Top 5 Fire Pokemon in Sun and Moon

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Fire Pokemon are a classic in the Pokemon franchise. Unlike some of the more recent types that have been created, Fire is one that has been around since generation one and started with Charmander. Always a powerhouse of moves, Fire-type pokemon are the ones that you go to for power… when they are effective and not being resisted. Nonetheless, they are there when we need them and that is what matters. Well what about Sun & Moon? We have some new Fire-types that need to be analyzed. Let’s see what is good and what is bad!

5. Oricorio (Baile Style)

  • National Pokedex: 741

Oricorio is the four-island bird Pokémon that will not only frustrate you as you track them down, but also drive you insane with their extremely low catch rate of 45. It’s ability is Dancer. This is triggered when anyone on the screen uses a move that ends in “Dance.” Quiver Dance, Swords Dance, Teeter Dance, etc. will all trigger this pokemon to do the same thing immediately after the original user uses the move. This means that if you used a Volcarona and it used Quiver Dance, so would Oricorio. As we said earlier it is on all four islands in different forms. Fire/Flying for Ula’Ula Island, Electric/Flying for Melemele Island, Psychic/Flying for Akala Island, and Ghost/Flying for Poni Island. You can also feed it the nectar from that respective island to make it change forms. For this list, we will be talking about Baile-style Oricorio who is Fire/Flying. Baile-style Oricorio has weaknesses to Water, Electric, and a 4x weakness to Rock-type.

Oricorio’s stats do not change for it’s various forms. So, it has a pretty good Sp. Attack Stat at 98 and a Speed of 93. The rest of its stats are in the 70s. It is decent for early to mid-game, but late game, it will find itself in hot water. It does not learn a move that is tied to its non-Flying type at all , but it does learn Revelation Dance at 40. This move appears Normal-type, but actually changes when it is used to the other typing of Oricorio. It can learn Roost which can be great combined with its 70 in both defenses. After that, Hurricane is good as an STAB move. The final move though, is yours to choose. The best moves are some kind of Hidden Power, Water, or Ice, and then either Baton Pass if you are planning on getting some stat boosts or U-turn which is great for getting you out when you know you are going to be walled. Early and mid-game Oricorio is great, but late-game and metagame, it really will only do well in double battles.

4. Marowak

  • Pokedex: 105

Next up is the island dancer Alolan Marowak. This new version is Fire/Ghost type Alolan Marowak. This is okay and a unique typing that is similar to Chanedlure. It’s abilities in game are Cursed Body, which makes your foe have a 30% chance of being disabled when they touch you, and Lightning Rod. Rock Head, previously a regular ability, now is it’s hidden one. But there really is no need for it per se. With this new typing as well, it has changed from three weaknesses to Water, Grass, and Ice, to five. These are Water, Ground, Rock, Ghost, and Dark, with a bountiful amount of new resistances. Now, it resists or nulls eight different types! So, this is a slight upgrade from what it was.

Much like with some of the Alolan Form pokemon, the stats do not change for Marowak leaving it extremely slow at 45, but with an okay Attack at 80, a great Defense at 110, and okay Sp. Defense at 80. What was done correctly here was the change to its movepool. Up until now, Marowak was locked into Ground and Normal moves with one Dark move. Now, it actually does learn decent moves for its to match it’s typing as well as a nice new Shadow Bone Ghost-type move made just for it. Marowak does have a few Ground-type moves peek through which gives it more coverage. Finally gamefreak may have just figured something out and begun to do something right with these Alolan Forms.

3. Salazzle

  • Pokedex: 758

Trying to get your hands on a female Salandit to evolve into a Salazzle can be just as frustrating as trying to catch a Dhelmise later in the game, or getting an Oricorio to get inside a pokeball.. Salazzle is Fire/Poison in type and has an ability made just for her: Corrosion. This allows her, we can say her because ONLY female Salandits evolve into Salazzle, to inflict Poison status on any type of Pokémon including Steel and other Poison types! You now have a 100% hit rate Toxic using Pokemon. Her typing does make her weak to Water, Ground, Psychic, and Rock, but she resists eight other types. So, in our opinion, we think that while it is maddening to get one, it is good to have Salazzle. Let’s peek at Salazzle’s stats. Her only good two to note are her Speed at 117 and her Sp. Attack at 111. The rest of her stats tragically are in the 60s range, So she is good for one thing: Special Sweeper.

Salandit learns Nasty Plot at level 32. This is up to you if you would like it use it, but chances are, Salazzle will not be OHKO’d unless it is by some extremely powerful Pokémon leading her to be very useful. You can replace Nasty Plot with Toxic if you really want, but be aware that you will not be doing damage that round. Instead, it would be better to give her the STAB attack Sludge Wave, 5 points stronger, from ™ 34 that has a 10% chance of Poison status. She learns Flamethrower naturally, but Fire Blast is an option if you if you do not mind the gamble with Accuracy. Overheat is good if you are willing to risk lowering your superb Sp. Attack stat. The unique thing about Salazzle is that at level 56, for its last move, it learns Dragon Pulse which essentially means that it can hit everything for at least normal damage with a Fire STAB, Poison STAB, or Dragon STAB move. Even Fairy-type Pokémon are not safe with that kind of coverage! Though, truth be told, they are in trouble with the Poison moves naturally anyway. It does by the way, learn the unique Venom Drench, which if played on the correct team with Toxic Spikes, it can come in and use it on all poisoned Pokémon lowering both Attack stats and Speed as well. It would pair well with Nihilego assuming that you do not get taken out too quickly.

2. Turtonator

  • Pokedex: 776

Turnonator is the alternative to Drampa and is only available in Sun. Turtonator is a Fire/Dragon typing that has some good stats. Much like its image, it is very bulky. Turtonator has amazing Defense. It’s Defense is 135 and its Sp. Defense is passable at 85. It is just as slow though as its Moon counterpart Drampa, with only 36 in speed. Turtonator also sports Shell Armor as its personal ability. Shell Armor prevents Critical Hits from landing. Turtonator is weak to Ground, Rock, and Dragon, and with those defenses, Critical Hits should not be something that one needs to be worried about.

Turtonator gets a slew of interesting moves including one that only exists for it! Shell Smash is a fun stat to play around with if you want to make it more of a balanced fighter. Dragon Pulse is just assumed for STAB as well as is Shell Trap. Shell Trap is only learned by Turtonator, and it has a base 150 power. If a foe hits you with a physical attack, then they will be hurt, so special moves keep you safe. This is certainly a Pokémon set up for a Flail set as well. It learns Shell smash, Protect, and Flail which would allow it to get in a lot of damage very fast assuming you can get Turtonator’s Speed up. Turtonator can also be set up with special moves and then fall back on explosion when it is close to fainting. Flash Cannon is another good move that can also be used for Rock and Fairy-types.

1. Incineroar

  • Pokedex: 727

Incineroar is the final evolution of the Litten line. Torracat evolves giving you Incineroar. This is different since it becomes Fire/Dark-type. It still keeps Blaze as its Ability. Now that it has acquired a Dark-typing, Incineroar is weak to Water, Ground, Fighting, Rock. It does have the Hidden Ability Intimidate, but you cannot get it at this time. Incineroar has a 115 in Attack, 95 in HP, a 90 in both Defenses, and a terrible 60 in Speed. So, know right now, that you will need to make some sort of investment in its Speed in order for it to not get destroyed.

Incineroar is extremely versatile with access to a variety of moves letting it be a Wallbreaker or a Defensive wall itself. No matter what way you decide to run your Incineroar, you will always want to put Darkest Lariat on it. The best thing about this move is that if your foe has set up on you, it ignores all stat changes. This is bad news for Pokémon that have boosted their defenses to try and survive its attacks. Flare Blitz is the other Fire-type STAB move that Incineroar. Cross Chop or Earthquake will cover more if you are going to be using it as such. Leech Life is good since you do not learn other healing moves. If you are going to use it defensively, Will-o-wisp is great to destroy your foes. U-turn is good in place of Leech Life to get out of bad situations.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! Here are the best five fire pokemon that you can find in Pokemon Sun and Moon. And even if it is not in your game, we are sure that Wonder Trade can help you out. What do you think? Should we have gotten more fire types in this game? Let us know below!

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