place as one of the top disturbing Pokedex entries in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Final Thoughts

Now we hope you enjoyed this list of top 10 disturbing Pokedex entries in Sun and Moon. Some of them are just demented and show us that the Pokemon world is not just about cute pocket monsters running about. No, we’ve got Pokemon eating Pokemon and killing humans.

Do you have a favorite Pokedex entry? Did some of these give you chills? Let us know what you think!

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