Top 10 Dragon Type Pokémon

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Growing up in 90’s can be an exciting and memorable time for a lot of people thanks to some of the popular anime shows that are still known today. One of them is the legendary anime Pokémon. The best way to describe this anime is old but gold and since its first appearance of the 1st Generation Pokémon on TV dated back to Apr 1st of 1997, it has developed into several new generations namely X & Y, Black and White and the newest generation of Pokémon that is to be released in 2016, Pokémon Sun & Moon.

But this article will be focusing on the Dragon Type Pokémon from the 15 element types of Pokémon categorization available. The list will be focusing on the overall best stats, popularity, uniqueness and much more! So without further ado, here’s the Top

10. Zygarde

  • Generation: 6
  • Pokédex #: 718

Starting off the countdown with number 10 of the list and with it, the first Legendary Pokémon on the list as well, Zygarde. Zygarde is a Dragon/Ground type Pokémon that first appeared in Generation 6 Pokémon X & Y. Taking a common state of a snake-like form (Zygarde 50% Forme), this legendary Pokémon has its own uniqueness to showcase. How so? Zygarde has 5 different Formes in total, from Zygarde Cell, Zygarde Core, Zygarde 10% Forme which has a dog-like appearance, Zygarde 50% Forme which takes on the form of a snake and the final Forme, Zygarde Complete Forme.

This legendary Pokémon takes the spot of the number 10 of the list thanks to its powerful Zygarde Complete Forme, which has an uncanny resemblance to a robot. Legend has it that, Zygarde’s Complete Forme is its perfect form, and will only take into this form when the ecosystem is under threat.

9. Dragonite

  • Generation: 1
  • Pokédex #: 149

Next on the list, we have Dragonite. Dragonite and his dragon-like form are the first ever Dragon-Type Pokémon in the series. Moreover, it’s the only Dragon Type in the 1st Generation Pokémon. Having previously evolved from Dratini and Dragonair, this majestic Pokémon sparked wonder into the eyes of the Pokémon fans thanks to its mysterious demeanor and origins making this Pokémon taking the number 9 spot on the list.

It was first seen as a silhouette on the 13th episode of the Pokémon: Indigo League series. When Ash, along with his friends Brock and Misty stumbled into Bill’s lighthouse, Bill then informed them about a unique and mysterious Pokémon that he had been searching for, one that he had only heard its noise. Eventually, the mysterious Pokémon turned up, but thanks to Team Rockets’ intervening, it left after getting attacked by them. It was revealed then that the silhouette was in fact a Dragonite.

8. Garchomp

  • Generation: 4
  • Pokédex #: 445

Speeding its way to the number 8 spot on the list is the Mach Pokémon Garchomp. Having a 3 stage evolution line from the Gible and Gabite, this Pokémon is categorized as a Dragon/Ground type Pokémon. Even though Garchomp is described as a Pokémon that is able to fly at a supersonic speed that rivals a jet fighter plane in the Pokédex, Garchop is unable to learn the HM Fly in the actual Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and X/Y game. This is due to the fact that Garchomp is, in fact, a Dragon/Ground type Pokémon and not Dragon/Flying type Pokémon.

Garchomp is also known to have a rather peculiar appearance, having dark blue color complexion, the overall exterior of the Pokémon resembles a bipedal hammerhead shark with wings and a shark tail fin which makes this Pokémon look really intimidating and admirable at the same time.

7. Salamance

  • Generation: 3
  • Pokédex #: 373

The next dragon type Pokémon to be featured on the list is Salamance, a pseudo-legendary Dragon/Flying Pokémon which evolved from a Bagon and Shelgon. This quadruped dragon Pokémon made its first appearance in the 6th Pokémon movie; Jirachi: Wish Maker. It was owned by Butler, and as seen in the movie, the later Pokémon was strong enough to be matched up against Flygon, proving that Salamance is a Pokémon to be reckoned with.

Being a pseudo-legendary Pokémon, Salamance has a total base stat of 600, and has the highest base attack stats of all non-mega evolved pseudo-legendary Pokémon, scoring a whopping 135 base attack and securing Salamance the number 7 spot on the list. Salamance can also Mega-Evolve into Mega-Salamance, a much more powerful version of Salamance, using the Salamencite Mega Stone.

6. Goodra

  • Generation: 6
  • Pokédex #: 706

Sliming its way to the number 6 spot of the list is Goodra, a Dragon type Pokémon. Despite the fact that this Pokémon is considered to be a Dragon Type Pokémon, it doesn’t typically have that resemblance of a dragon. It is known to be evolved from Goomy and Sliggoo, but there is a catch to evolve into a Goodra from Sliggoo. Sliggo must be in the overworld and in the condition when it’s raining, then it can trigger the evolution from Sliggoo to Goodra.

The word to perfectly describe this Pokémon is slimy and gooey since the whole exterior of the Pokémon was made out of goo. The main protagonist of the Pokémon series, Ash, was known to own a Goodra himself. Out of the Dragon Type Pokémon, Goodra has a considerably high Special Defense stats, having a towering score of 150, making this Pokémon a must-mention on the list.

5. Latios

  • Generation: 3
  • Pokédex #: 381

If there is Dragon type Pokémon list, this next legendary Pokémon definitely takes the cake. Latios. The main reason why this Pokémon takes the number 5 spot on the list is thanks to its kind and gentle nature. Latios is known to possess high-level of intelligence and is able to project vision using telepathy. This awesome ability was called ‘Sight Sharing’ and was first seen in the 5th Pokémon movie, Pokémon Heroes: Latios and Latias.

Just like what was depicted from the movie, Latios, along with his female counterpart Latias are the members of the Eon Duo of Hoenn and thanks to their high intelligence, these Pokémon are capable of understanding human speech. Latios’ compassionate side was seen in said movie as well, where he sacrificed himself to protect the city of Alto Mare from a gigantic tidal wave.

4. Reshiram

  • Generation: 5
  • Pokédex #: 643

Reshiram is a Dragon/Fire type legendary Pokémon that first made its appearance in Generation 5 of the Pokémon series. If you have never set your eyes upon this Pokémon, only knowing its type (Dragon/Fire), you might assume that this Pokémon would have flames and fire incorporated some way into its appearance and have that blazing red contour color. In reality, Reshiram has none of the above and has a full white body instead and a jet engine-like tail that can be activated to emit flames and flares so powerful that it can move the world’s atmosphere and practically change the weather.

The sheer extent of what this Pokemon can do just by activating its turbine-like tail is jaw dropping securing Reshiram the number 5 spot on the list. Reshiram, along with both Zekrom and Kyurem, are known to be members of the Tao Trio of Unova. Reshiram also has the ability to be fused with Kyurem using a DNA Slicer and transform into a White Kyurem.

3. Rayquaza

  • Generation: 3
  • Pokédex #: 384

Soaring high to the sky is Rayquaza, the next Legendary Dragon Flying-type Pokémon to appear on the list. This very rare Pokémon is said to live amongst the ozone layer far from human interaction, having never descended to the ground. Having a long serpentine body, Rayquaza can appear to be quite intimidating and it doesn’t only look intimidating but this Legendary Pokémon is really powerful as well, serving to calm the other two Pokémon that are members of the weather trio, Groudon and Kyogre.

Rayquaza was also featured in the 7th Pokémon movie; Pokémon: Destiny Deoxys where it came down from the skies to attack Deoxys, as it thought Deoxys was invading his territory; the sky. As a summary, this Pokémon definitely takes the number 3 spot thanks to its iconic intimidating mascot appearance as well as the power it wields in controlling the high skies.

2. Giratina

  • Generation: 4
  • Pokédex #: 487

Earning its privilege to the number 2 spot on the list is Giratina, the legendary Ghost/Dragon type Pokémon. This eerie-looking Pokémon is as scary as you might imagine, thanks to its ghost type nature, Giratina’s wings looked like as if it were made out of liquid or gas. Not only that, Giratina is known to have the power and ability to create portals to another dimension, the Reverse World.

Giratina was even said to be banished due to violence, and appears on cemeteries, indicating that this Pokémon lives in a world of the reverse side. Giratina also has two known formes, the Altered Forme, and the Origin Forme, which can only be seen when Giratina is in its home, the Reverse World, or when it's holding a specific item, the Griseous Orb. In a sense, Giratina can be related to as the Grim Reaper, having so much connection to the reverse side of the world.

1. Kyurem

  • Generation: 5
  • Pokédex #: 646

And now for the winner of the Top 10 Dragon Type Pokémon list is… *drumroll* Kyurem! This magnificent Pokémon from the Generation V Pokémon is a Dragon/Ice type Pokémon. This statement becomes evident as its outer appearance consists of body and wings that were made out of ice as it is said to possess powerful freezing energy inside the Pokémon itself.

Kyurem also has the ability to change into two alternate Forme using the DNA Splicer on both Reshiram and Zekrom, turning them into Light Stone or Black Stone and then fusing them with Kyurem, turning them into White Kyurem and Black Kyurem respectively. This legendary Pokémon from the Unova Region is part of the Tao Trio, which consists of Kyurem, Reshiram, and Zekrom.

The alternate Formes of Kyurem is known to be strongest Dragon Type Pokémon there is, having a whopping total of 700 in base stats, excelling in Special Attack stats for White Kyurem and Attack stats on Black Kyurem. All in all, Kyurem deserves to be seated in the number 1 spot on the list thanks to its cool futuristic appearance, as well as the amount of power it wields as a legendary Pokémon.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for the Top 10 Dragon Type Pokémon! What’s your favorite Dragon-type Pokemon on the list? Do you have your favorite that is outside of the list? Make sure you mention them down below in the comments!

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